TSi2 vs. TSi3: What’s the Difference?

The golf market is a fiercely competitive world. When golfers choose the best golf clubs for their games, every edge counts.

Generally, the Titleist TSi2 and TSi3 are powerhouse drivers with advanced technology to take players’ games to the next level.

However, their features and specifications vary, which can make all the differences in your game.

With so much at stake, what are their differences, and how do you pick the best?

In this article, we’ll scrutinize the TSi2 and TSi3 drivers from their designs to performance on the course to establish their differences and help you choose the best for your game.

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The Titleist TSi2 and TSi3 are excellent drivers in the Titleist’s latest line of drivers.

They are two of the longest drivers available for players.

Both are designed to provide maximum distance, forgiveness, and accuracy on the field.

They feature a new streamlined shape that minimizes drag by about 15%, enabling players to achieve faster club head speeds and improved distance.

They feature the brand’s patented ATI 425 Aerospace Titanium face technology, producing after-ball speeds and a larger sweet spot.

As such, players can achieve longer and straighter drives.

Their adjustable hosel design is also similar, allowing users to adjust the loft and lie angle settings to suit their swing characteristics.

With a high MOI design, they give players enough stability and forgiveness.

Generally, the TSi2 drivers are popular among amateur golfers because they help with the speed and forgiveness this target audience needs.

Conversely, the TSi3 drivers are more prevalent among elite players and professionals.

They are one of the most-played drivers on the European and PGA Tour.

TSi2 vs. TSi3: Differences

TSi2 vs. TSi3

There are certainly significant differences between the TSi2 and TSi3 drivers.

The most notable are the face shape design, weighting systems, adjustability, and COG locations.

Below we’ve highlighted the differences between these drivers using some factors:


The most significant difference between the two drivers is their adjustability.

Both feature adjustable hosel that can help fine-tune the loft and lie angle settings thanks to the SureFit hosel technology.

However, the way they work differs.

The TSi2 allows the player to adjust the loft (increase or decrease) and set up a fade, draw, or neutral shot shape, but moving the weight piece developed into the back is impossible.

However, the TSi3 driver features a moveable weight on the head, allowing players to adjust the COG to the heel or toe.

As such, players can customize their shot-shaping ability and combat heel and toe mishits without altering the swing mechanics.

This adjustability level and the lower spin feature are why it’s most popular among lower handicappers and tour players.

Launch Capability

TSi2 vs. TSi3

The launch capability for both drivers also differs.

The TSi2 driver is a high-launch driver, making it comfortable for players with slow swing speeds to have the ball higher.

Conversely, the TSi3 driver promotes a mid-launching shot, which makes it ideal for low handicappers with fast swing speeds (above 100mph).

Its trajectory assists in obtaining a consistent flight and eliminates the chance of upping the tee shots at higher swing speeds.

The TSi2 driver provides high launch, which makes it great for players who want more consistency, while the TSi3 helps low handicappers achieve more distance.


Spin influences the shot distance and height.

A high spin will lead to excessive ball heights and can reduce distance, while a low spin will enhance more roll when the ball touches the ground instead of a drop-and-stop flight.

Generally, both drivers promote low spin.

However, when compared, the TSi2 driver will be considered a mid-spin driver, while the TSi3 provides less spin due to its mid-launch characteristics.

To recap, the TSi3 delivers a low spin with more flight, while the TSi2 offers a higher launch and trajectory.


Titleist uses Multi-Dimensional Stability into the driver’s head to help increase forgiveness.

But thanks to the launch condition and shot trajectory, the TSi2 provides more forgiveness than the TSi3.

It also has a higher MOI than the TSi3, which helps deliver more stability and forgiveness.

The higher MOI is due to the weight distributed into the back of the club head.

Loft Options

Both drivers are available in a wide range of loft options, catering to different levels of golfers.

The TSi2 has 9, 10, and 11° loft options.

The high swing players will find the 9° loft comfortable, while the 10 or 11° loft options are most suitable for slower swing players.

On the other hand, the TSi3 driver has 8, 9, and 10° loft options. Its lower loft options further iterate the level of golfers the driver suits most.

TSi2 vs. TSi3: Which Is Better?

The better one for you will depend on your level.

For instance, the TSi2 is more valuable to an average golfer than the TSi3.

It provides a higher launch and is easier to consistently get the ball in the air for this target audience.

Generally, the Titleist T series cater to different handicap ranges. The TSi2 is ideal for high handicappers, while the TSi3 is excellent for mid-to-low handicappers.

Furthermore, the TSi2 benefits slower swing players that have challenges generating tangible carry, club head, and ball speed.

On the other hand, the TSi3, a mid-level launch driver, suits faster swinging players the most as it helps generate moderate ball flight.

Hence, you should choose the driver that aligns with your swing characteristics, preference, and priority.

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