Callaway Warbird vs. Supersoft: What Are The Differences?

As a beginner, choosing the ideal type of golf ball is one of the first hurdles to scale.

It’s always challenging to know where to start, as numerous beginner-friendly golf clubs are available.

However, because of the significance of the golf ball in your game, it’s a choice to take seriously.

Callaway produces Warbird and Supersoft golf balls, which are excellent for almost every level of golfer but especially amateurs and intermediate players.

They share the same manufacturers and some similarities, including technologies, distances, and prices.

However, there are still noticeable differences between them.

So in this article, we’ll focus on their differences by reviewing the golf balls to help you make an informed decision.


The Warbird golf ball is a 2-piece construction ball with an ionomer cover working together with the core to produce an overall excellent distance.

This golf ball is designed for distance and optimum flight from the high-energy core.

It delivers long straight shots and an overall impressive performance on the green.

The warbird golf ball is highly recommended for high-handicapped golfers as it provides the extra boost they require.

Similarly, the Callaway Supersoft also features the 2-piece construction design, an ionomer cover with the 332 Hex Aerodynamic dimples.

As such, it produces a similar flight as the Warbird.

The Supersoft golf ball is designed with ultra-low compression to boost the distance players hit their balls through the air for improved carry.

How to Choose the Right Ball

Callaway Warbird vs. Supersoft

When you’re buying a golf ball, you’re either a beginner or a pro.

In most cases, the pros don’t mind paying a lot for a ball. But for a beginner, it might take some thinking before settling on a specific one.

So, if you’re a beginner and don’t want to make the wrong decision, I’ll invite you to start with the cheapest balls.

This is assuming you don’t already have a wealth of experience. Build up your confidence with these cheap balls.

And once you skill up, you can go for more expensive golf balls.

What I’m saying, in essence, is that you should probably go with the cheapest of the two, if you find yourself thinking too much about what to choose.

Callaway Warbird vs. SuperSoft: Differences

Callaway Warbird vs. Supersoft

Most users often argue that these golf balls are the same without differences since they exhibit many similarities. But some characteristics differentiate them. Let’s compare these golf balls using some factors as follows:


Both golf balls are designed to offer golfers improved distance, which is impressive.

While both are good in this aspect, the Callaway Warbird Golf balls are outstanding, and the Supersoft balls are no match.

The shots are longer than the SuperSoft, even though they are a little further.

Compression Rating

The compression rating represents how soft or hard the ball will be. The Callaway Supersoft ball is smooth and springy on every fairway, drive, and chip shot.

The ball lives up to its name because of the super-low compression rating of 35.

Conversely, the Callaway Warbird balls have a compression rating of 95, making them extremely firm.


One significant difference between the two golf balls is the feel. The Warbird’s balls are solid and firm compared to their Supersoft counterparts, which have a soft feel.

So if you fancy a softer ball, a Supersoft ball is your ideal choice.

Also, the Supersoft balls have less spin, making them suitable for beginners just starting, as they won’t lose balls at every hit.

Color Options

Callaway Warbird vs. Supersoft

Another distinctive feature of the balls is the color options. They come in different color options, and the Callaway Supersoft has more variants.

The color option is a feature of the Callaway Supersoft golf balls that golfers enjoy.

Unlike the Callaway Warbirds that come in the only white variant, the Supersoft balls come in four: White, Orange, Yellow, and Blue.

The colorful balls are enjoyable to play with, especially in certain weather situations. Generally, for different factors, the Supersoft golf balls are perfect for cold weather conditions.

Off the Tee Performance

Callaway Warbirds generally perform excellently off the tee.

These balls have higher compression plus a 2-piece construction design which provides an impressive bounce off the club and launches the ball long and tall.

Even if you have a slower swing speed, these balls will provide more than you deserve, and you can get extra 20-30 yards off the tee.

Generally, both Warbirds and Supersoft provide similar repeatable distances.

Still, if you want better feedback on your drives, the Callaway Warbirds might be your go-to balls because they are ultra-responsive.


The price is a significant criterion people consider before choosing their golf balls.

Golf equipment is always expensive, so it’s always a plus to find a lesser price without losing the quality.

Comparing the costs of these golf balls, The Supersoft balls are more expensive per pack. The difference is a few dollars, but it’s significant and can influence your decision.

However, it’s worth stating that these balls’ prices depend on the retailer you buy from, as these prices can fluctuate.

Fairway and Approach

The Callaway Supersoft balls are perfect for golfers with slower swing speeds but need distance to assist with approach shots.

These balls perform reasonably on acute green side control but are excellent on longer approach shots and for getting to the target from the fairway.

On the other hand, the Warbirds provide a good feel with mid-irons on fairway shots. They offer an excellent amount of control on approach shots.

Overall Value

Both balls are excellent and offer excellent value for money. The overall value of these balls will depend on individual swing speed.

The Callaway Supersoft balls will be essential to players with slower swing speeds.

Conversely, players with faster swing speed will enjoy Callaway Warbirds more as the balls can lower handicaps.

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