X100 vs. S300: How to Choose the Right One

X100 and S300 are Dynamic Gold golf shafts developed by True Temper.

They are among the most impressive shafts in the golf industry, offering extreme performance and durability.

Choosing between the two shafts has always been a source of confusion for golfers.

Both shafts are excellent, but specific criteria, including ball flight and swing speed, must be considered before choosing the best one for yourself.

To help you make an informed decision, we’ll provide details about the critical factors to consider and demystify the products to match these criteria.

At the end of the article, you’ll be convinced about the best for yourself based on your swing skill and speed.

Let’s get started.

X100 Vs. S300: Overview of Both Brands

When choosing or finding the ideal iron shaft, the problem with most people is a lack of objectivity.

People often choose the popular shafts from their best players, friends, or brands without determining if it’s the right fit for them.

This situation is most popular in the fitting process, where people try shafts that do not suit their skills or styles.

The point with choosing the right iron shaft is reviewing the product and matching it with your skill sets.

Each iron shaft has its unique attributes. While some offer extreme forgiveness, some provide increased ball flights and distance, and others offer control.

You must understand the kind of golfer you are and what you want from your iron shaft.

If this doesn’t align with the strength of the iron shaft you wish to choose, then it’s a wrong choice.

Also, there are essential factors that must be given priority before making a decision.

Golf accessories are quite expensive hence the need to be extra careful.

So how do you pick the right shaft? Before delving into the attributes of the shafts, let’s quickly discuss some important factors.

How to Find the Right Shaft

X100 Vs. S300

Each iron shaft has distinctive attributes you must understand while choosing the best for yourself.

It would help if you did your due diligence and only picked the right iron shaft profile. Below are some factors that must be given priority:

Shaft Profile

A shaft profile signifies the shaft region that is soft or stiff. It indicates whether the shaft is stiff in the butt, middle, or tip section.

In the case of the X100 and S300, the latter is not as stiff as the former. The S300 has a stiff flex, while the X100 has an X flex.

The difference in flex will impact the overall feel and ball flight.

If you’re a fast-swing golfer, the stiffer shaft is your ideal option.

Without the stiffness, you won’t be able to get the needed accuracy. You won’t be able to square the iron head because of the incorrect shaft.

Shaft Weight

The shaft weight affects both the whole swing and the club’s weight.

Usually, a veteran fitter should assist in choosing the correct shaft weight.

If you’re a golfer seeking to test the overall ability and workability to close the club face down during impact, you should always prioritize the shaft weight.

For X100 and S300 shafts, the shaft weights are the same: 130g.

Shaft material

Shaft material is another factor to consider.

Graphite and steel are the two popular materials used for shafts.

Graphite shafts are usually lighter, so they absorb vibration or shocks better. Both X100 and S300 Dynamic Gold shafts are made with steel.

The S300 gives more control over the swing.

The lighter X100 gives maximum swing speed because you’ll hit the ball further. The swing rate will also improve with more momentum throughout the swing.


Low launch or high launch shaft can dramatically affect the ball flight.

The S300 provides a high launch trajectory, while the X100 has a less launch trajectory.

For golfers looking to improve their shots, the S300 will raise ball heights. The X100, on the other hand, will keep the ball in the air at a lower altitude.

The X100 is for the game’s faster players, while the S300 is for those who can maintain control over their ball flight despite having a lot of speed.

Now that we’ve established the critical factors, let’s discuss the significant distinctive features of the two shafts and why you should choose one over the other.

Talking Points

Dynamic Gold S300

  • Great for people that play at the professional level
  • It offers excellent feel and stability at impact
  • Suitable for mid-high swing speed golfers who need extra weight in the shaft.
  • Many shaft weights, lengths, and a flex option

Dynamic Gold X100

  • Stiffer than the S300
  • Low vibration and excellent feel at impact
  • Beginner friendly

X100 Vs. S300: Which Should You Choose?

Understanding the kind of player you are and what you want to improve in your game is the key to choosing the right iron shaft.

For a better decision, here are a few recommendations to guide you:

Choose X100 if:

  • You want to keep the ball flight low
  • You have high club head speeds

Choose S300 if:

  • You have medium-high club head speeds
  • You need more control during your swing
  • And have a lower swing speed and want more height on the ball.

Now that you have all the important info to help you decide, make sure you order from reputable sources or directly from the manufacturer when you come to a decision.

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