Sub 70 699 vs P790: Which is Better?

Only a few feelings can match the one you experience when hitting a perfect iron shot, and only a suitable set of irons will provide such.

TaylorMade is a brand that has been at the forefront of innovation in golf equipment, and the brand has been synonymous with high-performance golf equipment for years.

Their Sub 70 699 and P790 irons are some of the best offerings in the market. However, golf is all about making the right choices, from club selection to course management.

When it comes to choosing suitable irons, it can be an overwhelming and daunting experience, especially if you’re a first-time buyer.

Which is the better iron between the Sub 70 699 and P790?

Follow along as we provide an answer to this question and help you make a better choice.


The Sub 70 699 and P790 irons are high-performance irons with exciting features. The former is designed for mid-high handicap players.

They are a solid and forgiving set of irons crafted from the perfect blend of tungsten, stainless steel, and titanium.

They feature slightly large club heads that generate substantial forgiveness. The sole widths also help improve ball flight and trajectory.

The Speed Bridge technology helps to stabilize the clubhead and reduce unwanted vibrations, providing a solid and consistent feel at impact.

They also boast a progressive offset and sole design, helping to optimize shot-making.

Players also have the luxury of choosing from the wide range of flexes and finding the right fit for their games.

Generally, the set of irons provides excellent feel and control that offer ease of hitting the ball further, accurately, and consistently.

In the case of the P790, they are an innovative set of irons designed with the low-to-mid handicap player in mind, offering a combination of distance, accuracy, and forgiveness.

They feature a hollow construction with a forged face and soft carbon steel body, providing a blend of forgiveness and feel.

The SpeedFoam technology helps to dampen unwanted vibrations and improve sound and feel at impact, while the tungsten weighting in the toe provides added stability and forgiveness.

They feature a hollow body design that provides forgiveness.

The design also incorporates the lightweight SpeedFoam to offer an ultra-low CG, feel, and sound.

The progressive sole widths and the placement of the CG help enhance shot control and variability.

Another exciting feature is the thinner topline and progressive offset, assisting in minimizing the amount of face progression.

Ultimately, this set of irons offers distance, forgiveness, and precision.

Sub 70 699 vs P790: Comparison

Sub 70 699 vs P790

Let’s compare and contrast both irons using various characteristics and performance factors.


Both irons feature a hollow construction with a thin face design.

However, the P790 irons also have a forged face and soft carbon steel body, which provides a better feel and feedback compared to the Sub 70 699 irons.


These irons have varying amounts of clubs in their sets. When compared, the TaylorMade P790 has more clubs, with a total of 9 clubs.

In the case of Sub 70 699, the iron set has eight clubs. The additional club in the P790 iron set is the 3-hybrid club.


Both irons exhibit notable differences in the loft options they have. The P790 iron has a more comprehensive range of loft options.

Specifically, there’s about a 2.5° difference between the lowest options provided by the irons.

The P70 has the lowest loft of 19° while the Sub 70 699 has the lowest loft of 21.5°. However, the 699 iron has a stronger loft which can provide more distance but less spin and control.


While both irons deliver optimum distance for players, the 699 irons provide more distance with higher launch thanks to the more modern design and the larger clubhead they have.

Conversely, the P790 irons have a more compact shape and lower CG, offering more control and precision.

Lie Angle

Sub 70 699 or P790

Both irons offer a similar range of lie angles.

However, the lie angle is slightly flatter in the Sub 70 699 irons, which can benefit players who tend to miss left.

The 699 lie angle ranges from 61°-64.5° while the P790 ranges from 60.5° – 64°, meaning about a 0.5-degree difference between them.

Sound and Feel

The SpeedFoam technology found in the P790 irons helps to reduce undesirable vibrations and enhance sound and feel upon impact.

The P790 irons have a higher level of feel and feedback, but the Sub 70 699 irons also have Speed Bridge technology, which helps to stabilize the clubhead and lessen undesired vibrations.


Compared to the Sub 70 699 irons, the P790 irons have a slightly larger offset, which can assist golfers in squaring the face at impact and lowering their risk of a slice or hook.

The 699 irons offset range between 5.7- 1 mm while the P790 irons range between 3.5-1.6mm.


You will have similar length options with either of these sets since both sets of irons are offered in a standard length.

However, the difference between the two is only about.5 inches. More specifically, the P790’s length ranges from 39 to 35.5 inches, whereas the 699’s ranges from 38.5 to 35.5 inches.

The longer length may encourage a more upright swing and enhance ball flight.

Sub 70 699 vs P790: Which Is Better?

Sub 70 699 vs P790

Golfers will find the TaylorMade P790 and the Sub 70 699 as fantastic clubs since they combine distance, forgiveness, and feel.

Both have excellent performance and aesthetics, and they compare in quality very closely.

Despite having some similarities, they differ in terms of performance and design, which makes them suitable for a range of playing styles.

With a more forgiving shape and a sleek, contemporary appearance, the Sub 70 699 irons are created for a wider variety of players.

Better players prefer them because of their smaller club head. They also deliver increased ball speed and a more workable feel.

Generally, they are more suited for golfers who want more precision and control.

Conversely, the P790 irons are ideal for golfers who want optimum forgiveness and distance. Hence, they are suitable for high handicappers.

They also help players hit the ball straighter and higher.

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