T100 vs P790 Iron Sets: Similarities and Differences

Titleist T100 and TaylorMade P790 iron sets are highly regarded by golfers seeking a blend of classic design, exceptional performance, and modern technology.

Both iron sets offer unique features that cater to the different playing styles of golfers.

Why it’s common for golfers to have more than one club in their bags, it’s not always possible.

Especially if you have two clubs that are high quality with lots of great reviews from previous users.

If you can’t buy both, you have to can least choose the one that’ll be most suitable to your playing profile… Not just the best.

So, if you discovered you can’t decide between this TaylorMade and Titleist iron, this article is for you.

In this comprehensive comparison, I’ll delve into the design, technology, playability, and overall performance of the T100 and P790.

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T100 vs. P790: Similarities and Differences

T100 vs P790 Iron Sets

Design of the Irons

The Titleist T100 irons feature a compact blade length, thin topline, minimal offset, and chrome finish, all of which evoke a traditional forged iron look.

The T100 irons are aimed at players who appreciate the aesthetics of a player’s iron while still benefiting from newer technology.

The tour look/performance of the T100 may also be why some golfers prefer it above the P790. 

Conversely, the TaylorMade P790 irons present a progressive design. It combines the appearance of a player’s iron with the performance attributes of a game-improvement iron.

The P790 irons exhibit a slightly larger blade length, moderate topline, and minimal offset, providing a confidence-inspiring look at address.

The satin chrome finish adds a touch of modernity to the overall design.

Technology (What’s in the Hood?)

The T100 irons come in a fully-forged construction, crafted from 1025 carbon steel. This forging process results in a solid feel at impact.

The T100 irons also incorporate Titleist’s Max Impact Technology, a unique polymer core behind the face of the club.

T100 vs P790 Iron Sets

This innovation helps to enhance ball speed and launch while maintaining the classic forged iron feel.

The P790, on the other hand, irons feature a hollow body construction with a thin 4140 carbon steel face of the club, backed by TaylorMade’s proprietary SpeedFoam technology.

The SpeedFoam is injected into the hollow cavity, supporting the clubface and optimizing energy transfer at impact.

This feature further enhances increased ball speed and enhanced distance.


In terms of feedback, the T100 seems to be miles apart from the P790. If you’re a beginner, you need a lot of feedback to improve, especially on your mishits.

The T series gives you enough of that. The P790 may be poor in this aspect due to having a hollow-foam-filled face. So, you may not notice any difference in feel across the face of the club.


The T100 irons offer skilled golfers control, precision, and workability from their iron set.

The compact blade profile, combined with the fully-forged construction, allows for exceptional shot-shaping capabilities.

While the T100 irons are not explicitly intended for maximum forgiveness, the incorporation of Max Impact Technology provides solid playability and consistency on off-center strikes.

On the other hand, the P790 irons are tailored to golfers seeking a combination of playability, distance, and forgiveness.

The hollow body construction and SpeedFoam technology generate a high launch and low spin trajectory, resulting in optimal carry and overall distance.

The P790 irons also benefit from TaylorMade’s Inverted Cone Technology, which enlarges the sweet spot and maximizes forgiveness across the face of the club.

Feel & Sound

The T100 irons are renowned for their soft, solid feel, the result of the fully-forged 1025 carbon steel construction.

The Max Impact Technology enhances this feel, ensuring a consistent and pleasing sensation at impact.

The sound produced by the T100 irons is reminiscent of classic forged irons, providing golfers with an auditory experience that matches the club’s traditional aesthetic.

T100 or P790 Iron Sets

The P790 irons also deliver a soft feel, attributed to the SpeedFoam technology and hollow body design.

While the feel may differ slightly from a traditional forged iron, the P790 irons provide a unique, satisfying sensation at impact.

The sound generated by the P790 irons is somewhat muted, reflecting the club’s blend of performance and forgiveness.

Final Words: Titleist T100 or TaylorMade P790?

The T100 irons are well-suited for skilled players who demand precision and shot-shaping capabilities from their irons.

The incorporation of Max Impact Technology provides a degree of forgiveness and playability, making the T100 a versatile option for discerning golfers.

Conversely, the P790 iron blend the appearance of a player’s iron with the performance attributes of a game-improvement iron.

This makes it ideal for golfers seeking a balance of playability, distance, and forgiveness.

The hollow body construction, SpeedFoam technology, and Inverted Cone Technology all deliver an iron set that offers impressive performance without sacrificing feel and aesthetics.

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