BombTech Golf Controversy: What You Need To Know?

The golf industry is enormous and comprises several small companies, with few large companies dominating it.

Many small companies may BombTechdevelop golf equipment such as irons, forged wedges, and putters, but only a few make drivers.

BombTech Golf is one of the few small golf companies producing metal woods and drivers.

Due to the brand size status, it has come under numerous scrutiny, and most golfers often question its authenticity and the equipment’s legality.

This article will do justice to Bombtech Golf as we review the brand and provide sufficient information about its controversies.


BombTech Golf Controversy

BombTech Golf is a Vermont-based golf brand that produces quality golf clubs.

The company is steadily making a name for itself in the competitive golf club market by offering premium golf clubs at affordable prices.

The driving force is that great golf clubs don’t need to cost or dent the wallet.

The company’s mission, from the outset, was to produce premium golf equipment crafted to help beginner golfers improve their games, and it has continued to live up to the expectation.

The brand developed a Dual Cavity design which provides a low CG supported by a face intersection at the center.

As such, there’s improved club head speed because of the reduced drag, resulting in high ball speeds.

This design also provides precise accuracy due to airflow. BombTech Golf’s latest release is the sleek and bold 3.0 Black irons, which are very long and offer incredible forgiveness.

The brand confidently claims that its golf clubs will provide distance and accuracy and offer a 60-day refund guarantee if otherwise.

There’s also a custom build fitting for the individual customer at the University of Vermont, where each golf club is hand-assembled.

This approach provides more control to the customer over their golf club, particularly in the aspect of shaft length.

In addition to the custom build, the brand avails online fitting services, which helps ensure that customers find the correct specs for their specific goals.

This online fitting service addresses any problem of using the wrong specification and ensures increased performance.

Who Owns BombTech Golf?

Sullivan Sully is the founder of BombTech Golf, and it’s a one-person show operation. He builds and ships all clubs himself.

The mission began when he broke numerous drivers other club builders developed because he felt he could do better.

Ultimately, In 2011, he created something and started his custom-fitting company.

Afterward, he contacted the University of Vermont, his alma mater, whose engineering department entered an agreement to co-design the golf club.

The special relationship between the brand and the institution helps propel the marketing piece.

Are BombTech Golf Clubs Good?

Yes, BombTech Golf Clubs are excellent and reliable. The brand produces exceptional clubs for a very affordable price.

Their irons swing smoothly and have excellent feel and weight. They are also forgiving, make accurate shots, and offer good value for money based on their worth.

The company intends to compete with the ‘big boys’ in the industry by using a pure engineering approach that employs excellent design, production procedures, and high-quality materials.

Furthermore, the golf drivers are not adjustable but bonded to create quality numbers in every category.

It engineered drivers with non-adjustable hosel to produce improved ball speeds and better dispersions.

Are BombTech Golf Clubs Legal?

It’s always crucial to assess if a golf club is legal according to the USGA and R&A rules.

These rules are set to safeguard the production of golf equipment and, as such, ensure manufacturers provide safe and secure clubs.

Concerning these guidelines, the BombTech golf clubs are legal and can be used in any professional and high-level amateur game.

The clubs might seem illegal because of the name, but they are not according to the specifications stated by the USGA and R&A.

You can use this equipment and rest assured that you’re not going against the law.

Should You Patronize BombTech Golf?

BombTech Golf Controversy

BombTech Golf is a safe and reliable brand to patronize. The brand’s selling point is that players can buy any golf club at an affordable price without compromising performance.

It produces a wide range of golf clubs, including wedge sets, iron sets, drivers, mallet putters, and hybrid sets.

It uses specific engineering standards free of gimmicks to produce golf clubs with excellent build quality.

The exceptional range of golf clubs caters primarily to beginner golfers and is ideal for recreational golfers.

Presently, the brand has sold over half a million golf clubs to customers across the U. S with customers generally enjoying their services.

So if you’re a beginner golfer who’s just getting started and wants to buy golf clubs at affordable prices, BombTech is the brand for you.

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