Titleist AP2 vs T100: Which Is Better?

The world of golf clubs is replete with options for players with varying skill levels, preferences, and aspirations.

In the realm of premium golf irons, Titleist has established itself as a formidable contender with its flagship iron series.

The AP2 and T100 irons have long been popular choices among golfers, with both models offering a unique blend of performance, feel, and playability.

In this comprehensive comparison, we delve into the distinguishing features of the Titleist AP2 and T100 irons, dissecting their design, performance, and suitability for different players.

You’ll also be able to determine which is more suitable for you…

Titleist AP2 vs T100: How Do They Compare?


The Titleist AP2 irons, part of the esteemed 718 series, boast a compact, classic design.

The irons are forged and made from a single piece of metal, offering a more solid and consistent feel preferred by many skilled players.

The utilization of high-density tungsten weights in the heel and toe regions optimizes the center of gravity (CG) for improved launch, stability, and forgiveness.

This intricate design caters to golfers who seek a refined appearance and feel without sacrificing performance.

Titleist AP2 vs T100

In contrast, the Titleist T100 irons are meticulously crafted as a player’s iron with a sleek, tour-inspired design.

The T100 irons, while still being forged, incorporate more advanced materials into their construction.

They feature co-forged dual-density tungsten in the heel and toe for better weight distribution and increased stability on off-center hits.

The fully-forged construction ensures a premium feel while the use of high-density tungsten weights in the 3-7 irons promotes optimal CG location and delivers enhanced stability.

The progressive blade lengths and sole widths across the set further contribute to the T100’s exceptional playability and precision.


The Titleist AP2 irons are designed to deliver consistent distance and a strong, controlled trajectory.

The iron’s thin face and strategic placement of high-density tungsten weights facilitate an efficient energy transfer, ensuring impressive ball speeds and ample carry distance.

Therefore, if you’re seeking a well-rounded iron set that offers a balanced blend of distance and control, you may find the AP2 irons particularly appealing.

On the other hand, the Titleist T100 irons prioritize precision, workability, and a traditional flight.

Although the T100 irons may not produce the same level of distance as the AP2, they provide a more consistent and penetrating trajectory.

But, if you’re a skilled golfer, you shouldn’t have trouble using it to shape shots and execute various types of shots with ease.


The AP2 718 irons provide consistent and controlled distance.

They are not specifically designed for maximum distance, but rather precision and predictability, suiting players with strong ball-striking skills.

The design increases the irons’ moment of inertia (MOI), resulting in greater resistance to twisting on off-center strikes.

Consequently, the AP2 irons provide consistent ball speeds and distance control, even on mishits.

Titleist AP2 vs T100

Conversely, the Titleist T100 irons are designed with the advanced golfer in mind. This means prioritizing workability and precision over outright forgiveness.

While the T100 irons do feature tungsten weights for enhanced stability, their compact size and traditional blade-like design make them less forgiving than the AP2 irons.

However, skilled golfers will appreciate the T100’s playability and control. Because it enables them to shape shots and navigate challenging course conditions with aplomb.

Feel and Sound

Both the Titleist AP2 and T100 irons boast a fully-forged construction, delivering a soft, responsive feel and a pleasing sound at impact.

The forged construction ensures a consistent and buttery feel throughout the set, providing valuable feedback to golfers seeking to fine-tune their swing and ball-striking ability.

Titleist AP2 vs T100: Which Is Better?

The AP2 irons, with their focus on distance, forgiveness, and a strong trajectory, are an excellent choice for golfers seeking a balanced blend of performance attributes without sacrificing the refined feel of a forged iron.

The design and construction of the AP2 irons make them suitable for a broad range of skill levels, including mid-handicap players who aspire to improve their game.

Titleist AP2 or T100

On the other hand, the Titleist T100 irons emphasize precision, workability, and a traditional ball flight, making them an ideal option for advanced and low-handicap golfers who demand greater control over their shots.

The tour-inspired design and progressive blade lengths of the T100 irons cater to players seeking a true player’s iron that offers exceptional playability and a premium feel.


Can high handicappers use T100?

Yes, high handicappers can use the Titleist T100 irons, but they may not be the optimal choice.

The T100 irons are designed with a level of forgiveness that can help high handicappers, especially compared to the more player-focused AP2 irons. 

However, the T100 irons are still considered a “players” iron, designed with a smaller, more compact clubhead and features that skilled golfers appreciate for their feedback and control.

These design elements may pose a challenge to high handicappers who need even more forgiveness and larger sweet spots to compensate for inconsistent strikes.

Titleist’s T200 or T300 irons may be a better fit for high handicappers.

These irons are part of the same T-series but are designed with additional forgiveness and a larger clubface, making them more accessible and beneficial for players with higher handicaps.

Are Titleist T100 hard to hit?

Titleist T100 irons are considered “player’s irons,” meaning they are primarily designed for golfers with low to mid handicaps who possess a consistent and accurate swing.

While they do offer more forgiveness than many player’s irons and have technological enhancements for improved distance and speed, their compact design and feedback-centric features can make them a bit challenging to hit for high-handicap or beginner golfers.

The club heads of the T100 are smaller and feature a thinner top line compared to game improvement irons, which typically have larger club heads and more forgiving sweet spots.

This design can make them less forgiving on off-center hits, meaning accuracy and consistency are key to using these clubs effectively.

However, it’s essential to note that club selection is highly individual, and what feels hard to hit for one person might not be the same for another.

It’s always a good idea to test out clubs before purchase, and if possible, have a fitting session to ensure the clubs suit your swing and game style.

What did the Titleist T100 replace?

The Titleist T100 irons replaced the AP2 line in Titleist’s lineup.

The T-series irons, including the T100, were introduced as the successors of the popular AP series, with the T100 being the direct successor to the AP2 model.

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