Titleist T200 vs. Taylormade P790: Which is Better for YOU?

The Titleist T200 and Taylormade P790 are compact player irons with immense workability, durability, and higher spin rates when compared to most beginners’ irons.

They are suited for players seeking to improve their games.

This range of irons is perfect for low and mid-handicappers.

Because of their many similarities, choosing one between them is often a point of confusion.

If you’re also in this dilemma, this article is for you. We’ll compare and contrast these irons to determine the best.

Titleist T200 vs. Taylormade P790: Comparison

Titleist T200 vs. Taylormade P790

Taylormade P790 Review

The TaylorMade P790 has been around for a while now. And TaylorMade has continued to innovate with the iron, releasing new versions every year.

New series are released every year and so you can get all the different versions from 2019 to 2023 (which was released earlier this year).

As you probably may be aware now, most reviews on the P790 will be on the 2021 or older model since the new ones are just recently released.

When TaylorMade released the irons in 2017, the brand targeted low to mid-handicappers. Fortunately, it was adopted by all levels of golfers, which shows its perceived value among players.

The irons have compact heads with a thin top line giving users the ability to stop, fade or draw the ball with ease.

The hollow forged head comes with Speed Foam for dampening unnecessary vibrations or shocks and giving an improved soft feel.

The Tungsten weighting improves the MOI while expanding the sweet spot and the fast face adds more distance.

These irons are forgiving and ideal for mid-low handicap players.

In the 2021 version, the SpeedFoam technology (located in the head) in previous iterations was improved upon.

TaylorMade made it lighter and redistributed the weight to improve forgiveness. It’s also quieter as a result of the lesser weight in the head.

The finish is brushed steel, which gives it a modern look and better aesthetics.

It’s also not restricted to a particular range of golfers. Whether you’re a pro or an amateur, you can play the P790.

If you have a very high swing speed or need superior forgiveness, this may not be for you though.

It’s a good iron for those new to the line. However, if you have the previous model, you may not need to upgrade since they are very similar.

Titleist T200 Iron Review

Like the TaylorMade P790, the Titleist T200 is a player’s distance iron offering a sleek design, forged face, and Max Impact technology.

It delivers impressive distance, control, and forgiveness, making it an excellent choice for golfers seeking to elevate their iron game without sacrificing feel or workability.

Therefore, you can say that it is the Titleist equivalent to p790.

Similarly, the Titleist T200 irons are compact with thin top lines for shaping shots and improving workability.

The L-shaped Forged face provides excellent ball speeds and increases the sweet spot lower on the front.

The back has the polymer “Max Impact” inserted to spring the ball off with improved distance and speed.

These irons are tour-grade and highly coveted by most PGA players.

However, they are not beginner-friendly irons because it requires immense consistency to work them well.

They are suited for mid to low-handicappers with great consistency looking for the best player irons.

TaylorMade vs Titleist Irons: The Differences

Comparison of Titleist T200 and Taylormade P790

Despite their similarities, both irons have different specifications and attributes.

They exhibit some differences that give them advantages over each other.

For instance, the T200 of Titleist has a shallower face.

This attribute improves its forgiveness for shots hit off-center.

On the other hand, the Taylormade P790 iron has a deeper face which helps golfers attain improved distance from their shots.

Furthermore, the Taylormade P790 has an undercut cavity which makes it lighter.

In the case of the Titleist T200, there are no such attributes, so they are heavier than the Taylormade P790.

Moreover, the price difference is another crucial factor.

When compared, the Titleist T200 is far lesser than the Taylormade P790. To put into context, a set of Taylormade P790 costs the same as three sets of the T200.

Titleist T200 vs. Taylormade P790: Features

To further differentiate between the two irons, we’ll compare their different features based on certain factors as follows:

Spin and Launch

The Titleist T200 has less spin and a lower launch than the Taylormade P790. The P790 has higher spin and launch, particularly the shorter irons.


Titleist T200 has fewer flex options compared to Taylormade P790. The T200 shaft options include flex and stiff flex variations.

On the other hand, The P790 has stiff, extra-stiff, and regular flex options.


When compared, the Titleist T200 provides fewer mishits than the Taylormade P790, which has greater mishits.


The Taylormade P790 features an ultralight urethane foam in the clubhead, which helps enhance the feel. The Titleist T200 doesn’t have the urethane foam in the club head.


Concerning profile, the Titleist has an edge.

This club iron has a sleek profile and features a thin topline which improves its appearance and gives it a more appealing look.

The Taylormade P790 also has an excellent look, but overall it looks a bit chunky compared to the T200, which has a very thin topline.

Carry Distance

The Taylormade P790 has more carry distance than the Titleist T200. It offered about ten yards more carry distance.


Concerning offset, the Taylormade P790 has a lesser offset compared to the Titleist T200 iron.


The Taylormade P790 is more forgiving than the Titleist T200, making it more widespread.

Swing Weight

The Taylormade P790 features the D0 swing weight for the graphite shaft, while the steel shaft features the D2 swing weight.

Conversely, the T200 shaft features the D1 swing weight.

What to Consider When Deciding:

There are a lot of factors that come into play when you’re trying to choose between two opposing irons. Why some might be obvious, you may not many others.

To help facilitate an informed decision, here are things that make each club stand out:

Titleist T200 Irons Selling Points

  • Tour-grade irons
  • Varieties of premium shafts options
  • They offer high-arcing shots
  • Good for low handicappers
  • Exceptional feel
  • Right shot dispersion

Taylormade P790 Irons Selling Points

  • Two tungsten weights for less COG
  • Numerous lofts in the clubs
  • Consistency and great forgiveness
  • Variable face thickness
  • Flexible hinge

Titleist T200 or Taylormade P790: Which One is Better?

While some claim the T200 is the better iron, others think it’s the Taylormade P790.

From the review, it’s evident that both irons are great with premium features.

The better one will vary from one person to another depending on each person’s skill level and what they prioritize in their irons.

Generally, the Titleist T200 seems superior in some aspects, including higher total distance, sound, and dispersion rate.

However, there’s no marginal difference between the two irons. The Taylormade P790 also outweighs the T200 in terms of look and Speed Foam insert.

We’ve listed out the attributes of each iron to help you decide the best for you. You should choose your next set of iron depending on your skill level.

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