Tour Flex vs. Stiff Flex: The Differences!

Choosing the appropriate shaft should be a priority when stocking your golf bag.

The right shaft will immensely improve your game and make you a better player.

When choosing the right shaft, there are many factors to consider. One of the most important factors is the flexibility of the shaft.

Generally, there are two different flex options: Tour flex and Stiff flex, each with unique advantages and disadvantages.

But how do they compare, and which is the better choice?

Follow along as we explore the differences between the Tour flex and Stiff flex to help you make a confident decision that will directly improve your game.


Tour and Stiff Flex are two shaft options designed to help players achieve maximum distance and accuracy with their swings.

They are built with high-quality materials, including steel or graphite, to enable substantial durability and performance.

Both come in different designs, lengths, and weights and cater to different target audiences, each accommodating different swing styles and preferences.

The Tour flex suits veteran golfers with a high swing speed.

This shaft offers low spin with extra distance but only guarantees a little control.

In contrast, the Stiff flex is ideal for players with a moderate swing speed of around 95mph.

While it is more flexible than the Tour flex, it is less durable. It’s an excellent option for mid-to-low handicappers, offering low spin and launch.

Generally, the Tour flex shaft is usually heavier and stiffer than the stiff flex shaft.

Tour Flex Vs. Stiff Flex

Features of Tour Flex

  • An excellent option for fast driver speeds
  • Relatively easy to manage flight and tempo
  • Incredible distance
  • Perfect for very fast swingers
  • Low launch
  • Limited Spin
  • Heavier than the stiff flex

Features of Stiff Flex

  • Better launch
  • Great for high-swing speed providers.
  • Lower spin rate
  • Higher ball flight
  • Simpler to control flight and height
  • Less driving distance

Tour Flex vs. Stiff Flex: Differences

The Tour Flex and Stiff Flex differ in some varieties of ways.

Their main difference is their flexes during a swing, directly influencing the launch angle, ball flight, and feel.

The Tour flex is stiffer, making it great for players with lower handicaps. Conversely, the Stiff flex is more flexible, perfect for players with a mid-low handicap.

Let’s expound more on their differences using significant factors as follows:

Swing Speed

Swing speed is crucial in determining which flex option is right for you. Tour Flex shafts are designed for golfers with faster swing speeds.

They offer more flexibility, allowing the club to bend and whip through the ball, generating more clubhead speed.

Stiff Flex shafts are for golfers with slower swing speeds. They provide less flexibility and require more effort to generate clubhead speed.


The degree of flexibility in the shaft is the main difference between Tour flex and stiff flex.

Tour flex shafts have greater flex, which allows for more power and distance, but may sacrifice control and accuracy.

On the other hand, stiff flex shafts have less flex. They are better suited for golfers who prioritize control and precision over distance.


Distance is a critical factor in golf, and the shaft’s flex can significantly affect how far you hit the ball.

Tour flex will be your best option if you want extra distance. They are designed to maximize distance, while stiff flex shafts are geared more toward accuracy and control.


The golf ball spin rate also depends on the flex of the shaft.

Tour Flex shafts generally generate less spin, resulting in a flatter ball flight, which can help golfers achieve more distance.

Stiff Flex shafts produce more spin, providing more control over the ball’s trajectory, especially for golfers who tend to slice or hook the ball.


The launch angle is another essential factor when choosing a flex option.

Tour flex shafts typically produce a higher launch angle, which can help you achieve greater distance but may sacrifice accuracy.

On the other hand, stiff flex shafts have a lower launch angle, which can provide more control and precision.


The club’s feel is subjective and can vary depending on personal preference.

Generally, Stiff flex golf clubs provide more feel and feedback to the golfer during the swing, making them ideal for golfers who value control and precision.

Tour flex golf clubs provide less feel and feedback but offer more accuracy and distance.

Tour Flex vs. Stiff Flex: Which is Better?

Tour and Stiff flex are two excellent shaft flex options for players to improve their games depending on their skills.

They share some similarities, including featuring high-quality materials to ensure durability and strength.

They also have a low level of torque, which helps resist twisting when swinging them.

There is no definitive answer to the best, as it depends on the individual golfer’s swing style and preferences.

Tour Flex shafts are designed for professional golfers or advanced amateurs with high swing speed. They require more power to hit the ball longer distances.

Stiff Flex shafts are better suited for golfers who have a moderate swing speed and want more control over their shots.

It would help if you considered their swing speed, level of experience, and playing style when selecting between Tour flex and stiff flex golf clubs.

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