The Stack System vs. Superspeed: Which Is Better?

Every golfer aspires to play off the ball with impressive power, watching it soar through the air effortlessly.

Improving swing speed and maximizing power are vital goals to turning the dream into reality.

Fortunately, numerous training programs can help achieve these objectives. The Stack System and SuperSpeed training procedures are two renowned programs for training players.

However, ongoing debates have been on the best program for players. This article will demystify both training programs reviewing their characteristics, procedures, benefits, and potential shortcomings.


The SuperSpeed and Stack Systems are two swing-speed training programs.

Behind the intriguing names lie training programs that promise to revolutionize your swing speed and help improve your game.

The Stack system enhances your swing by increasing speed, strength, and flexibility. It features weighted stacks attached to the club’s shaft to adjust the weight distribution.

Therefore, it will make you use various muscle groups when swinging, helping to build strength and flexibility. It uses a mobile app to guide you through each training session.

The speed trainer includes five milled stick weights, allowing users to engage with 30 unique settings ranging from 0-300 grams.

It also has multiple weight options, meaning you can change your weight as you advance and grow stronger.

Interestingly, the training manual provides exercises that can assist you in getting the best out of your training. It’s ideal for use with any golf club, and it’s renowned for its versatility.

Similarly, the SuperSpeed Golf Swing Speed Trainer can assist players in increasing their swing and clubhead speeds. It helps players to build strength, enhance swing efficiency and improve flexibility.

In its case, it features three lightweight clubs with different weights and lengths for you to perform exercises targeted at specific muscle groups to improve swing mechanics.

The club’s lighter weights will enable you to achieve faster and more explosive swings while keeping the proper form.

Several Tour pros, including Jon Rahm and Phil Mickelson, use this training aid.

Generally, using the SuperSpeed system frequently will help increase swing speed, accuracy, and greater distance.

The Stack System vs. SuperSpeed: Comparison

The Stack System vs. SuperSpeed

SuperSpeed and the Stack System are excellent training tools with unique features and methods.

Their approaches and areas of emphasis are where they differ.

The Stack System focuses on entire strength and stability in the golf swing, whereas the SuperSpeed Golf swing speed trainer specializes in accelerating swing speed and effectiveness.

Since they are suitable for various types of players, let’s review them using the following criteria:

Weight System

The Stack System vs. SuperSpeed

Both training aids feature different weight systems to build stability and strength.

The Stack system comprises a resistance band and multiple weighted plates you can stack together to create resistance.

This resistance will help improve muscle memory and strength and enhance power in your swing.

Conversely, SuperSpeed has three lightweight clubs, which allows you to swing faster. It also offers audio and video feedback.

Swing Analysis

As discussed earlier, the SuperSpeed program comprises audio and video analysis so players can feel and see the difference in their swing speed upon improvement.

This process lets you assess your swing mechanics in greater detail and identify problem areas.

On the other hand, the Stack system doesn’t offer swing analysis. Developing swing speed is the primary goal, and weighted plates are used to accomplish this.


Since the Stack System uses weighted clubs, it’s bulkier and heavier than the SuperSpeed Swing Speed Trainer, which features lightweight clubs.

As such, the SuperSpeed is compact, portable, and transportable, making it easier to use.

Difficulty Level

The Stack System combines coordination exercises and strength training drills.

Thus, it may require a substantial physical level which may be demanding and challenging to use.

To notice noticeable progress, you must be committed and persistent. On the other hand, compared to the Stack System, the SuperSpeed may require a moderate level of difficulty.

It’s ideal for all skill levels, irrespective of fitness level or strength.

The Stack System vs. SuperSpeed: Which Is Better?

There is no straightforward response to this question because it depends on various factors, such as your demands and preferences.

Generally, both will do a good job, but if you don’t mind the price, the Stack system will be the better option. It is faster and more effective than the super speed system.

However, since both focus on different aspects, you should review your preference before choosing your best option.

The Stack System might be a better choice if your objective is to increase your overall strength and stability in your golf swing.

On the other hand, the SuperSpeed Golf Swing Speed Trainer can be a better option if your objective is to increase swing speed and effectiveness.

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