Titleist TS2 vs. TS3: What Are the Differences?

The Titleist Speed Project was born when the best player of the game issued a challenge to create Titleist drivers that are very fast.

The next movement was the development of two-speed driver models: TS2 and TS3.

These drivers are designed to produce breakneck ball speed with higher launch and lower spin.

They also deliver exceptional forgiveness and improve MOI for greater distances.

These drivers have garnered immense popularity because of their fascinating features. However, most people are often faced with the dilemma of picking the best between the two.

In this guide, we’ll demystify the two drivers, stating their features, benefits, similarities, and differences, among other things, to establish a better version.

Let’s get started.

Titleist TS2 vs. TS3: Overview

Titleist TS2 vs. TS3

The Titleist TS project is all about improving ball speed and providing golfers with exceptional performance levels.

The TS project has different variations designed to offer momentum to golfers’ games in numerous ways.

The TS2 and TS3 drivers, released in 2018, were the first TS series. These drivers feature unbelievable swing and ball speed for every skill level.

The TS2 project enables players to swing aggressively while offering maximum forgiveness across its face.

The TS3, on the other hand, uses the SureFit CG to provide speed-tunes distance with varied forgiveness.

Generally, both versions feature the patented SureFit hosel of Titleist with sixteen unique loft and lie settings, creating improved and consistent ball flight via precision fitting.

Titleist TS2 vs. TS3: The Differences

Titleist TS2 vs. TS3

Both drivers have similar construction and qualities.

They allow users to swing at their speed and achieve the desired accuracy.

However, each exhibit some distinct features that may make a particular one win your heart.

The T2 has a modern look, while the T3 features a more traditional look.

The TS2 combines forgiveness with speed. This driver improves speed and accuracy through forgiveness.

It’s a lightweight and ultra-thin titanium driver with an aerodynamic club head shape. It’s a great driver and widely used by tour players.

Its aerodynamic club head has a larger sweet spot, meaning miss-hits tend to go straighter than the regular.

It enables golfers to keep their swing speed up and the ball flight straight.

Hence there’s no reason to swing at 60% power to keep the golf ball in the fairway.

Conversely, The T3 driver adds control to speed.

Its adjustable CG offers added control and enables the user to adjust the sweet spot to align with the swing.

You can control the ball flight off the tee unimaginably. Also, it offers forgiveness similar to the TS2 driver.

Generally, the TS3 driver avails users of more customization options on the fly.

For more clarity, the T2 driver has a broader body and greater weight outside the club, giving it more MOI than the T3 driver.

Because it’s bigger, the TS2 offers more forgiveness than the TS3. The T2 will be more fitting because of its fixed weight if you’re an aggressive swing.

On the other hand, the TS3 weight is more adjustable and magnetic, offering you the luxury to swap from one place to another.

It provides explosive distance across the face. It speed-tunes distance with dynamic forgiveness.

Finally, It provides less of a mid-launch than the high-launch TS2 provides.

Features of Titleist TS2 Driver

  • Low Spin and high launch
  • Fixed CG location
  • Modern shape
  • Adjustable Swingweight
  • Maximum forgiveness with explosive bursting distance across its face
  • Available in different lofts including 8.5°, 9.5°, 10.5°, and 11.5°

Features of Titleist TS3 Driver

  • Dynamic forgiveness with speed-tuned distance
  • Low spin and mid launch
  • Traditional shape
  • Adjustable swing weight
  • SureFit CG

Choosing The Best Driver For You

Undoubtedly, both drivers provide speed levels and forgiveness that have not been seen in previous Titleist drivers.

When fitting, both drivers perform excellently well and consistently. Hence, they also offer great value for money.

The TS2 hits the perfect sweet spot of producing exceptional forgiveness and distance simultaneously.

It’s an all-around driver that’s compact enough to enter the bag.

The TS3 driver offers an additional level of workability and adjustability with an appealing classic shape.

It’s a go-to driver if you consider accuracy or driver your most decisive factor in a golf driver.

It has a traditional yet fantastic and efficient design. It provides fastball hits at the first shot with interesting forgiveness levels.

It also offers extra fitting options compared to the TS2 driver.

With TS3, players can use the SureFit CG weight cartridge to reach their shot shape.

Both are excellent.

Ultimately, you’ll need to choose the best driver for your game. Whichever you choose, rest assured you are getting the best quality driver.

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