Toulon vs. Scotty Cameron: Which Is Better?

The best putters on the market are always a source of contention.

There are numerous styles and options to choose from, and finding the one that is right for you is critical. You’ll have to choose from a plethora of options.

Toulon and Scotty Cameron are two of the brands that produce high-performing putters.

They have classy offerings that score high in every important thing.

Let’s compare and contrast both brands to determine the best. If you find this exciting, stick along as we review these brands.

Toulon vs. Scotty Cameron: Which Is Better?

Toulon vs. Scotty Cameron

These two brands, Toulon and Scotty Cameron, are considered to be among the top-rated golf brands that produce classy offerings.

Toulon is to the Odyssey brand what Scotty Cameron is to Titleist.

They are the “creme De la creme” of golf accessories, ranking high in developing products with immense performance, sound, and feel.

Both brands deserve the patronage of serious golfers who want the best-performing putters and are ready to splash the cash.

Before their similarities, both brands are comparable.

Now, let’s compare these brands and their products using different measures as discussed below:


Odyssey Toulon putters offer excellent performance.

When tested indoors, they seem to be great putters that provide a wide range of distance control and an actual forward roll.

The Scotty Cameron putters use heel-toe weighting technology making them unreal.

This technology is tailored according to the putter’s length to offer optimal performance. They produce great speed and aid stability.


Toulon’s putters’ designs are well-known for their premium appearance and innovative styles.

The recent lineup features excellent redesigns, which improve performance from higher MOI and more incredible forward roll to an improved consistent putting stroke.

The designs feature a midnight black finish, offering an exclusive appearance while revealing the precision craftsmanship and minimalism of the golf ball.

Scotty Cameron’s designs feature the trademark red dot that has been used for a while.

The designs are standout and easily recognizable from a distance. Every model offers a unique, fascinating shape that can enhance confidence.

Feel & Sound

The Toulon milled putters have a responsive feel courtesy of their durable construction.

They provide exceptional sound feedback that is cool and fulfills users’ expectations.

The technology in Toulon putters offers a matching feel and sound depending on the ball’s condition.

The sound and feel are intertwined, creating an expectation of how much the call will travel.

Scotty Cameron putters have integrated vibration-dampening systems, which provide a soft yet solid feel to the head of the putter.

The mid-milled face is exceptional, and customer feedback is fascinating.

Value for Money

Both of the brands avail their putters at a relatively high price point.

They are some of the most expensive putters on the market.

Generally, they offer good value for money, but Scotty Cameron putters hold their value better.

Who Are the Putters For?

Toulon vs. Scotty Cameron

Toulon putters are great for golfers seeking increased control and forward roll on the greens.

They are designed for players who want a blend of precision with outstanding performance, with a premium appearance and control.

The designs feature revolutionary styles that are fascinating and easy to hold.

Conversely, Scotty Cameron putters are great for all handicaps or different levels of golfers.

Lower handicapped golfers enjoy the feel of the putters, and beginners will find it easy to play them, also.

With Scotty Cameron, the preference is more about the budget than the handicap level.

Toulon vs. Scotty Cameron: Pros And Cons

Pros of Scotty Cameron

  • Soft but solid feel
  • Excellent speed and roll off the putter face
  • Heel-Toe weight technology, which provides improved roll and strike
  • Great value for money
  • Bigger name recognition

Cons of Scotty Cameron

  • All models not offered as a left-handed option
  • Relatively expensive

Pros of Toulon

  • Classic and clean lines
  • Exceptional feel with matching sound
  • Adjustable sole plates enable custom head sights

Cons of Toulon

  • Relatively expensive
  • Only available in polished stainless steel

Toulon Vs. Scotty Cameron: Conclusion

Toulon and Scotty Cameron putters are the leading putters available in the market.

Both brands produce high-performance putters that offer good money.

For any golfers serious about improving their games, these putters are worth considering. Both brands are comparable, but Cameron has the more prominent name recognition.

The best putter for every individual will differ depending on preferences.

There are different models of these putters, and the users will aim to pick the one that gives them reasonable control, feel, and looks.

Because of how personal a putter can be, we recommend you do your due diligence before choosing the best model for yourself.

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