Titleist Avx vs Pro V1: Which is Better?

One essential golfing equipment that is often overlooked is the golf ball.

This is because most people have no idea how a small ball plays a major role in your game style.

Choosing the right golf ball can help you improve your game and make you a better golfer. As a result, it’s always best that you strive to choose the right golf ball.

There are many golf ball manufacturers that offer qualitative golf balls.

Titleist is one of these manufacturers. Over the years, this brand has manufactured a lot of amazing and unique golf balls.

The Avx and the Pro V1 are some of the best golf balls that this brand has made over the years.

However, there can only be one at the top, as one is surely better than the other.

If you want to know which of these balls is better, all you have to do is keep reading.


The Avx can be seen as a premium yet functional golf ball. Although this golf ball was manufactured recently, it has become very popular very quickly.

Even though it may look just like any other golf ball, there is one essential feature that sets it apart from the rest.

This is its flight time.

If you are looking for a golf ball that has a high flight time with more control, then the Avx is right for you.

It’s also fairly soft to the touch due to its large core.

The Pro V1 can be seen as one of the oldest and most popular golf balls ever made by Titleist. This golf ball is known for its high speeds and softer touch.

In fact, it is even softer to the touch than the Avx. If you want a ball that can really travel the distance in a short time, then the Pro V1 is right for you.

Titleist Avx or Pro V1?

Now that you know all about these amazing gold balls, the next step is getting the most suitable one for yourself.

The only way to know which is better is to try both golf balls and know which suits you best.

Titleist Avx vs Pro V1: Comparison

Titleist Avx vs Pro V1

There are a few common traits between the Pro V1 and the AVX. What that means is that they are well-built, offer soft feel, and have good control in approach shots and short games.

According to Titleist, the AVX is a response to players looking for a premium alternative to the Pro V1 with a more penetrating ball flight and lower spin than the mid-flight, higher spin that Pro V1 offers.

Compression Rating

Compared to the Pro V1, AVX has a lower compression rating. This explains the additional distance, lower flight, and lower spin on the AVX.

Another angle to consider is that if you generate too much spin in your wedge game, then AVX is for you.

This is because it is designed for high-launch, high-spin golfers, as opposed to Pro V1. This is according to Mik Rich, who is a manager at Titleist.

For Pros and Amateurs Alike

The Pro V1 is universally recognized as a ball for tour pros. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be a great ball for amateur players.

It is the first breakthrough from Titleist and many of the newest balls in the line are built on its technology.

According to Mike Rich, it is excellent for a low spin in the long game.

The Pro V1, similarly to the Prov V1x, also provides exceptional stopping power on critical shots.


As both balls are manufactured by Titleist, they can be gotten in either white, yellow, or green.

Aside from that, both balls have a premium and classy urethane covering.

This makes both balls very hard to differentiate. However, the Avx has a larger core than the Pro V1, thus, its higher flight time.

Furthermore, the Avx has less amount of dimples than the Pro V1 and is known for its eye-catching green box.


Titleist Avx vs Pro V1

The Avx is a golf ball that performs best when it comes to long-distance shots, due to its flight pattern.

However, the Pro V1 is the way to go for players who want a high spin ball with high speeds.

Still, the Avx is a golf ball that is suitable for mid-amateur golfers. While the Pro V1 is best for pro players who really want to show off.

When it comes to flight, the Pro V1, especially the 2019 model has a slightly higher but lower penetrating flight than the AVX.

You can also expect a lesser spin on the AVX on your wedge and iron shots.

Also, if you are looking for the one with the softer feel, then you’re better of with AVX as it offers softer feel than the Pro V1.

Pros and Cons

Some of the pros and cons of Avx are:


  • Low spin
  • Classy design
  • Soft feel


  • Less control
  • Some of the pros and cons of the Pro V1 are:


  • Consistent
  • Nice control


  • Expensive
  • High spin

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