Titleist u505 vs u510: Which Is Better?

Every day, in the golf industry, we hear about Titleist, a renowned golf club manufacturer.

The company is synonymous with excellence and performance. Their range of golf clubs is high-quality with excellent value for money.

So, today we’ll review two utility irons in their lineup: the Titleist u505 and u510.

These versatile clubs help players get accurate, high-launching shots from numerous lies.

We’ll compare these iron models, demystifying their features, performances, and differences. Ultimately, you’ll be able to decide the best between them.


The Titleist u505 and u510 are high-performance irons designed to provide golfers with maximum distance, forgiveness, and control.

Both feature a hollow construction, promoting ball speed and launch while reducing spin for longer and straighter shots.

Beyond the hollow construction, these irons share numerous other similarities, including the high-strength face insert and tungsten weighting that positions the centre of gravity low and deep in the clubhead.

The high-density tungsten weighting, set in the heel and toe of the clubhead, is designed to increase stability and forgiveness.

Both irons also feature a variable face thickness design, providing more ball speed and distance on off-centre hits.

Generally, the u505 iron combines the best of u500 and u510 in one great iron, thus improving feel and providing tremendous ball speed.

It’s a more compact iron with a traditional blade shape, excellent for low-handicap players who want more control and workability.

It has a thinner topline and a narrower sole, which allows for more precision shots and better turf interaction.

On the other hand, the u510 was introduced before the u505 iron.

It features a larger, more forgiving shape better suited for mid to high-handicap players who want maximum forgiveness and distance.

It’s more forgiving than the u505 irons with a wider sole and a more oversized clubhead, making it easier to hit from different lies and providing more stability and forgiveness on off-centre hits.

Titleist u505 vs u510: Comparison

As discussed earlier, these irons are high-utility and high-performing with incredible performance and value for money.

To establish the better one between the two irons, it’s essential to compare them based on their specifications and performance characteristics.

Follow along as we expound on their differences.

Design and Features

The Titleist u505 and u510 utility irons share a lot of design elements, but there are also some vital differences between them.

Concerning their profiles, the u505 has a smaller profile, with a thinner topline and sole, while the u510 has a more extensive profile, with a thicker topline and sole.

Also, the u505 has a shorter blade length, while the u510 has a longer blade length.

In a more profound sense, the u505 iron club features a larger, more forgiving clubhead made of a high-strength steel face insert and a cast 17-4 stainless steel body.

It has a slightly lower loft (18 degrees) and a deeper CG placement, making it an excellent option for golfers who need help launching the ball high and straight.

On the other hand, the u510 has a smaller, more compact clubhead made of a high-strength steel face insert and a forged 17-4 stainless steel body.

The u510 has a higher loft (20 degrees) and a shallower CG placement, making it a more workable option for golfers who prefer a more penetrating ball flight.


Concerning performance, these irons offer excellent results.

In the case of the u505, it provides exceptional distance, even on off-centre hits, thanks to its larger clubhead and deeper CG placement.

It also launches the ball higher and with more spin, making it an excellent choice for golfers who struggle to get the ball airborne.

The u510, on the other hand, delivers a more penetrating ball flight with less spin, making it an ideal choice for golfers who want more control and workability.

It also provides plenty of distance, especially for golfers who already generate a high ball speed.

Feel and Sound

Another differentiating and significant factor to consider is the feel and sound.

These crucial elements significantly impact the player’s game, performance and confidence.

Concerning feel, both the Titleist u505 and u510 utility irons provide a solid, satisfying sensation at impact.

The u505 offers a softer, forgiving feel, while the u510 delivers a more responsive feel.

In the case of sound, the u505 produces a muted, low-pitched sound, while the u510 has a slightly higher-pitched, more metallic sound.

Golfers may have their preferences regarding sound, but both models deliver good acoustic feedback that can help them assess the quality of their strikes.

Customization and Price

Titleist offers a range of customization options for both the u505 and u510 utility irons.

You can choose from stock and upgraded shafts, grips, and lengths to optimize the clubs for their swing and preferences.

Custom fittings are also available through authorized Titleist fitters.

In terms of price, the Titleist u505 and u510 utility irons are generally expensive, but when compared, the u510 iron is more expensive.

While they may not be the most affordable options, the quality and performance they offer make them a worthwhile investment for serious golfers.

Final Thoughts: Which is Better?

Both the u505 and u510 are high-performance irons that cater to different needs.

The better one will ultimately depend on your preference and needs as a golfer. For ease in selecting and making an informed decision, you can follow the guide below:

Choose the u505 irons if:

  • You want more workability and ease in shaping shots
  • You want greater control and precision
  • You have a tight budget

Choose the u510 iron if:

  • You struggle with lowball flight and want a higher launch angle
  • You want more forgiveness and stability
  • You want a more modern iron shape

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