Titleist AP2 vs AP3: WHICH is Better?

Titleist 718 models offer a lot of compelling options.

Each of the models comes equipped with a defining characteristic that sets it apart from the other two options.

In contrast to the AP1, which prioritizes forgiveness and distance above everything else, the AP2 places a premium on aesthetics and playability.

Most importantly, what category does the AP3 belong to?

In between. It is visually identical to the AP2 and has the same feel.

Yet it has the forgiveness and distance of the AP1.

You’ll find other characteristics, in addition to its progressive design, that makes it an excellent iron to consider when you’re looking around for a new one.

This article examines the differences between the Titleist AP2 vs AP3 models. We’ll also answer the questions you may have in mind:

  • What is their performance and how do they compete?
  • Are there distinctive features that can only be found in one of them?

This article will answer these questions and more so keep reading…

A Review of the Titleist AP2

Titleist AP2 vs AP3

The AP2 iron has established itself as a constant favorite among better players and PGA Tour pros over the course of its history.

The performance of these irons has been established on the tour, and they are ideal for sustaining distance.


The maximum possible moment of inertia (MOI) and speed both contribute to the attainment of adequate distance and total control.


Stability and more forgiveness are the results of a special co-forged design combined with exact tungsten weighing.

Players can have a greater sense of confidence in their ability to attack even the most tricky or difficult pin positions.

Looks and feel

The AP2 feel is said to be excellent, owing to being forged.

While they are not as pure as MBs, Ryan Heiman at IndependentGolfReviews considers them to be great and comparable to the CBs.

As for the look, the AP2 is looking better than the AP1.

Titleist tries to ensure improvement in every department when developing new versions of the AP series and that is visible in the look of this new reiteration.

Not only will the iron look great in your bag, but it’ll also provide the aesthetic you need especially if you fancy club design.

Customizable Club Options

Built as the finest golf club possible for golfers by selecting components of the highest possible quality and using the best possible choices.

This makes it possible to cater to the requirements of the player’s game and achieve the highest possible level of precision.

Disadvantages of Titleist AP2

  • The only downside of Titleist AP2 is that compared to other irons, it focuses more on excellent feel than on forgiveness.

A Review of the Titleist AP3

Titleist AP2 vs AP3


Titleist AP3 Golf Irons are designed to provide golfers of all skill levels with the highest possible speed and distance.

This is done by stylishly combining the best features of its predecessors, the AP1 and the AP2.

However, this is not the end of the story.

Those who are lucky enough to get their hands on these bad boys will notice a boost in its performance because of the unique hollow-blade design and the L-face inserts that are included in it.


The precision and forgiveness that these Titleist AP3 Golf Irons provide are two more wonderful aspects of these fantastic golf clubs.

The professional golfer can attest to the fact that Titleist’s AP3 Irons are renowned for being the fastest and longest of all of the available options.


It is claimed that these irons are the fast-moving of their kind. Because of the body’s hollow design, it delivers an off-center blow.

In fact, this is one of the reasons why players prefer choosing them over other options.


Its physical appearance is something to behold in its own right. It is comparable to other models.

This is because it maintains the elegance that has helped to establish the brand’s reputation among players.

It has a traditional wrap-around face sole and a rounded mid-mallet. In addition to these two, it has a flange made of stainless steel.

This not only makes them pretty attractive but also makes them quite durable.

Disadvantages of Titleist AP3

While a lot of golfers like the look and the overall performance of the AP3, a few complain about the shaft not being good enough.

Titleist AP2 vs AP3: Which is Better?

Since it was first introduced, the AP2 has quickly become one of the most widely used irons on the PGA Tour.

SUP10, Japanese spring iron infused in the forged body and the face insert are the components that go into its creation.

Because this steel is lightweight, it was simple for Titleist to move the center of gravity down in the head of the club.

As an outcome, the launch angle is increased, and the ball speed is increased as well.

Tungsten is forged and inserted in the toe and heel of the club. This is done in order to improve the club’s forgiveness and stability.

However, the amount of forgiveness that is granted is reduced, and it is nowhere near as great as the AP3.

The AP3 is made of hollow material and has a profile and shape that are more or less standard.

Because the AP2 irons are simpler to launch into the air, solid strikers should give serious consideration to using them.

On the other hand, due to its greater forgiveness, the AP3 is an excellent choice for novice players who sometimes hit their shots further off goal than they should.

You might want to go for the AP2 if you’re all about the feel and the precision of your shots.

In addition to being forged, it possesses conventional lofts and a more plush feel.

But if you want to increase your striking distance, improve your forgiveness, play with a larger head, and maintain a strong loft, the AP3 is the club for you.

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