Tour AD DI vs. IZ: Which is Better?

Golf is a game of precision that requires deliberate effort. While every golf accessory significantly influences game performance, shafts rank very high.

They come in different sizes, types, and styles, but the purpose remains the same: allowing players to strike the ball effectively and control ball flight more.

With the wide range of golf shaft options, you need an informed decision to make the right choice.

Graphite Designs shafts are often recommended because of their quality materials, efficient ball control, and excellent feel.

Hence, we’ll compare two of its designs: Tour AD DI and IZ, establishing their similarities and differences to enable you to choose the better one.

Tour AD DI vs. IZ: Overview

Graphite Design is a reputable organization that produces a wide range of shafts for golfers.

The company is one of the front-runners of shaft technology in the industry.

Every year, the brand introduces new designs that offer distinct attributes. The Tour AD shaft lineup is expanding significantly to satisfy both new and experienced golfers.

The Tour AD DI is an earlier shaft design by the brand. The latest release is the Tour AD IZ which features a sleek finish and stealthy appearance.

While some professionals think both shafts have similar specifications and performance, Graphite Designs claim they have different features, but the latest design is not a direct replacement of the former.

According to the brand, the Tour AD IZ lies between the lower launching Tour AD TP and higher launching DI, courtesy of its slightly stiffer tip and midsection and softer butt section.

Let’s establish the differences between the two shaft designs.

Tour AD DI vs. IZ: Differences

Tour AD DI vs. IZ

Generally, both shaft designs are similar, but Tour AD IZ has a softer tip. It also has a bit higher balance point, which makes it slightly counterbalanced.

As such, it’ll play better in heavier retail heads, plus it will improve the overall ball feel.

It doesn’t kick as its predecessor does. It typically transfers energy from the handle to the golf club head.

Let’s differentiate between them using some factors as follows:


Flex is the amount of bend a golf club gives during a swing session. It directly affects the amount of bend a shaft will have.

The greater the flex, the more the shaft will bend, and vice versa.

The flex option is a significant difference between the two shaft designs.

Both avail different types of flex options. The AD DI features a stiff flex option, while the AD IZ has the Regular option.

Concerning flex, the AD DI will have less bend amount compared to the AD IZ.

If you have a slower swing speed, the flexible shafts will be your best choice, so you should choose the AD DI shaft design.

However, if you have a faster swing speed, stiffer shafts will fit you better. Hence, it would help if you chose the Graphite Design Tour AD IZ.


There’s no difference between both shafts’ launch angles. They both feature a high launch angle, meaning the shaft will assist the golfer in getting quality height on the ball right off impact.

If you’re looking to achieve more ball height, both will be a good deal for you, as whichever you choose won’t make any difference.


The spin attribute is another area where both shafts are the same. They feature the same low spin options, meaning you can keep the ball closer to the course surface.

If you want to achieve this, either shaft option will help you get that. However, if you wish for a higher spin option, you should explore other opportunities elsewhere.


Both shafts seem to exhibit a similar feel. The brand website claims the AD IZ is Firm in the butt, medium in the center, and Firm+ in the tip.

Their midsection is also similar.


Regarding appearance, the AD IZ design features a matte black and orange color scheme which is ideal for almost every season. The AD DI design is the inverse of this style.


The legal status of any golf accessory is another essential factor to consider before buying it.

The USGA has strict equipment rules every golf equipment piece must obey before being deemed legal.

Both shaft designs conform to all these rules, making them legal for use in any golf-level competition.

Tour AD DI vs. IZ: Which is Better?

Tour AD DI vs. IZ

Both are fantastic golf shafts with similarities and differences, as established above. Realistically, there might not be a better one in all ramifications.

The better one will depend on what each golfer wants and their preference.

As discussed above, they differ in some factors, including flex, feel, and look, making them ideal for different target audiences.

Depending on the swing speed and preferences, players might choose differently. Tailor your wants to the strengths of each shaft design and choose the best one accordingly.

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