True Temper vs. KBS: Which Is Better For You?

Shafts are a critical part of game improvement tools, even though they are often ignored.

Clubheads and faces take the large chunk of praise, but shafts are just as important.

The golf shaft industry has been experiencing improvement in recent years.

Numerous brands now produce exceptional tools to help golfers improve their games.

True Temper and KBS are among some of the reputable golf shaft manufacturers. They offer high-quality shafts, and customers enjoy their services immensely.

This article will try to compare and contrast these brands and decide which is better.

True Temper vs. KBS: Overview

True Temper vs. KBS

True Temper is one of the leading brands in golf shaft technology.

Its shafts have been the front-runner on the PGA Tour for over 70 years.

The proprietary Variable Wall Technology of the brand is a massive leap in varying the wall thickness in the shaft development, which gives improved performance.

KBS seeks to provide shafts that cater to all types of players. The brand has about fourteen models, all in several flexes and weights.

It has premium wedges and iron shafts developed for every golfer rather than only professional players like other shaft companies develop.

Generally, the tour-caliber shaft offers a smoother feel, professional control, accuracy, and more responsive loading.

True Temper vs. KBS: Differences

True Temper or KBS

Undoubtedly, True Temper and KBS are two top brands that avail high-quality shaft materials for golfers.

These brands have some similarities as well as differences.

The main differences between them are the product amounts and price.

To differentiate between these two brands and determine the best for you, we’ll compare them using some factors. Follow along.

Product Varieties

The product line of a golf brand is an essential criterion to consider, especially if you’re a person that likes several options.

Many options will give you the luxury to compare and contrast and choose the best that suits your skill set.

When comparing the different product lines each of these brands has, KBS wins.

The brand has more product lines to pick from than True Temper.

It has more than 30 product lines to choose from compared to True Temper, which has about 22.

Generally, from a product line standpoint, KBS wins. However, it also indicates that both brands have more than enough products a customer will ever need.

Materials and Construction

As discussed above, both brands use high-quality and premium materials to develop their shafts. Hence, they offer durable and reliable products.

But, they both use different materials in their manufacturing process.

Generally, they use steel or graphite to develop their shafts, depending on the specific type.

These materials are widely prevalent in the manufacturing of golf shafts.

So, it’s not surprising that these brands employ them as well. Regarding materials and construction, there’s no apparent difference between them.


The price point is another significant factor when comparing True Temper and KBS.

Generally, golf accessories are expensive, so it’s always an added advantage when you get a relatively affordable addition that doesn’t compromise quality.

Hence, it’s crucial to know the price points of each brand before patronizing them.

This price factor is a significant difference between these two brands. When compared, True Temper has more affordable shafts than KBS.

The latter also has affordable options, but it has much pricier options. So, if you’re a price-conscious golfer, True Temper shafts might be your better deal.

USGA Legal

Another critical factor to consider before choosing either brand is understanding their USGA legality status.

This factor should be a significant deciding factor because you don’t want to use an illegal golf accessory.

The USGA, in conjunction with R&A, has stringent golf equipment rules established to guide the manufacturing of this equipment.

As such, manufacturers can only produce safe and reliable equipment for golfers of all levels.

If a piece of equipment doesn’t meet these rules standard, it will be deemed illegal and unsafe to use for golfers.

In the case of equipment rules, both brands meet these standards, and hence, their pieces of equipment are legal.

It signifies that their equipment is good enough for a professional, high-level amateur, and casual golf outings.

True Temper vs. KBS: Which is Better?

True Temper vs. KBS

The reviews indicate both brands are reputable. They are known for producing quality materials that meet golfers’ demands.

Their golf shafts are deemed reliable and durable.

The better one between the brands is relative. “Better” is based on what works best for each individual and their needs.

Both brands produce varieties of shafts that hit the ball low, medium, and high. They also have multiple spin and weight options.

However, as revealed above, the two significant distinguishing factors between the two brands are the product varieties and price points.

KBS has more product varieties, but they come at high prices. On the other hand, True Temper has lesser product options at more affordable price points.

If you’re price-conscious, True Temper is your best option.

However, if you want more options and the high price is not a barrier, KBS is the ideal choice.

In the end, whichever you choose, trust you’ll be patronizing a quality golf brand.

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