TSi2 vs. TS2: Which Is Better?

When you talk golf, you talk Titleist. The brand is synonymous with golf as it is the most famous company on the PGA tour in every category.

Titleist produces a wide range of golf accessories, including golf balls, irons, wedges, and drivers.

Speaking of drivers, the brand’s TS line is a frontrunner as one of the best in the industry.

The line changed Titleist’s reputation of producing slower and higher spinning drivers by delivering outstanding performance.

However, because of the similar names and features, the TS line is mainly confused with TSi, especially TS2 and TSi2. Most people can’t differentiate between them, making it hard to choose the best one.

In this guide, we’ll take a detailed look at both Titleist drivers, particularly their specs, features, similarities, and differences, to determine the best among them.


Titleist Speed(TS) manufactures the TS2 golf drivers. This line was launched in 2018 and had been consistently helping golfers in their games.

It’s made of wood, and the thin crown comprises titanium. Generally, this golf driver is ideal for golfers who aspire to learn and play golf regularly.

It’s a beginner-friendly driver, meaning it doesn’t need many skills to operate and is convenient. The driver also improves accuracy and speed through forgiveness.

Conversely, It was not until 2020 before the TSi2 driver was launched. It has an ultra-thin crown built of titanium. Because of the ultra-thin crown, this line is often seen as an upgrade to the TS line.

Generally, the TSi2 driver is tailored to meet the demands of golfers with good golfing skills rather than novice golfers. It helps improve the games of professional golfers to become even better.

TSi2 vs. TS2: Similarities

TSi2 vs. TS2

Both drivers share some similarities in their appearance and performance. They are also both built with premium materials to offer longevity.

Both share the same build quality, as they are designed with premium-quality titanium. These materials are solid and resilient, with no carbon contained in them.

TSi2 vs. TS2: Differences

TSi2 vs. TS2

Even though both drivers have some similarities in their performances, they differ in several ways. The significant difference between them is that you can hit the TS2 easier than the TSi2.

But, the TSi2 has a higher ball speed and spin rate. You can best describe the TSi2 as a game improvement driver, while the TS2 is excellent for learning.

Let’s dive more into their differences using some factors as follows:

Size and Dimension

The size and dimension is the first significant difference to notice between the two drivers.

The TS2 driver is a bit smaller than the TSi2. The difference in size is because of the TS2 driver’s dimension and clubhead made with slightly thinner wood.


They have similar looks, which is appealing.

But the TSi2 has a more modern and innovative design than the TS2, which has a more traditional look. Also, the driver in it is bigger than the TS2.


The driver’s forgiveness is a crucial factor to consider before choosing the best one. Regarding forgiveness, the TSi2 is the better option as it boasts better forgiveness than the TS2 driver.

It also has better efficiency and utility. With the TSi2 driver, you’ll enjoy a better ball speed.


Both drivers also exhibit some level of differences in their aerodynamics. In the case of a TSi2 driver, you might find it hard to handle aerodynamics, especially if you’re a newbie.

It requires some skills and expertise, but if you can operate it appropriately, it is better than the TS2.

The TSi2 also has an excellent spin and flight window, which gives luxury for creative and skilled shots better than TS2.


The drivers have adjustable lofts you can modify according to your taste. TSi2 has a flexible loft that can be modified up to +/- 2 degrees, while the TS2 driver has +/- 3 degrees.

It’s worth stating that your shots will be based on the loft angle.

Horizontal Oval

Another difference between the two drivers is the horizontal oval. It’s the imagined path of a traveling golf ball. TSi2 has a longer horizontal oval since it also allows golfers to hit the golf ball further.

TSi2 is the ideal choice if you wish to play long-distance shots.

TSi2 vs. TS2: Pros and Cons

TSi2 or TS2

Pros of TS2

  • Great for beginners
  • Excellent spinning capability
  • Better stretched head
  • Excellent stability and speed


  • Bulky outlook
  • It doesn’t have an adjustable CG cylinder

Pros of TSi2

  • Great driver for improving ball flight
  • Better shaft collection
  • Excellent aerodynamics
  • Exciting forgiveness and long-distance shorts


  • Bad consistency
  • Very pricier

TSi2 vs. TS2: Which Should You Choose?


Both drivers offer exceptional features that make them some of the best drivers to buy in the industry. As established above, they have some unique attributes that differentiate them.

Choosing one will depend on what you want and your skill level.

Generally, the TS2 driver is more beginner friendly making it an excellent choice for newbie golfers who are yet to learn technical golfing skills.

This driver is great for learning, and you should choose it if you’re a golf novice.

On the other hand, the TSi2 is more suited for professional golfers.

It’s a game-improvement driver best chosen by golfers with garnished golfing skills. Its utility and aerodynamics become better when handled by a professional.

If you’re an experienced golfer seeking to improve some parts of your game, TSi2 should be your choice.

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