Tensei Orange vs. Pro Orange: What Are The Differences?

The Tensei line of shafts needs no introduction in the world of golf shafts.

The collection includes premium golf shafts known for their incredible quality and performance, making them stable in many golfers’ bags, especially for tour players.

There are different models in the line-up, and Tensei Orange and Pro Orange are some of the popular options.

However, gold shafts can be a mystery to players, so it’s crucial to understand their properties to choose the best.

This article will delve into the difference between the two shafts and help you understand the one that can take your game to the next level.

Tensei Orange vs. Pro Orange: An Overview

Tensei Orange: The Review

Tensei Orange vs. Pro Orange

As previously mentioned, two of the brand’s top shafts include Tensei Orange and Pro Orange.

These shafts are famous for providing outstanding performance that satisfies the needs of golfers.

The Tensei Orange was the first member of the Tensei shaft family to be released, including the Tensei Red, Blue, and White.

It is a counterbalanced shaft with a low launch that offers stability and low spin. The counterbalanced design adds weight to the butt end, giving the player a lighter swing weight and greater flexibility.

The shaft boasts a similar simple aesthetic to the older Tensei shafts, except that it has an orange band near the butt end with the black clubhead aimed to reduce distraction.

Additionally, the shaft has a unique carbon fiber sheet that is layered to enhance stability and reduce twisting while in use.

Generally speaking, the shaft provides mid-high launch with mid-spin, making it a great fit for golfers who want to increase their distance without compromising control and accuracy.

Tensei Pro Orange: The Review

Tensei Orange vs. Pro Orange

Also, from the Tensei line of golf clubs, the Tensei Pro Orange or 1K Pro Orange is a premium golf shaft. It shares the Tensei Orange shaft’s orange color scheme.

However, the shaft design is different, though.

In general, it is an improvement over its predecessor since it has a multi-material design made of a steel fiber layer in the butt section, a boron fiber section at the tip, and a full-length carbon fiber sheet.

It is more consistent because it is almost thrice as thin as its predecessor.

The balance of stiffness, stability, and responsiveness obtained from these material combinations help produce a distinctive feel and performance.

Generally, the Tensei Pro Orange is also designed to provide a mid-high launch with mid-spin, but it has a slightly lower torque rating than the Tensei Orange.

The Differences

Tensei Orange or Pro Orange

The golf shaft is a significant part of golf accessories, and it has a massive impact on a player’s performance.

Hence, it’s crucial to scrutinize the golf shafts before choosing one. Below is a comprehensive juxtaposition of the Tensei Orange and Pro Orange shaft using different factors:


The weight options each shaft offers are significant differences between them.

Generally, the Pro Orange provides a broader range of weight options for golfers. The options range from 54-95 grams.

On the other hand, the Orange shaft has a weight option range of 55-78 grams.


Since both shafts are counterbalanced, they provide an excellent feel for players.

The Tensie Orange feels solid throughout the play, and players can feel the shot’s energy transfer between the shaft and the ball.

Also, the Tensei Pro Orange has a consistent feel at the tip and is smooth in the butt region, making it stable at impact.


These shafts also differ in their flex options. Both have Regular and stiff flex options.

Additionally, the Orange shaft has the stiff option, while the Pro Orange has the extra stiff plus option.

These flex options could be a significant deciding factor depending on your swing speed.

The Pro Orange is ideal for players who possess higher swing speeds, while the Orange will be perfect for those who have average swing speeds.

Kick Point

Another significant difference between the two shafts is their kick points and off-the-tee performance.

The Pro Orange has a high kick point, meaning it’s designed to keep the ball to the ground on impact.

On the other hand, the Orange shaft has a mid-kick point which means it helps get improved height on the ball on impact.


Generally, players are guaranteed excellent performance with these shafts. They cater to the demands of a wide array of players.

The Tensei Orange shaft is a lightweight shaft with low torque.

It has a low-spin, mid-launch profile, providing excellent distance.

Conversely, the 1K Pro Orange shaft has a low-spin, low-launch profile. Hence, it offers excellent results, especially with a sleek swing.


When you talk about Mitsubishi Tensei products, you’re speaking of quality.

The brand is renowned for producing extremely durable golf accessories, and it’s evident in these shafts too. Both are crafted with premium materials that provide golfers with much-needed longevity.

Tensei Orange Vs. Pro Orange: Which Should You Choose?

From the review, it’s evident that these shafts are excellent options for players looking to improve their game.

Both offer incredible options but are suitable for different target audiences.

Your choice of golf shaft will ultimately depend on your preference and swing characteristics.

The Tensei Orange shaft is ideal for players who want a low spin and mid-launch trajectory. It offers better distance than the Tensei Pro Orange.

However, players who want a low spin and trajectory shaft with premium material should consider the Tensei Pro Orange shaft.

It has a broader range of weight and flex options, so players have better chances of choosing the right fit.

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