Tommy Armour 845 vs 855: What are the Differences?

There are different golf club brands all over the world. This is due to the simple fact that golf is now more popular than ever.


The world has finally seen what skill and grace golfers display when playing.

However, this means that getting the right club is now more difficult than ever. Many brands just manufacture the same clubs with different name tags over and over.

Fortunately, Tommy Armour is one of the few who do not.

The 845 and the 855 are two amazing clubs that look alike so much that people cannot tell the difference.

If you are reading this article and you have this confusion as well, then you are in luck. Below are the differences between these two golf clubs.


The 845 golf club can be seen as a favorite among many players.

It is well-known due to its large club head and cavity. Its large club head helps with adding extra power to every swing, without compromising control.

The best part of this club is its alignment stripe at the back of its cavity.

This stripe helps a lot when it comes to setting the club appropriately before every swing. Thus, the golf club is really functional.

The 855, on the other hand, is a club that helps with increasing the speed of each swing.

Its stainless steel club head and glossy shaft are other features, which makes this club as classy as it can be.

This club is also very forgiving, with little or no transfer of force to the golfer. Therefore, the 855 is a great club to choose.


The 845 irons have a pretty traditional look.

With its large head and standard shaft, it can be seen that little changes have been made to the original design.

However, this just means that nothing has been added that will affect its excellent performance over the years. This club is made of stainless steel.

On the other side of the table, the 855 can be seen as a really sleek and classy club.

It is more futuristic and glossy than the 845.

Although it is mainly made up of stainless steel, little materials have been added that help with its nice look.

However, be sure to know that its look does not affect its functions in any way whatsoever.


The 845 is a true club when it comes to performance. This club is designed mainly for powerful swings.

It also has a higher ball flight capability and launch than the 855. This club is perfect for golfers who want clubs for high and long-range shots.

The 855 is a set of irons that work best for high-speed shots. As it is very forgiving, this feature works well for the golfer.

So if you just prefer fast shots across long ranges, it is best to go for the 855. It’s best to know that both clubs work best for long-range shots.

Tommy Armour 845 vs 855: Which is Better?

Although both clubs may be similar in a lot of ways, they are also different. Become a pro golfer today by knowing and taking advantage of their differences easily.

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