Ping Blueprint vs i59: Are They Different?

Ping is a big name in the golf world, making all kinds of gear: clubs, bags, clothes, and much more.

They’re also well-known for offering custom fitting services.

Their team of specialists is there to help you pick the perfect clubs for your swing.

Ping is also big on innovation, coming up with ingenious designs like the cavity-back iron and adjustable driver.

They use high-quality materials to make their gear, which makes their products durable.

You can get all kinds of golf equipment from Ping, such as drivers, irons, wedges, putters, and hybrids. Pro golfers like Bubba Watson and Louis Oosthuizen are known to use gear made by Ping.

You’ve probably heard so much about Ping already.

Trying to choose a new golf club, you end up narrowing your choices to two design models from them: the Blueprint and the i59, and now you have to pick one.

This article will help you with a clear picture of how and where these two clubs vary, and which one might be better for you.

What Can You Do With Both?

About the Ping Blueprint

Ping Blueprint

The Ping Blueprint is a set of irons designed for dedicated golfers who require the utmost level of precision and control from their gear.

With a sleek profile and expert craftsmanship, they provide unparalleled response and dominance on the course.

The meticulously formed face of each iron ensures consistent performance, allowing golfers to track their progress and accuracy.

Tungsten toe weights positioned for a high MOI and a shallow CG also help golfers hit the ball farther and higher.

The versatility of the Ping Blueprint is a key feature, enabling golfers to customize their shots and adjust their trajectory for challenging courses with tight fairways or small putting greens.

About Ping i59

Ping i59

The Ping i59, on the other hand, is a set of irons that aims to provide balance in distance, forgiveness, and feel, designed for golfers who value these aspects in their equipment.

The set’s cavity-back and forged construction are designed to provide the utmost enjoyment and forgiveness.

One of the most notable features of the i59 is its ultra-durable face insert. It is designed to deliver maximum ball speeds and distance.

This is especially useful for golfers looking to hit the ball farther from the tee or fairway.

The weight distribution on the i59 is also another critical factor that allows golfers to improve their accuracy and consistency on the course by increasing MOI and normalizing off-center shots.

What Are Their Key Differences?

Ping Blueprint and Ping i59 are quite different golf clubs, and while both are designed to aid golfers in their game, they each provide distinct features that could be more advantageous to some than others.

For the dedicated player who wants to have complete mastery over their clubs, Ping created the Blueprint.

Its compact blade shape, machined face, and tungsten toe weights contribute to greater accuracy and control while playing.

Players can maneuver their shots and manage their flight path with the set’s flexibility. The i59 aims to bring together length, leniency, and sensation.

The set’s deep back design, robust face insert, and distributed weighting allow golfers to hit the ball with greater power and speed while sustaining more balance when hitting it off-axis.

The Blueprint is a forged blade iron designed for advanced players who prioritize precision and control.

However, the i59 is a cavity-back iron suited for a wider range of skill levels, offering a more forgiving feel and a larger sweet spot.

The Blueprint is more expensive due to its premium materials and limited availability through the custom fitting. On the other hand, the i59 is a regular model found in most golf stores.

Choosing between them will depend on the golfer’s needs and preferences on the course.

Ping Blueprint vs i59: Which is Better?

The Ping Blueprint and i59 are amazing golf clubs with unique features.

Choosing between them will depend on one’s individual golfing needs and preferences. In a game of accuracy and control, the Ping Blueprint dominates.

However, if you seek more distance, forgiveness, and feel, the i59 may be the preferable option.

While premium clubs like the Ping Blueprint and Ping i59 can assist you in realizing your golfing aspirations, it is crucial to remember that honing your game requires both on-course and off-course commitment and dedication.

Consistent practice and effort are vital for enhancing your game.

Also, being coached and taking lessons to refine your swing, technique, and mental approach can be highly beneficial.

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