TS3 vs TSi3: Which is Better?

In the world of golf, there are hundreds of clubs available to choose from.

For serious golfers, this means determining which type of club will give them the most accuracy and distance with each swing.

When it comes to drivers, Titleist is one of the most respected brands in the golf industry.

Two popular options from the brand include the Titleist TS3 and TSi3 drivers.

Although they may sound similar, these two drivers offer unique features that cater to different types of golfers.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the TS3 vs. TSi3 debate and explore the similarities and differences between the two drivers.

So, if you’re wondering how the TSi3 compares to the older TS3 driver, then this article is for you.

TS3 vs TSi3: Which is Better?

TS3 vs TSi3

Design Differences

When it comes to the design of the Titleist TS3 and TSi3 drivers, golfers will immediately notice differences at address.

The TSi3 has a smaller, more pear-shaped profile with a rounded toe that many players prefer.

In contrast, the TS3 has a more elongated look that almost appears stretched out from front to back.

Another significant design difference between the two models is the placement of the weight track.

The TSi3 features a new SureFit CG track that offers five unique positions to allow golfers to fine-tune their ball flight with neutral, heel, or toe weighting.

The TS3, on the other hand, does not have an adjustable track weighting and is designed to offer a more straightforward, uncomplicated experience.

The TS3 also features a slightly higher back center of gravity (CG) to help golfers produce a more powerful ball flight.

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These design differences in the TS3 and TSi3 drivers ultimately impact a golfer’s ability to shape shots and customize their ball flight.

Thus making it essential to choose the driver that suits your playing style and needs best.

Playability & Adjustability

While the TS3 has a classic, traditional shape and a SureFit CG weight system for adjusting the center of gravity, the TSi3 features an adjustable perimeter weighting system for more customization in ball flight.

Additionally, the TSi3 has a redesigned SureFit hosel that allows for loft and lie angle adjustments independently.

Both drivers offer adjustable loft, but the TSi3 has a wider range of options with the ability to increase or decrease loft by up to two degrees.

Golfers should consider the adjustability features that best fit their needs and preferences based on their swing and desired ball flight.

Testing Results for TS3 and TSi3 Drivers

After analyzing the design and adjustability features of the Titleist TS3 and TSi3 drivers, it’s time to dive into the results of the testing phase.

According to GolfMonthly.com Joel Tadman’s review, the TSi3 driver showcased performance gains compared to its predecessor.

Its breakthrough face material and player-tuned aerodynamics allowed for higher ball speeds and a more stable clubface.

The TSi3’s classic shape and penetrating ball flight make it an ideal choice for better players, while the TSi2’s forgiveness appeals to a broader range of golfers.

Both drivers were among the longest on the test, with the TSi3 delivering slightly better performance.

The feedback from other golfers is also positive, highlighting the exceptional feel and consistency of these drivers.

The TS3 vs. TSi3 comparison comes down to the player’s preference and skill level, but both drivers impress with their cutting-edge technology and impressive results.


The TS3 tends to promote more spin, making it a better option for those needing more control over the ball flight.

However, the TSi3 has been designed with less spin in mind, resulting in a flatter trajectory that many golfers prefer for increased distance.

The TSi3 also has an adjustable center-of-gravity feature that allows for even more customization of launch conditions.

Both drivers offer excellent performance, but golfers should consider their individual needs and preferences when deciding which one to choose.

Sound and Feel

The TS3 and TSi3 drivers both offer a solid feel at impact, but the TSi3 has a slightly softer feel due to the use of a new face material.

Both drivers have a traditional “Titleist” sound at impact, which many golfers prefer.


The TSi3 is a more compact, traditional shape with adjustable weighting, which means it sacrifices some forgiveness for better workability.

On the other hand, the TS3 has a more elongated shape, increasing its MOI and providing more forgiveness.

Golfers who prioritize accuracy and workability may prefer the TSi3, while those who want maximum forgiveness may lean toward the TS3.

Ultimately, it depends on the golfer’s individual needs and preferences.


The TS3 and TSi3 drivers both offer exceptional performance off the tee, with low spin and maximum distance.

However, the TSi3 offers more adjustability options and a more forgiving design, which can lead to better performance for some golfers.

One of the major improvements in the TSi3 driver over the TS3 is the new Active Recoil Channel 4.0.

According to Titleist, this new technology helps to reduce spin and increase speed, resulting in longer and straighter drives.

Golfers who have tried the TSi3 have reported seeing a noticeable increase in ball speed and distance.

However, that’s not to say that the TS3 doesn’t perform well.

Many golfers have had great success with this driver, and it remains a popular choice for those seeking a combination of distance and control.

The TS3 features a traditional pear-shaped profile and a smaller, more compact head size than the TSi3, which some golfers prefer.

Shaft Options for Both Clubs

Both the TS3 and TSi3 drivers offer a range of stock and premium aftermarket shafts to choose from.

The TS3 has four stock options and three premium upgrades, while the TSi3 offers four new aftermarket models, including the popular Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana Aahina 82.

Additionally, both drivers offer custom shaft options for those who want to further personalize their equipment.

Golfers should consider their swing speed, ball flight preferences, and overall performance goals when selecting a shaft option for their Titleist driver.

Ultimately, the right shaft choice can make all the difference in maximizing distance and accuracy off the tee.


In conclusion, the TS3 and TSi3 drivers are both exceptional drivers that offer low spin and maximum distance.

However, the TSi3 offers more adjustability options, a more forgiving design, and a slightly softer feel at impact.

The TS3 is still a great driver, but the TSi3 may be a better option for golfers who want more customization options and a more forgiving design.

Ultimately, the choice between the TS3 and TSi3 comes down to personal preference and what works best for your swing.

Both models are capable of delivering impressive performance and have been well-received by golfers and reviewers alike.

It’s up to you to decide which driver is best for your game.

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