Wilson Staff Zip vs. Duo: Which is Better?

Wilson Staff is a brand with an incredible lineup of golf balls that meets the performance demand and budget expectations of any level of golfer.

Unsurprisingly, the company is becoming more popular and enjoying commercial success like top-rank brands in the industry.

The company has a comprehensive portfolio of golf balls, from entry-level 2-piece balls to complex 4-layer tour balls. The Zip and Duo golf balls are some of the top offerings of the brand.

While both balls are of a high caliber, some distinctions between them allow some golfers to prefer one to the other.

We’ll juxtapose both in this article to help you decide which is better for your game.


The Wilson Zip and Duo are some of the popular offerings from Wilson Staff.

The Zip ball is a two-piece design with a surlyn cover, offering a soft feel thanks to its low compression rating of 50.

The surlyn/ionomer cover provides a better feel and control around the green and on approach shots.

The low-compression core design also helps you provide optimum energy transfer for improved speeds and longer distances off the tee.

This ball offers a decent blend of distance and control for players of all levels.

Similarly, the Wilson Staff Duo is famous because of its soft feel.

The ball also features two-piece construction and a low compression core for a high launch angle and spin rate.

This ball started the “soft feel” movement and was Wilson’s signature ball franchise. It’s an ideal ball for beginners to intermediate players.

It comes with the exciting features of high-end golf balls but at a relatively affordable price. It’s famous for slow-moderate swing speed players and long off the tee.

Wilson Staff Zip vs. Duo: Comparison

Wilson Staff Zip vs. Duo

Both golf balls share exciting similarities and features.

They are two-piece construction balls with a low compression core and soft ionomer cover. However, the Wilson Staff Duo has a thinner ionomer cover, thus giving it a softer feel.

Furthermore, they still have significant differences between them. This section will compare them using different factors to establish their difference.


The Wilson Staff Duo golf ball is designed to offer a soft feel and a higher launch angle.

The low-compression core also helps obtain improved ball speeds and minimize spin.

On the other hand, the Zip golf ball is designed to provide an excellent balance of control and distance.

It also has the unique 302 aerodynamics simple design, which reduces drag and improves accuracy.


These balls will generally provide players with the most distance off the tee.

The Wilson Staff Zip will be great for golfers with higher swing speeds who prefer a soft feel and a low-spin ball.

The Wilson Staff Duo may be better suited for players with slower swing speeds who desire a ball with a more significant core and low-compression construction.


The Wilson Staff Zip ball has a low spin off the tee, which helps to enhance distance and accuracy.

It provides a considerable amount of spin on approach shots, allowing players to stop the ball on the green quickly.

In the case of the Wilson Staff Duo, it has a greater spin rate than the Zip ball. It’s ideal for players who seek more control over their approach shots.


As discussed earlier, both balls have low compression ratings, meaning they have a soft feel.

However, the Wilson Staff Duo ball has a softer feel due to its thinner ionomer cover, which helps provide better feedback on shots.

The Zip ball has a relatively firm feel, making it an excellent option for players who want a harder ball.


The Wilson Staff Zip golf ball is priced lower than the Wilson Staff Duo golf ball, making it a more affordable option for golfers on a budget.

However, the Duo ball’s softer feel and higher spin rate may be worth the extra cost for golfers who want more control on approach shots.

Pros and Cons

Pros Of Wilson Staff Zip

  • Low spin off the tee help improve distance and accuracy
  • Relatively cheaper
  • Lower compression core for maximum energy transfer and faster ball speeds off the tee


  • Firm feel compared to the Wilson Duo
  • Limited feedback on shots due to lack of spin

Pros of Wilson Staff Duo

  • A softer feel provides better feedback on shots
  • High launch angle for improved distance
  • The higher spin rate for increased control on approach shots


  • Pricier
  • It may generate too much spin on shots for some players
  • Soft feel and high spin rate produce lower ball speeds off the tee

Wilson Staff Zip and Duo: Which is Better?

Wilson Staff Zip vs. Duo

The Wilson Staff Zip and the Wilson Staff Duo are excellent golf balls catering to different golfers’ needs. The performance of each ball depends on the golfer’s preferences and needs.

The Zip is perfect for golfers who prioritize distance and accuracy off the tee, while the Duo is ideal for those who want more control on approach shots.

It has a softer feel and more control on approach shots. It’s essential to try out both balls and see which one works best for your game.

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