Iomic Grips vs Golf Pride: Which is Better?

Your grip selection is essential because it can help optimize control, comfort, and overall performance. Two prominent names in this arena are Iomic Grips and Golf Pride.

Both have a reputation for quality, but they bring unique attributes that may cater differently to individual golfers’ preferences and styles.

So, let’s compare the materials, technology, design, and performance of both Golf Pride and Iomic grips.

Iomic Grips vs. Golf Pride: Which is Better?

Iomic Grips vs Golf Pride


Iomic grips are renowned for their unique elastomer material, a blend of thermoforming polymers that deliver a soft yet durable grip.

This material provides excellent resistance to wear, UV rays, and inclement weather, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable grip for golfers.

The manufacturing process of Iomic grips utilizes a high-pressure injection molding technique, resulting in a seamless and consistent grip surface.

Golf Pride, on the other hand, offers a broad range of grip materials, including rubber, synthetic rubber compounds, and corded options.

These materials cater to the diverse preferences of golfers, providing varying levels of durability, softness, and tackiness.

The company’s manufacturing process combines traditional and innovative techniques, ensuring high-quality grips that perform at the highest level.

Traction and Feel

Iomic Grips vs Golf Pride

Iomic grips are known for their soft, responsive feel, attributed to the brand’s proprietary elastomer material.

This material delivers a comfortable, cushioned grip while providing golfers with excellent feedback during their swing.

The surface pattern of Iomic grips generally features a smooth or slightly textured design, offering golfers a subtle level of traction that promotes a secure connection to the club.

Golf Pride grips offer a wide array of traction levels and surface textures, catering to the diverse needs of golfers.

Their offerings range from smooth and soft rubber grips like the Tour Velvet to highly textured and corded options like the MCC Plus4.

Golf Pride’s extensive selection ensures that golfers can find a grip that matches their desired traction and feel.

Performance in Diverse Conditions

The performance of a golf grip in varying weather conditions is a critical consideration for golfers who regularly face unpredictable course environments.

Iomic’s elastomer material is designed to maintain traction and feel in wet and dry conditions.

This consistent performance across various weather scenarios makes Iomic grips a reliable choice for golfers seeking a dependable grip throughout the year.

Golf Pride also offers grips that perform exceptionally well in diverse conditions.

For example, their corded grips, such as the Z-Grip Cord and MCC Plus4, provide enhanced traction in wet conditions due to the moisture-wicking properties of the cord material.

Golf Pride’s rubber and synthetic rubber grips also maintain their performance in varying weather conditions, ensuring a secure grip and consistent feel on the course.

Suitability for Different Player Types

The Iomic and Golf Pride grip offerings cater to different golfer preferences and playing styles.

Iomic grips, with their soft feel and consistent performance, are ideal for golfers who prioritize comfort and responsiveness from their golf grip.

The brand’s unique elastomer material and manufacturing process ensure a long-lasting, reliable grip that remains steadfast in various conditions.

Golf Pride, with its extensive selection of grip materials, textures, and designs, offers options to suit golfers of all skill levels and preferences.

From the soft and smooth feel of the Tour Velvet to the enhanced traction and control of the MCC Plus4, Golf Pride’s lineup accommodates golfers who require specific performance characteristics to match their playing style.

Final Words: Iomic Grips or Golf Pride?

Iomic Grips vs Golf Pride

No matter what level you find yourself as a golfer, you’ll find something in what both brands offer.

They have select designs that cater to the diverse preferences of golfers.

Iomic grips, with their proprietary elastomer material and soft feel, provide an ideal option for players who value comfort, responsiveness, and consistent performance in various conditions.

The brand’s manufacturing process ensures a long-lasting, reliable grip that can withstand the rigors of the game.

Meanwhile, Golf Pride’s extensive range of grip materials, textures, and designs accommodates golfers of all skill levels and playing styles.

With options such as the smooth Tour Velvet or the traction-enhancing MCC Plus4, Golf Pride caters to players who require specific performance characteristics to optimize their game.

Finally, consider the material make-up, manufacturing, traction, feel, and performance in diverse conditions before deciding.

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