Bombtech Wedges vs. Vokey: What’s the Difference?

A golfer’s wedge is more than just a club. It’s a crucial tool that can make or break a round.

Whether chipping from the rough or hitting a delicate bunker shot, having the right wedge in your bag can give you the confidence you need to make the shot.

In the world of wedges, a name stands out: Vokey.

It’s a legendary brand producing some of the best wedges in the game for decades.

However, Bombtech is another excellent brand in the market. Even though it’s relatively new, the brand is making waves in the industry.

But how do these brands differ, and which should earn your patronage?

This article will review the Bombtech and Vokey wedges and see how these two reputable industry brands stack up against each other.


Bombtech Wedges vs. Vokey

Bombtech and Vokey are popular brands offering a range of high-quality wedges to help golfers improve their short game and scoring.

Bombtech offers two different wedge models: the Grenade and the SFT.

The Grenade wedge features a wide sole and low center of gravity, which helps to increase forgiveness on shots around the green.

The SFT (“super-forgiving technology”) wedge features a cavity-back design that distributes weight evenly across the clubhead and provides additional forgiveness on off-center hits.

These wedges are available in various lofts and bounce options to suit different swing styles and course conditions.

Vokey wedges are used by professionals on the PGA Tour and are known for their superior performance and customization options.

The wedges feature a variety of grind options, including the famous M grind and the versatile F grind, which allow golfers to choose the sole configuration that best suits their swing and course conditions.

Vokey wedges are available in various finishes, including raw, chrome, and black oxide.

In addition to their standard wedges, Vokey also offers limited edition wedges with unique finishes and custom stamping options.

Bombtech Wedges vs. Vokey: Differences

Bombtech Wedges vs. Vokey

Bomtech is a relatively new brand compared to other leading brands in the industry, like Vokey. It has lesser recognition and reputation.

Bob Vokey has been in the wedge business for over 25 years and has worked with some of the best players in the world.

Let’s differentiate more between these brands using some critical metrics as follows:

Product Varieties

Both brands offer various wedge options to suit players’ preferences and skill levels.

When compared, Vokey provides a broader range of wedges across several other product lines, with varying features and customization options to suit the needs of different golfers.

Generally, Bombtech currently offers only two wedge models: the Grenade Wedge and the Sand Wedge.

Vokey, on the other hand, has wedge options across several different product lines.

The most popular product line is the Vokey SM8 Wedges, which come in various lofts, grinds, and finishes to suit different player preferences.

In addition to the SM8 line, Vokey also offers the SM9, SM7, SM6, and SM5 lines, each with unique features and benefits.

Design and Construction

Another difference between the brands is their design and construction.

Bombtech wedges feature a unique design that utilizes a hollow-body construction, which the company claims helps to distribute weight evenly across the clubhead and increase forgiveness.

The clubhead features a CNC-milled face for consistent spin and trajectory control.

Conversely, Vokey wedges feature a classic blade design with a thin topline and narrow sole.

The club heads are also CNC-milled for precise shaping and performance.

Generally, the wedge line incorporates different materials depending on the model. Some materials include tungsten, carbon, and stainless steel.

Another prevalent material is the 8620 carbon steel, notable for its soft feel and responsiveness.


Since both brands use premium materials in constructing their wedges, they are known to boast high durability and resistance to corrosion and rust.

Generally, Bob Vokey wedges received more positive news about their durability than other wedges from other brands.


Another critical difference between Bombtech and Vokey Wedges is their performance on the course.

Bombtech wedges are designed to provide maximum spin and control on approach shots and around the greens.

The company claims its wedges feature CNC-milled faces that provide consistent spin rates and trajectory, even on off-center hits.

Conversely, Vokey wedges are known for their versatility and precision.

The wedges feature a variety of grind options, allowing golfers to choose the sole configuration that best suits their swing and course conditions.

The wedges also feature grooves that provide maximum spin and control on shots from any lie.


It’s essential to consider the value of Bombtech and Vokey wedges.

Bombtech wedges are relatively affordable compared to high-end ones like Vokey wedges on the market, making them a good option for golfers who want to upgrade their short game without breaking the bank.

Which Wedge is Right For You?

Bombtech Wedges vs. Vokey

Both brands offer high-quality performance and are popular among golfers of all skill levels.

Vokey wedges may be the best option since they are more coveted due to the brand’s recognition and reputation.

However, before you decide on the right wedge for yourself, here are certain factors to consider:

Skill level

Bombtech wedges may be a good option for golfers just starting or looking to improve their short game on a budget.

However, more experienced golfers may prefer the precision and versatility offered by Vokey wedges. The wedges are most used by Tour or Pro players.


Bombtech wedges are more affordable than Vokey wedges if budget is a concern.

However, you may want to invest in high-quality equipment that lasts many years. In that case, Vokey wedges may be worth the investment.

Course conditions

Suppose you typically play on courses with soft greens and fluffy rough.

In that case, Bombtech wedges may be a good option, as they provide excellent spin and control.

However, if you play on firm courses or face challenging lies, Vokey wedges may be a better choice due to their versatility and precision.

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