Titleist Trufeel vs Callaway Supersoft: Yes, They’re Different

When it comes to choosing the right golf ball for your game, the options seem endless. Among the array of choices, two names that stand out are Titleist TruFeel and Callaway Supersoft. These balls are known for their emphasis on soft feel, making them popular among golfers seeking a comfortable touch without sacrificing performance. In this comparison, we’ll dive into the intricacies of the Titleist TruFeel and the Callaway Supersoft to help you decide which one suits your playing style and preferences.

Construction and Cover Technology:

Titleist TruFeel:
The Titleist TruFeel golf ball boasts a two-piece construction with a low-compression core that aims to maximize distance while maintaining a soft feel. Its TruFlex cover, designed for improved greenside control, enhances spin around the greens, aiding in delicate shots like pitches and chips.

Callaway Supersoft:
The Callaway Supersoft golf ball also features a two-piece construction with a low-compression core. Callaway’s HEX Aerodynamics pattern on the cover reduces drag and promotes a higher flight, optimizing distance and consistency.

Feel and Compression:

Titleist TruFeel:
True to its name, the TruFeel is engineered to deliver an exceptionally soft feel, making it a favorite among players who value comfort. The low compression contributes to a responsive sensation off the clubface, particularly with slower swing speeds.

Callaway Supersoft:
The Callaway Supersoft lives up to its reputation by offering an ultra-soft feel upon impact. Its low compression facilitates compression at even moderate swing speeds, providing golfers with that sought-after sensation of the ball compressing against the club.

Distance and Performance:

Titleist TruFeel:
While the TruFeel prioritizes softness, it doesn’t compromise on distance. Its aerodynamic design helps golfers achieve decent distance off the tee, making it suitable for players who appreciate both feel and performance.

Callaway Supersoft:
The Supersoft, with its advanced HEX Aerodynamics, delivers impressive distance without sacrificing control. It’s a versatile option for golfers seeking a balance between long shots and greenside finesse.

Spin and Control:

Titleist TruFeel:
The TruFeel’s TruFlex cover aids in generating spin around the greens, allowing players to exercise greater control over their short game shots. This characteristic suits golfers who value accuracy and stopping power on approach shots.

Callaway Supersoft:
The Supersoft’s cover design, while focusing on aerodynamics for distance, still offers commendable greenside control. Golfers who want to execute precise shots around the green will find this aspect appealing.


Titleist TruFeel:
The TruFeel’s cover is designed to balance softness with durability. While it may not be the most rugged option, it holds up well to the demands of typical rounds, ensuring a satisfactory lifespan.

Callaway Supersoft:
The Supersoft’s cover is engineered for both softness and resilience, contributing to its ability to withstand the rigors of play over multiple rounds.

Visual Appeal:

Titleist TruFeel:
Titleist’s classic branding and alignment aid on the TruFeel make it a visually appealing choice for golfers who prefer straightforward aesthetics.

Callaway Supersoft:
The Supersoft features a vibrant and eye-catching design, which can add a touch of personality to your game.

The Verdict:

Choosing between the Titleist TruFeel and Callaway Supersoft ultimately comes down to your personal preferences and playing style. If you value an exceptionally soft feel with a focus on control, the TruFeel might be your ideal match. On the other hand, if you’re seeking a blend of softness, distance, and playability, the Callaway Supersoft could be your go-to option.

Both of these golf balls cater to golfers who prioritize comfort without compromising on performance. So, whether you’re aiming for the perfect pitch shot or a long drive down the fairway, the Titleist TruFeel and Callaway Supersoft are contenders that warrant your attention.

As you navigate the world of golf balls, keep in mind that your choice should align with your unique preferences, playing style, and skill level. With either the Titleist TruFeel or the Callaway Supersoft, you’ll find a companion that brings softness, performance, and enjoyment to your golf game.

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