Titleist AVX vs. Chrome Soft: What Are the Differences?

Whether you want a tour-grade ball to improve your game to the next level or seek premium golf balls, Titleist is a brand to patronize.

While Titleist is the most popular brand among PGA Tour players, Callaway is also one of the biggest brands in the golf industry.

Both are leading companies producing high-quality golf balls and have premium soft golf balls in their lineup.

The Callaway Chrome Soft and Titleist AVX are some of the most coveted soft golf balls.

It’s no surprise that players are always interested in comparing their golf balls to determine the best between them.

This article will compare and contrast these golf balls to establish their differences and determine the best.


The Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball was initially launched in 2015.

Still, the ball has seen frequent upgrades and is presently at the latest version, featuring the latest innovative technology.

It’s a four-piece ball but has excellent features to assist everyday golfers in getting the best out of their games.

The Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball is one of Callaway’s best-performing tour-played offerings. It offers consistent performance and extreme durability.

It features some tour-grade ball attributes, combining a soft feel with exceptional performance.

It has a urethane cover, allowing for optimum feel and control on more delicate shots around the course.

Generally, this ball finds an outstanding balance between being a performance ball and a distance ball.

Compared to the Chrome Softball, the Titleist AVX is a more established ball, even though it was launched in 2018.

This ball was Titleist’s first offering into the soft golf ball category.

The AVX means “alternative to the V and X,” indicating that it’s a soft-feeling premium ball and one of the smoothest high-performance balls in the brand collection.

It’s a pure tour-grade ball with a three-piece design. It’s ideal for players looking to improve their game with advanced technology.

It offers low flight and iron spin for improved distance. Golfers will also enjoy the soft feel and the ball’s tremendous greenside spin and control.

Titleist AVX vs. Chrome Soft: Which is Better?

Titleist AVX vs. Chrome Soft

As indicated above, these are soft premium golf balls with excellent features.

While they feature some similarities, especially in the design and construction, their differences are noticeable. Let’s compare them using some factors below:


The Callaway Chrome softball is a four-piece ball with 332 standard hexagon dimples in yellow or white.

It also comes with alignment lines in multiple colors with the Truvis Pentagons or Triple Track lines for golfers who desire.

On the other hand, the Titleist AVX is a three-piece ball available in white and yellow. It also features the 322 dimple cover of circles in different sizes, similar to most golf balls.


Both balls are some of the premium softballs available on the market. When compared, the AVX balls feel softer on chips and putts.

The extra layer in the Chrome Soft ball may be responsible for this. It is firmer than the AVX, and it delivers more backspin.

So while both balls are developed as soft golf balls, the AVX ball is the softest. Generally, the AVX has one of the lowest compression rates in the Titleist range.

Ball Flight

The AVX ball is the lowest flying and lowest spinning ball of Titleist.

Compared with Chrome, it delivers lesser ball flight, especially on the irons, because it has low spin rates. The Chrome Soft provides a higher ball flight overall.


Concerning control, the Chrome Soft ball has the edge over the AVX. The ball has a higher spin rate, making it more responsive on pitches and chips around the green.

Also, the AVX ball has a shallower landing angle on full shots, so it mostly struggles to provide much control compared to the Chrome Soft.

Pros and Cons

Titleist AVX vs. Chrome Soft

Pros of Chrome Soft

  • The excellent spin rate and high ball launch
  • Perfect for beginners and intermediates
  • Less pricey
  • Unique side spin with shower irons
  • Great short-game control
  • Incredible consistency and durability


  • Bad for low handicappers
  • High launch in all conditions
  • Poor workability with irons

Pros of Titleist AVX

  • Great responsiveness
  • Four-piece construction
  • Softer feel
  • Excellent for low handicappers

Cons of Titleist AVX

  • Not ideal for mid to high handicappers
  • Pricey
  • Low spin rate

Titleist AVX vs. Chrome Soft: Which Is Better?

Titleist AVX or Chrome Soft

Both golf balls are excellent in their separate ways, and choosing the appropriate ball depending on one’s preference is crucial.

The Callaway Chrome Soft ball is ideal for most golfers who desire a soft premium golf ball with a round performance.

It’s developed to provide a soft feeling while performing well off the tee.

It offers reasonable distance, especially at mid to high swing speeds, plus great control around the green.

However, suppose you desire a low spin ball with a soft feel and outstanding responsiveness. In that case, the Titleist AVX is a great deal.

This ball is best suited for low handicappers.

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