Vokey SM8 vs. SM9 Wedges: Are there Any Differences?

Bob Vokey established Vokey Wedges in 1997 with a mission to bring tour experiences to every golfer.

Bob spent years honing his skills with undying passion, learned from the world’s veterans, and his enthusiasm for performance keeps growing.

Presently, WedgeWorks has produced beyond custom hand-stamping and distinct grinds and wedges with limited editions.

Bob Vokey’s consistent effort to produce better-performing Wedges reached a peak of innovation when he launched the Vokey Design SM8 models.

Then, SM8 wedges were the most forgiving and accurate Vokey wedges. However, SM9, the 2022 version, was built on the success of its predecessors.

The 2022 Titleist Vokey Design SM9 increases the bar with improved control and forgiveness

Which should you choose? Which one is better?

This article will answer these questions as we compare the design, performance, control, forgiveness, and prices of these two Vokey wedges.

Vokey SM8 vs. SM9 Wedges: The Comparison

Vokey SM8 vs. SM9 Wedge


When you compare the two, there’s not much significant difference in the feel.

It’s hard to distinguish between the two clubs when you switch back and forth.

If anything, the SM9 feels a little more solid and gives a softer touch than the SM8.

The SM9’s thicker flange gives it a noticeable feel behind the ball while looking more compact.

Perhaps this attribute could be linked to the difference between the Mizuno Pro 221 and MP20.


If you’ve played Vokey wedges over the years, you’ll notice little changes in their physical attributes because they don’t need much.

The Clubhead looks similar to the famous Vokey design with the stylish and sleek curved edges on both Wedges.

The SM9 face is Spin Milled but features 16 grooves to enhance more spin than in the SM8 wedges.

Overall, The Vokey SM9s look a little bit smaller and sleeker yet have a simple design.


While the physical attributes hold little change, much of the differences in both wedges are notable in the performance.

The Titleist Vokey SM9s designs are developed with a new cutting process that cuts grooves according to the loft of each club to increase the spin and enhance durability.

The grooves in the lower lofts are deeper and narrower, while the grooves in the higher lofts are broader and shallower.

Previously, the SM9s increased the bar with the revolutionary progressive CG. However, the SM9s have an improved center of gravity than the SM8s.

This improved CG helps with forgiveness and makes the face square at impact. Adjusting the center of gravity will reduce the flight for more cool wedge shots.

This attribute results in better trajectory control, improved distances, stability, and optimized regularity.


Compared to value and performance, there’s not much difference in the price. However, the Vokey SM9 Wedges are pricier than the SM8s, which is justifiable because of their performance features.

Vokey SM8 vs. SM9 Wedges: Pros And Cons

Vokey SM8 vs. SM9 Wedge

Let’s establish the advantages and disadvantages of both over each other, stating the reasons to buy or avoid.

Pros of SM9

Vokey SM8 or SM9 Wedge

  • Loads of spin and trajectory control
  • Improved consistency in flight and distance
  • Increased turf interaction
  • Excellent versatility
  • Great custom fitting options
  • Loads of bounce and grind options

Cons of SM9

  • Limited gains
  • Mandatory custom fitting to get the best set make up

Pros of SM8

Vokey SM8 or SM9 Wedge

  • Much gains
  • Custom fitting is not necessary to have the best set of makeup

Cons of SM8

  • Less forgiving
  • Much pricier compared with the value


Sm9 wedges feel more solid than the sm8 wedges.

A notable difference between the two wedges is the center of gravity and the spin. SM9 Vokey wedges have improved spin and lower range compared to the predecessor.

We notice the subtle physical attribute difference, but the SM9 has a high spin of over 8200 RPM and a launch angle between 30-35 degrees, which denotes better ball control and flight.

Therefore we recommend the SM9 Vokey wedge because it provides better control, ball flight, consistency, and a smoother shot than the SM8.

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