T100 vs CB: Which Is Better?

One could argue that finding the perfect golf iron is akin to searching for the Holy Grail, an exercise shrouded in mystery and nuance.

Among the pantheon of world-class irons, the Titleist T100 and 620 CB have carved out their places… with both revered by golfers worldwide for their exceptional blend of performance and aesthetics.

However, distinguishing between these two top-tier irons can be a conundrum, as their similarities often overshadow the subtle differences.

This analysis endeavors to shed light on the distinctive traits that set them apart. Let’s go…

Titleist T100 Iron Review

T100 vs CB

At first glance, the Titleist T100 irons exude a sense of sophistication and elegance that is characteristic of a players’ iron.

The compact blade shape is reminiscent of traditional muscle-back irons, appealing to the discerning golfer who values aesthetics and performance.

The clean lines, minimal offset, and brushed chrome finish combine to create an iron that promotes confidence at address.

Forged Feel

Crafted from a high-quality forged 1025 carbon steel, these irons deliver a buttery softness upon impact that resonates with purists and shot-shapers alike.


Titleist has employed a progressive design approach in the T100 irons, ensuring that each iron in the set is optimized for its specific role.

The longer irons feature a lower center of gravity and enhanced speed for maximum distance and forgiveness. As you transition to shorter irons, the center of gravity shifts higher, promoting better control.


Balancing workability with forgiveness is often a delicate challenge for iron designers, but Titleist T100 irons strike an equilibrium.

If you’re a skilled golfer, the compact profile and thin topline allow you to manipulate the ball’s flight and trajectory more easily.

The irons minimize the impact of off-center strikes, allowing beginners to enjoy forgiveness on a well-designed club.

Distance Control

For golfers who place a premium on distance control and consistency, the Titleist T100 should deliver. Thanks to optimized lofts and precise weighting,

ensuring that each iron produces consistent gapping and predictable yardages. Whether you’re attacking pins from the fairway or navigating approach shots, the T100 irons empower you to make confident, repeatable swings.


  • The progressive design allows you to transition from longer to shorter irons seamlessly
  • The T100 irons will excel in providing consistent yardages and reliable distance control
  • The high-quality carbon steel translates to exceptional feedback


  • They are best suited for golfers with a higher level of skill and ball-striking consistency.

Titleist 620 CB Irons Review

T100 vs CB

From the moment these irons meet the gaze, it’s evident that a masterful touch has shaped their form. The Titleist 620 CB Irons boasts a timeless design that pays homage to traditional blade irons.

The minimalist aesthetics are accentuated by a satin finish that resonates with those who appreciate subtlety and elegance.

Optimized Weight Distribution

Going further, one of the standard features of the Titleist 620 CB iron is the strategic placement of weight within the clubhead.

This precision weighting enhances the iron’s ability to deliver consistent ball flight and optimal trajectory control.

You’ll find confidence in knowing that your strikes will produce reliable outcomes, even in different course conditions.

Crafting Shot Shapes

The true essence of the 620 CB irons lies in their ability to shape shots with precision. Designed for golfers who relish the challenge of manipulating ball flight, these irons are a canvas for creativity.

The strategically positioned center of gravity (CG) facilitates workability, enabling you to carve gentle fades or commanding draws with surgical accuracy.

From pin-seeking approaches to strategic tee shots, the 620 CB empowers you to execute shots as envisioned.


  • The compact profile and minimal offset allow skilled golfers to craft shots with precision and creativity, making these irons a canvas for artistic expression.
  • The classic design and satin finish exude timeless aesthetics that resonate with traditionalists.


  • Off-center strikes may not be as forgiving as in other iron models, requiring a higher level of precision

Titleist T100 vs 620 CB: Which Is Better?

In the realm of golf irons, precision reigns supreme. The Titleist T100 and 620 CB irons are two masterpieces within the Titleist lineup, each catering to golfers with a distinct set of preferences and skills.

This comparison sheds light on the nuanced differences between these two exceptional iron sets, delving into their design, performance, and overall impact on a golfer’s game.


While both irons have a lot of disparity, they also have a lot in common. This isn’t surprising, as both come from the same brand.

The two irons are forged and have a cavity back design. Because they are both players’ irons, they are easily workable.

But if you want more distance, your best bet is the T100 irons. And with that, let’s go further into the defining differences between the two clubs:


The Titleist T100 irons embrace a sleek, modern design that appeals to both traditionalists and modern players.

Compared to the CB, the T100 irons have more flashy tech for those who look more than a clean look. In contrast, the Titleist 620 CB sports the brand’s timeless blade design.

It features a compact profile, thinner topline, and reduced offset, inviting skilled golfers to wield their irons with surgical precision.


The T100 and 620 CB irons offer a forged feel that resonates with discerning golfers. The T100 irons feature a forged 1025 carbon steel construction, resulting in a soft, responsive impact feel that offers valuable shot feedback.

The 620 irons, similarly forged from premium carbon steel, deliver a sensation that amplifies the tactile connection between the golfer and the club.


The T100 irons are engineered to provide forgiveness and playability, making them accessible to golfers across skill levels.

The progressive design, with optimized weighting, ensures consistent launch conditions and helps manage off-center strikes effectively.

The 620 CB irons, on the other hand, are a testament to shot-shaping mastery.

These irons demand a higher level of skill and ball-striking consistency, rewarding golfers with the ability to manipulate ball flight and trajectory with exceptional precision.

In other words, they are best suited to the advanced players more than the beginners.

Final Verdict

Designed with forgiveness in mind, the T100 irons offer consistent distance and playability, making them suitable for a broader spectrum of golfers.

The 620 CB, on the other hand, isn’t designed for forgiveness, so it’ll require players who possess a higher level of ball-striking proficiency.

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