Tensei Blue Shaft Specs: Ultimate Guide!

Every detail matters in golf clubs, and selecting the right golf club can greatly influence your game performance.

The golf club’s shaft is a significant component, and every serious golfer knows its importance cannot be emphasized enough.

The Tensei Blue shaft is among the leading shaft options that promise players exciting features.

Whether you want to upgrade your fairway woods or driver, this shaft is one to check out, as its profile fits a vast array of golfers.

So in this guide, we’ll provide an ultimate guide to the Tensei Blue shaft, exploring its significant features, advantages, and disadvantages using several performance metrics.

Overview of the Tensei Blue Shaft

Tensei Blue Shaft Specs

The Tensei shaft lineup incorporates innovative technology and material ever produced by MCA.

They feature the highest-performing composite shafts for serious golfers.

The shaft lineup consists of three shaft series: Tensei AV, CK Pro, and Ck Series.

The Tensei Blue shaft is a high-performance shaft developed for golfers who want control, distance, and feel.

It’s marketed as a mid-launch, mid-spin option, providing a stable and responsive feel.

Tensei Blue and CK Pro Blue have a mid-launch profile, except that the former has a slightly higher spin, which assists the golfers in achieving a more controlled ball flight.

Tensei Blue Shaft: Key Specifications

Tensei Blue Shaft Specs

The Tensei Blue shaft has broad weight and flex options, each suitable to different swing characteristics and preferences.

Let’s dive deep into the key specifications of this shaft.


Weight generally has a significant influence on swing characteristics and overall performance.

The Tensei blue shaft has weight options ranging from 50-80 grams.

The lighter weight is great for golfers who want a higher launch and more clubhead speed.

On the other hand, the heavier weights suit golfers who want a lower launch and more control.

Flex Options

The Tensei Blue shaft’s flexibility is an indicator of how well it bends when swinging.

There are several flex options available, including L, A, R, S, and X. If you have a slower swing speed, the L and A flex will be ideal.

However, if you have a faster swing speed, the other flex options will work best for you. You can achieve more accuracy and speed when you pick the right flex.

Launch and Spin

Golfers can achieve a balance between control and distance thanks to the shaft’s mid-launch trajectory design.

Additionally, it has a mid-spin profile, which aids players in controlling ball flight.

Generally speaking, the flex, weight, and swing style all affect the exact launch angle.


The Tensei Blue shaft torque rating ranges from mid to low depending on the weight and flex. Finding the ideal ratio of flex to torque will aid in performance optimization.

A higher torque will have more feel and power while a lower torque will help achieve greater consistency and accuracy.

Tensei Blue Shaft: Pros and Cons


  • Golfers can hit the ball with greater accuracy and consistency thanks to its stable and responsive feel.
  • Players can find the ideal fit for their swing characteristics since it has various weight and flex options.
  • It is built with high-quality components and materials for increased durability and longevity.
  • The mid-launch and spin profile provides a great balance of distance and control.


  • Less forgiving compared to other options in the same category
  • Some players at different skill levels may not be able to use the mid-launch and spin profiles.
  • It is relatively expensive.

Who Should Use the Tensei Blue Shaft?

The Tensei Blue shaft has a mid-launch, mid-spin profile.

Therefore, it will provide excellent value for players who want stability and responsiveness in their shafts.

It is made for golfers who seek a balance between distance, feel, and control.

However, different levels of golfers can use it because it is available in a wide range of weight and flex options.

Is The Tensei Blue Shaft Worth It?

There’s no straightforward response to the question.

Whether the Tensei Blue shaft is worth it will depend on several factors, primarily your skill sets, budget, and preference.

Generally, this shaft is designed to balance control, distance, and feel, catering to various players.

However, trying out the different weight and flex options is crucial to find the right fit for your game.

You’ll also find numerous golf stores that offer professional fitting services to help you select the right weight, flex, and torque for your swing.

We recommend you try this service before purchasing to ensure you’ll make an informed decision.

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