Titleist Velocity vs. Pro V1: Which Is Better?

Golf balls play a crucial role in the performance of any golfer, and choosing the right one can make a significant difference in your game.

As an average golfer, using the wrong ball can lead to poor distance, launch angle, and frequently hitting the wrong fairway.

Titleist is a renowned brand in the golf industry, known for producing high-quality golf balls designed to meet the specific needs of golfers at different skill levels.

This article will compare two of Titleist’s most famous golf balls – the Velocity and the Pro V1.

Which is better regarding forgiveness, distance, heights, feel, and other crucial attributes?

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The Titleist Velocity and Pro V1 are some of the favorite and highly coveted golf balls on the market.

Both feature the brand’s alignment aid, a visual aid produced to help golfers line up their putts accurately.

They have the standard size and weight that conforms to the USGA and R&A rules of golf.

The Velocity is a distance-oriented ball designed for golfers seeking more distance off the tee.

It’s mostly suited for newer players and the high handicappers who want maximum distance and flight.

It has two layers: the LSX inner core and the outer octahedral dimple.

The former helps produce more power with each impact, enabling the ball to achieve improved distance. Both layers work in tandem to help players improve their projectile shots.

On the other hand, the Pro V1 is a tour-level ball designed for golfers seeking exceptional performance, control, and feel around the greens.

It’s a performance-centric ball with design and feels directly helping players improve their games.

It features the Drop and Stop technology, enabling players to control their trajectories better and land on the greens.

Another notable attribute of the ball is its extra soft feel that helps it square perfectly at impact.

Titleist Velocity Vs. Pro V1: Comparison

Titleist Velocity Vs. Pro V1

The significant differences between the Pro V1 and Velocity golf balls are the launch heights and the distances.

When compared, the Titleist Velocity ball has the edge over the Pro V1 series.

However, these are not the only differentiating factors between the two balls. Let’s expound on their differences using some aspects as follows:

Aerodynamic Design

The aerodynamic design is a notable difference between the two golf balls.

The Velocity features a high-speed LSX core and a fast NaZ+ cover working together to produce low spin and high ball speed, helping golfers achieve more distance off the tee.

Conversely, the Pro V1 has a soft Urethane Elastomer cover that provides exceptional feel and control around the greens, making it a popular choice for tour players.


While the ball feel does not directly impact performance, it can significantly influence a player’s confidence and lead to a better game.

Both balls have a solid feel off the tee and on the green.

When compared, the Pro V1 has a softer feel that ensures excellent control and spins around the greens.

It has a slight edge on the green and is a perfect option for players looking for more feel and touch. Generally, Velocity has a firm feel that some golfers find hard to control around the greens.


Distance is a crucial attribute of a golf ball. Every golfer wants improved distance, and these balls are excellent.

When compared, the Titleist Velocity is designed for golfers seeking more distance off the tee and delivers on this promise.

It produces high ball speed, low spin, and long distance, making it an excellent choice for golfers with slower swing speeds.

The Pro V1, while not a distance-oriented ball, still provides ample distance off the tee while offering superior control and spin around the greens.


Generally, both balls aren’t an excellent option for spin compared to other ball categories on the market.

However, the Titleist Pro V1 produces more spin than the Velocity. Hence, it’s a good choice for golfers who want more control around the greens.

Its Urethane Elastomer cover provides excellent spin and control, allowing golfers to quickly stop the ball on the green.

On the other hand, Velocity’s low spin design makes it more challenging to control the greens.

Launch Heights

As an average golfer, adding heights to your shots is a great way to get more distance.

The Titleist Velocity is designed to produce a higher launch angle, which helps golfers achieve more distance off the tee.

On the other hand, the Pro V1 has a lower launch angle, which provides better control and workability, making it an excellent choice for golfers who want to shape their shots.

Pros and Cons

Pros of Titleist Velocity

  • Ideal for high handicappers
  • High ball speed and low spin design
  • Excellent ball heights
  • Delivers exceptional distance off the tee


  • A firmer feel may not suit golfers who prefer softer balls
  • More challenging to control the greens
  • Limited spin and workability

Pros of Titleist Pro V1

  • Soft feel and excellent control around the greens
  • Suitable for golfers with all swing speeds
  • Superior spin and workability


  • Pricier
  • Less distance and launch

Titleist Velocity vs. Pro V1: Which is Better?

Titleist Velocity vs. Pro V1

The Titleist Velocity and Pro V1 are exceptional golf balls that offer unique benefits to golfers.

While the Velocity is more distance-oriented and provides better launch and ball speed, the Pro V1 offers superior control, spin, and feel around the greens.

Ultimately, the better ball will depend on individual needs, preferences, and priorities. Consider the factors as established below to make an informed decision.

The Titleist Velocity is ideal if you want more distance off the tee and a slower swing speed.

However, if you prioritize feel, control, and a pin around the greens, choose the Titleist Pro V1.

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