TruGolf Mini Simulator Review

Thanks to technology, we now have high-end golf simulators, and the lines between virtual and reality golf are thinning out.

You can have an outdoor golf experience without leaving the comfort of your room. Users can get actual stats on their virtual board and better their game in an authentic way which translates on the course.

When it comes to golf simulators, TruGolf is one of the names that immediately come to mind. TruGolf offers a wide range of golf simulators that match every budget and preference.

This article will review one of the best TruGolf simulators: TruGolf Mini Simulator, describing its design, performance, usage, and if it’s an ideal choice.

If this sounds interesting, read along.

TruGolf Mini Simulator Review


TruGolf Mini Simulator review

TruGolf Golf Simulators capture Ball and Club Data for individual shots made on an indoor golf simulator. It uses high-speed camera technology to achieve this objective.

The photometric launch monitor replicates the distinctive physics of golf using the golf simulator engine from TruGolf.

TruGolf designed the Home Swing Studio, which was not acceptable to the populace, with many complaints revolving around accuracy. Then there came the TruGolf Mini, an updated version of the TruGolf Home Swing Studio.


The TruGolf Mini is a 2ft long golf club with a sensor that can be plugged behind the grip.

This interactive golf simulator allows users to understand new information about their particular swing and learn as every shot is taken with the sensor.

The Bluetooth sensor captures four crucial swing details. It calculates and measures simulated clubhead path, face angle at impact, speed, and angle of attack.

A CLICK sound creates an original impact sensation when you play with the weighted swing trainer.

It also has numerous challenges and exercises that surely help build skills.

Specifically, it has 97 world-popular golf courses and mini-games you can select from, enabling fun moments as you improve your swing.

The TruGolf Mini is a distinct approach to the home golf simulator space because it doesn’t require golf balls, plus it explores a weighted swing trainer without a club face.

Who Is It for?

The TruGolf Mini Simulator is a professional-level product for golfers of every level. It is developed for all ages and can be used by the whole family to perfect their golf game.

It has three difficulty levels, meaning it’s ideal for beginners or a professional looking to add a finishing touch to perfect swings.

For golfers looking to perfect their games, there are swing practices and skill-building challenges.

For those who want to engage themselves and burn some time, it has mini-games and a extra mode.

Finally, for a serious golfer, almost a hundred 3D rendered replicas of famous golf courses, and in-depth swing analytics are available.

As such, It’s fun and captivating for a newbie golfer or course-accurate and challenging for a veteran player.

The software has an on-club sensor and a weighted impact trainer for users to finesse every part of their game which can make a significant impact on the golf course.


The TruGolf Mini is paired with E6 CONNECT software, giving access to the interactive swing studio.

You can pair it by simply launching the E6 CONNECT, then switching on the sensor.

However, note that the device you want to connect to the TruGolf Sensor must also have an active internet connection.

It will connect automatically and display instructions on the best usage. You can align the settings to exactly what you need.

The settings menu has options including Tournament and Training modes. You should hold the impact trainer at an angle and not vertical or horizontal.

The TruGolf Mini is not compatible with Android. You can pair it with the following IOS devices:

  • iPad Pro 1 or later
  • The current version of iPad Air 3 and Mini 5
  • iPhone 8 upward


The TruGolf Mini Simulator brings first-hand realistic golf training to the comfort of your home.

It is a professional-level product available at a great price.

This product ticks every box as it’s suitable for golfers of all levels, providing excellent practice ranges and courses to hone golf skills.

Users can develop their golf skills at home with excellent training aids and video game-style instruments.

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