Titleist AP1 vs AP2: Are They Different?

Titleist has long been a reputable brand that produces a wide range of irons designed to cater to the needs of all levels of golfers.

The irons are famous for their performance, aesthetics and feel.

Two of the brand’s most popular options are the Titleist AP1 and AP2 irons.

These irons boast exceptional quality and performance.

However, many golfers often wonder if these two sets have significant differences or are essentially the same with just a few minor variations.

Are they different? What sets these irons apart from each other, and which one is right for you?

This article will explore the similarities and differences between the Titleist AP1 and AP2 iron sets and help you decide the best fit for your game.


Titleist AP1 vs AP2

The Titleist API and AP2 are two high-quality irons designed for performance and excellence.

They have innovative features that can assist players in obtaining greater distance, accuracy and control over shots.

They feature high-strength steel that helps enhance faster ball speeds and more distance.

Titleist incorporates the proprietary high-density tungsten weighting system into these irons to lower the CG and improve higher launch angles.

Both designs are sleek and modern and appeal to a wide range of golfers.

The designs are progressive and allow for maximum performance throughout the set.

Titleist indeed produces these irons to deliver optimum performance and forgiveness.

Generally, the API iron is designed for golfers who desire optimum forgiveness and distance with a significantly more forgiving clubface and a low centre of gravity that helps promote a higher launch angle.

In contrast, The AP2 iron is designed for golfers who prioritize precision and feel, with a smaller clubface and a more compact shape that allows for greater control over shot trajectory.

Titleist AP1 vs AP2: Are They Different?

Yes, the Titleist AP1 and AP2 are two different irons with significant attributes that differentiate them.

While they share numerous similarities regarding design, technology and performance, some vital characteristics set them apart.

We’ve highlighted their key differences below using the factors as follows:


The first noticeable difference between the AP1 and AP2 irons is their size and shape.

When compared, the AP1 irons are more oversized and more forgiving, with a thicker topline and a wider sole that enhances a higher launch angle and greater distance.

On the other hand, the AP2 irons are more compact and streamlined, with a thinner topline and a narrower sole that enables players to get greater precision and control over the shot shape.

Weighting and Center of Gravity

Another difference is noticeable in the weighting and centre of gravity.

The AP1 irons have a low centre of gravity that helps promote a higher launch angle and greater forgiveness.

In contrast, the AP2 irons have a more traditional centre of gravity, allowing for greater shot-shaping ability and workability.


These irons are also different regarding the feel at impact.

The AP1 irons have a slightly softer feel courtesy of its oversized clubhead and thicker face, which help soften vibration on off-centre hits.

In the case of the AP2 irons, they have a more solid and crisp feel.

They are known for their incredible feel and feedback, making them popular among golfers who prefer more feedback on their shots.


The AP1 irons are most famous for their forgiveness and are the brand’s most forgiving ones.

Due to the perimeter-weighted back flange, they provide a large sweet spot, and the tungsten nickel sole plate creates a low CG on the face for increased stability and forgiveness.

The AP2 irons also boast exceptional forgiveness, just to a lesser degree than the AP1. They have the edge in terms of playability and feel though.


While both iron sets differ in price range, the differences depend on specific factors, including the club’s model, retailer and shaft options.

Generally, the AP2 irons are priced higher than the AP1 irons.

The high price is because they are designed for more skilled players who demand greater control and shot-shaping ability.

Titleist AP1 vs AP2: Pros and Cons

Titleist AP1 vs AP2

Pros of Titleist AP1

  • Excellent forgiveness and distance
  • Large clubface and a wide sole for a higher launch angle
  • More forgiving on off-centre hits


  • Poor precision and control when compared to the AP2 iron
  • Have less feel and feedback compared to the AP2 iron

Pros of Titleist AP2

  • Greater precision and control over shot shape
  • Incredible feel and feedback


  • Higher price points
  • Lesser forgiveness

Titleist AP1 vs AP2: Which Is Better?

The Titleist AP1 and AP2 are two of the most popular irons on the market, thanks to their excellent designs and performances.

However, each caters to different levels of golfers, and the best one will depend on the individual’s skills, needs and preferences.

The AP1 is a forgiving and distance-oriented iron perfect for mid to high handicappers who need assistance with their launch and forgiveness.

At the same time, the AP2 is a versatile and precise iron best suited for low to mid-handicappers who want higher control and workability in their shots.

If you are a mid-to-high handicapper who needs maximum forgiveness and distance, then the AP1 is the way to go.

If you are a low to mid-handicapper who values control and precision, then the AP2 is the better option.

However, it is worth noting that both clubs are well-designed and offer excellent performance, so it is hard to go wrong with either choice.

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