Srixon ZX4 vs. ZX5: Which Is Better?

In the golf club industry, Srixon is synonymous with technological innovation.

The brand employs machine learning and AI to improve ball speed across their irons’ faces.

They are known for producing great irons, and the ZX irons rank high in the brand’s lineup.

The irons feature the progressive face design, which provides more distance and better launch on the 3-7 irons while offering more spin and stopping power in the 8-iron.

Undoubtedly, the ZX irons are some of the best in the market, but which is the better of them?

This article will review the Srixon ZX4 iron, which offers high-end features, and compare it to the Srixon ZX5, a more refined model.

Which is better and suited for your needs? Continue reading to find out.


Contrary to popular opinion, Srixon produces irons that cater to a wide range of players rather than only amateur players and low handicappers.

The lineup consists of exclusive iron builds and excellent golf clubs, and the ZX model is often a point of debate.

The ZX4 iron range consists of long and mid-iron, which feature the Tungsten Weight tech in the sole to reduce the CG.

The iron is compact and features a hollow design to offer forgiveness across the face.

It is designed using the forged stainless steel face construction.

The design is finished in the 431-grade steel body, providing the longer irons with the metal-wood type effect.

The ZX4 iron is forgiving and delivers an excellent launch. Courtesy of the tight grooves around the pin, it also produces great spin.

While the reasonably narrow topline is evident, a deep inspection will reveal the moderately chunky sole at the address.

Generally, compared to the ZX5, the ZX4 irons have a wider sole and longer blade, making them suitable for higher handicappers.

Conversely, the Srixon ZX5 irons have a narrower topline and shorter blade length. They are very balanced and look fascinating.

The long irons also feature the Tungsten Weight in the toe area to shield shots from the hitting zone.

Like the ZX4 irons, they have forged carbon steel bodies, providing a softer feel, most notably in the short irons.

They are solid body irons but less forgiving than the ZX4 irons. Generally, they are most suited for lower handicappers.

The feel and accuracy, and spin control on short games are excellent.

Features of Srixon ZX4 Irons

  • More compact than most conventional game improvement irons
  • Multi-forged construction, providing golfers with improved forgiveness and distance
  • The V-shaped design improves turf interaction
  • Tungsten Weight in the sole
  • Stabilized frame for maximum distance and ball speed

Features of Srixon ZX5 Irons

  • The long irons feature Tungsten toe weights to increase forgiveness and stability
  • Forged 1020 carbon steel body which provides an incredibly soft feel and absorbs vibration
  • V-shaped aole
  • Shaper, narrower, and deeper progressive grooves
  • Milled back side

Srixon ZX4 vs. ZX5: Comparison

Srixon ZX4 vs. ZX5

The Srixon ZX4 and ZX5 are among the top irons of the brand and the ZX lineup.

They offer similar incredible features, but their differences are notable. Let’s compare these irons using some critical factors below:


The loft option is one of the areas where these irons differ.

They vary slightly in the number of options they provide. Both irons offer loft options that differ by one degree from one another.

However, the differences are insignificant and will not affect iron performance. As such, you’ll get similar loft options, whichever you choose between the two.


As the loft options vary, so are the lie options. Both irons feature a wide range of lie options.

However, these lie options only differ in the overall angle. Like the loft options, the difference in the lie options will not significantly impact the performance.


Both irons have similar length options. Their length options are the standard options available with most other brands.

They provide length options that range between 39-35.5 inches.

As such, each golfer can choose the best length options based on their height and wrist-to-floor ratio.

It’s also worth stating that these length options meet the standard requirement by the USGA.

Shaft Types and Flex

Another similarity between the two irons is the shaft types available for them.

Both offer Graphite and Steel shafts, so golfers can choose depending on their preferences. However, the ZX4 has more shaft flex options compared to ZX5.

While the latter offers only regular and stiff flex options, the former provides another option: The Senior flex.

This option is suitable for players with slow or below-average swing speeds.

Srixon ZX4 vs. ZX5: Which Is Better?

Srixon ZX4 vs. ZX5

Generally, the Srixon ZX irons family features the best set of irons with exciting features and benefits.

Srixon ZX4 and ZX5 are top-level irons, but the ZX4 has the longest blade and widest sole and offers the most offset in the lineup.

As such, it’s easier to hit consistently and square at impact.

On the other hand, the ZX5 is more compact and features a thinner topline, shorter blade, less offset, and a narrower sole than the ZX4.

The ZX4 irons are perfect for mid to high-handicap players who want the most forgiveness and distance available in any ZX iron.

The ZX5 irons are ideal for mid-handicappers with good control levels but want higher launch and lower spin for more distance.

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