Srixon Soft Feel vs Q-Star: Which One Performs Better?

Whether you are just starting in the game of golf or have played it for a few years, there is always a chance you might wonder what the differences are between the Srixon Soft Feel vs the Q-Star.

They are both popular golf balls that are very similar in their design. But some differences will make it difficult for you to decide which one to get.

In this article, we will look at these differences and help you make an informed decision.

Introducing the Srixon Soft Feel and Q-Star

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls:

Srixon Soft Feel

The Soft Feel is engineered to be Srixon’s softest golf ball. With a premium undertone and a soft feel unlike any other.

It offers exceptional distance off the tee, with low spin and high launch performance providing great height.

From the tee, the Srixon Soft Feel strengths start to show.

Especially for slower swingers, the compression on these balls create a noticeable yardage boost.

The balls have a high launch and are fairly accurate.

Due to the 338 Speed Dimple Pattern and overall design of the soft feel, these balls have little side spin and drag.

If your tee game is lacking, giving the Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls may be worth it for the yardage and launch height.

One downside of the Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls is the lack of spin. However, since the Soft Feel is distance balls, this is a very minor drawback.

Unfortunately, these balls are also quite expensive. Nonetheless, they blow away their counterparts in many ways.

Srixon Q-Star Golf Balls:

Srixon Q-Star

Meanwhile, the Q-Star Tour Divide is designed to be 50/50 matte-based, offering tour-level performance with its unique design.

The feel of this ball can be described as super-soft. Off the putter, the sound seems like a soft ”tock”.

Around the green, this ball invokes the feeling of touch. Off a driver or iron, the feel becomes firmer.

The FastLayer Core of this ball is relatively soft on the inside and becomes firmer on the outside.

This type of core allows the ball to have a remarkably high launch and low spin.

The cover material of this ball is Spin Skin with Slide Ring Material.

The main material of the cover is high-quality urethane and SeRM is just an additional coating that attaches to the cover and makes the urethane molecules more flexible, thus increasing spin and durability.

Verdict on the Soft Feel & Q-Star

Both are sure to help you improve your game on the course. Giving you more spin for lower scores!

Srixon Soft Feel vs Q-Star: Which One is Better?

Srixon Soft Feel vs Q-Star

Comparing Performance

The Srixon Soft Feel and Q-Star Tour golf balls offer two distinct levels of performance for different types of players.

  • The Soft Feel is designed for players with a lower handicap and comprises a 2-piece construction with an ionomer cover. It has a compression rating of 60 and provides easy compression, low driver spin, and improved accuracy on full shots.
  • The Q-Star Tour is designed for high handicappers and features a 3-piece construction with a urethane cover. It has a higher compression rating of 72, providing more distance off the tee while also offering enhanced greenside spin thanks to its Spinskin Coating.

Both models have thin covers that produce extra greenside spin, making them great choices for both casual golfers and serious players alike.

Distance & Spin

When it comes to comparing the Srixon Soft Feel and Q-Star golf balls for distance and spin, the Q-Star offers a slight edge.

The Q-Star has a compression of 72, making it softer than the Srixon Soft Feel’s 60 compressions.

This softness provides a better feel on contact and more spin-off of your clubface, resulting in increased overall distance.

Additionally, the Q-Star’s cover is 20% softer than the Z-Star model. This makes it possible to further increase spin rates and enhance the feel.

On the other hand, while not as long off the tee as the Q-Star Tour, Srixon Soft Feel balls are still excellent for mid-handicappers who want an all-around performance ball that won’t break their budget.


Srixon offers a variety of golf balls designed to suit different playing styles.

The Soft Feel and Q-Star Tour are two popular models that offer superior performance and feel.

The Soft Feel is the softest ball Srixon makes, featuring low spin and high launch for maximum distance.

It’s ideal for players with low to moderate swing speeds.

On the other hand, the Q-Star Tour is a mid-tier ball that sits between the Soft Feel and Z-Star in terms of performance.

It provides an excellent feel without sacrificing its power, making it perfect for high handicappers who need extra control on their shots.

Both balls offer excellent feel and performance, so it’s up to you to decide which one best suits your game!


When it comes to durability, both models have been designed to last, with the Soft Feel being slightly more resilient due to its firmer construction.

However, the Q-Star Tour’s soft core provides greater control and spin rates which can be beneficial on short shots around the green.

Ultimately, both balls provide good longevity and performance so choosing between them depends on personal preference and playing style.

Visual Appeal

When comparing the visual appeal of Srixon Soft Feel and Q-Star, it’s clear that the Q-Star has a more premium look to it.

Its sleek, modern design stands out from the classic look of the Srixon Soft Feel.

The Q-Star also has a softer feel than its predecessor, making it a great choice for those looking for a high-end golf ball with an extra layer of comfort.

Both balls are excellent options for any golfer looking for a reliable and visually appealing ball.

Final Thoughts: Which Ball is Right for You?

The Srixon Soft Feel and Q-Star golf balls offer players two solid choices in terms of performance, feel, and spin.

  • The Soft Feel is best for senior players who are looking for a low compression ball with a soft feel to maximize their distance.
  • The Q-Star Tour is best suited for high handicappers and offers great spin control on the greens, thanks to its thinner urethane cover.

Both balls have Spin Skin technology to help increase the amount of spin generated by wedges and irons.

In conclusion, both of these golf balls provide excellent performance features that are sure to improve your game.

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