True Temper AMT Red Review

The golf course is a battleground, and to conquer the greens, a golfer needs the right artillery. Enter the True Temper AMT Red.

With an acronym standing for Ascending Mass Technology, the AMT Red shafts promise to provide a unique blend of power, control, and consistency. This is a testament to True Temper’s commitment to producing game-enhancing golf equipment.

If you’re still unsure whether you should buy it or not, then this review is for you. This isn’t meant to praise the shaft. But to break the features down to the cons so you can decide to keep or ditch it.

True Temper AMT Red Review

Let’s look at the technology, look, performance features, and design of the True Temper AMT Red.


The AMT Red golf shafts, with their innovative design and sophisticated engineering, are tailored to bring an edge to your game. They feature an ascending mass profile, with each subsequent shaft in the set increasing in weight by three grams.

This revolutionary design allows for lighter long irons with enhanced launch and speed, while the short irons and wedges are heavier to optimize control.

The long irons in the AMT Red range, due to their lightweight design, offer a higher trajectory. They produce a towering flight that allows the ball to drop onto the green with precision, providing exceptional stopping power.

This is particularly advantageous when attacking tucked away pins or when playing into receptive greens.


True Temper AMT Red Review

The shafts’ ascending weight profile helps in maintaining optimal swing weight throughout the set. This leads to a remarkable consistency in performance.

Regardless of whether you’re attacking the green with a long iron or aiming for a close pin placement with a short iron, the AMT Red shafts assure the same level of confidence and control.

Additionally, the AMT Red shafts utilize True Temper’s proprietary Variable Wall Technology.

This technology optimizes performance by varying the wall thickness within each shaft, increasing the shaft’s strength while reducing its overall weight. The result? A powerful, yet smooth feel at impact, regardless of the club used.

If you care about performance, these are the features you probably want to see. But what about the looks and aesthetics? Both are covered too…

These shafts are not just about function; they also score high on aesthetics. The vibrant red color, offset with striking silver lettering, gives AMT Red a visually distinct and professional look.

The high-quality chrome finish adds a touch of elegance, making the shafts a head-turner both on and off the golf course.

Who Should Buy It?

However, every golfer’s swing and game profile is different, and what may be an asset to one could be a liability to another.

The AMT Red’s high launch and spin characteristics might not suit players with an already high ball flight. Similarly, those seeking a heavier feel across all irons might not find the ascending weight profile to their liking.


  • Ascending Mass Technology: This feature, unique to the AMT Red, provides a varying weight profile across the iron set. It enables players to achieve greater distance and a higher ball flight with the lighter long irons while enhancing control and precision with the heavier short irons.
  • Variable Wall Technology: This proprietary technology from True Temper optimizes the performance of the shaft by varying its wall thickness. This innovation aids in maximizing the strength of the shaft while reducing its weight, thus offering a powerful and smooth feel at impact.
  • Consistency: The ascending mass profile helps maintain a uniform swing weight across the set, offering remarkable consistency in performance.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The vibrant red color and high-quality chrome finish of the shafts make them stand out on the golf course, adding an element of style to their functional features.


  • High Launch and Spin: While this could be an advantage for some, players with an already high ball flight might find the additional height and spin less beneficial. It could lead to less control in windy conditions or on fast, firm greens.
  • Distinct Weight Profile: The ascending weight profile is a unique feature, but it may not appeal to every golfer, particularly those who prefer a uniform weight across their iron set.
  • Price Point: The advanced technology and high-quality materials used in the AMT Red shafts can make them a pricier option compared to other shafts on the market.

Why Buy True Temper AMT Red?

In essence, the True Temper AMT Red shafts are a cutting-edge product that offers a range of benefits to enhance your game, but their suitability will depend on individual playing styles and preferences.

They offer a unique approach to iron play, with their ascending weight technology and variable wall thickness. The lightweight long irons boost speed and launch, while the progressively heavier short irons and wedges enhance control.

However, their high launch characteristics and distinctive weight profile may not suit all playing styles.

Yet, for those who find harmony with these shafts, they will discover a potent weapon in their golfing arsenal, capable of transforming their game.

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