Titleist TS1 vs. TS2: What Are the Differences?

Some years back, Titleist, a leading manufacturer in the golf industry, had a mission to incorporate more incredible speed into driver technology.

The mission: Titleist Speed Project began with the hope of making Titleist drivers very fast, which led to the release of the Titleist T series. Two new driver models: TS1 and TS2, were introduced with incredible ball speed, higher launch, and increased MOI.

These drivers come with similar exciting features as they promise to improve golfers’ games. If you’re eyeing one of these drivers, it’s crucial to understand their unique differences to choose the best one.


Titleist TS1 vs. TS2

The Titleist Speed(TS) series has gone mainstream since its introduction, and every model in the lineup is highly coveted. You’ll find plenty of these drivers on the tour simply because they are exceptional drivers.

The TS1 and TS2 drivers were the first set to be released before the TS1 and TS4 later debuted. Each model comes with unique features and specifications catering to varying levels of golfers.

However, the aim is simple: to bring exceptional ball and swing speed to every skill level, and each model does that differently.

The Titleist TS1 driver combines forgiveness with speed. It’s a high-launching low-spinning driver, helping players hit all their shots accurately.

It increases the player’s speed and accuracy through forgiveness. It features a large sweet spot and an aerodynamic club head which helps miss-hits to go straighter.

It is designed with a streamlined solid shape, promoting aerodynamics to increase control over playing shots. This comprehensive body design helps get a higher Moment of Inertia(MOI).

Generally, this driver is a top choice for most drivers because of its exciting features, including the lightweight body, aerodynamic club head shape, ultra-thin titanium construction, and low center of gravity (CG), among others.

The TS2 driver was the second driver in the TS driver, released the same year as the TS1. It has significant similarities with the TS1, and most players often find it challenging to differentiate between them.

The TS2 driver adds control to speed. The adjustable CG adds control which enables players to manipulate the sweet spot to fit their swing. As such, golfers can control their ball flight off the tee incredibly.

With the great control this driver offers, what’s impressive is players can still get good forgiveness. Players can get more dynamic forgiveness with the TS2, with the contact sound with the ball and club also quite impressive.

Some of its exciting features include exceptional MOI, medium launch, aerodynamic head shape, and more adjustable weight.

Titleist TS1 vs. TS2: Differences

Titleist TS1 vs. TS2

Both drivers are often most comparable because they share many similarities, especially since they both enable players to swing at the desired speed and obtain the needed accuracy.

However, there are some significant differences between them that usually have one of them resonate most with different players.

Let’s establish the differences between these drivers using the factors as follows:

Design and Appearance

These drivers have similar construction and are built to offer incredible durability. They are designed with premium titanium and have the standard 460 CC appearance, but there are noticeable alterations in the shape of the clubhead.

The TS1 driver has a streamlined shape with a more modern look. The streamlined shape leads to about 20% improvement in aerodynamics with a 4mm thin crown. On the other hand, the TS2 boasts a more conventional appearance with a round shape.


The TS1 driver provides Incredible distance across the face while providing maximum forgiveness. In the case of the TS2 driver, it offers speed-tune distance with varying forgiveness.


Generally, both Titleist drivers offer a decent level of performance. But when you compare the level of forgiveness, you’ll notice a wide disparity. The TS1 driver has a bigger size which means it has more forgiveness than the TS2.

You’ll get better and optimum forgiveness from the TS1 than the TS2 driver. It offers this level of forgiveness with decent distance and speed. It also produces a better Moment of Inertia (MOI), which can benefit golfers with different skill sets.

While the TS2 driver offers lower and more forgiveness than the TS1, it’s still a good option and one of the best.


A driver’s weight adjustability can make a significant difference in shot performance, which is one of the strengths of the TS2 driver. It has more adjustability than the TS1 driver.

This driver has excellent adjustability for the CG weight, and you can swap as you desire. It features a comprehensive adjustment system, and the weighting system enables players to put a natural draw or fade bias into the swing.

On the other hand, the TS1 driver may be more stable for aggressive swing because of its fixed weight. Players won’t enjoy high adjustability as it offers a fixed center of gravity (CG).

Ball Speed

The principal objective of the TS series drivers is to provide speed. They are all about speed, and you won’t find them wanting in this space. When compared, the TS1 driver provides more ball speed than its counterpart. However, the difference may not be significant, and it’s usually a discerning player that can detect it.

Loft Options

The TS1 driver provides more loft options. It has four options: 8.5°, 9.5°, 10.5°, and 11.5° while the TS2 driver only has three options ( 8.5°, 9.5° and 10.5°).

Final Verdict: Titleist TS1 or TS2?

These drivers will influence your game depending on the shape and loft you choose. The correct driver will improve your skill and enhance your overall game.

If you want better adjustability and customization options, the TS2 driver is your best choice. On the other hand, if you prioritize forgiveness and high launch, choose the TS1 driver.

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