Dynamic Gold 105 s300 Review

True Temper Dynamic Gold series of shafts are a popular option in the golf industry known for their performance and reliability.

The shafts are strong with an incredibly smooth feel. Since these shafts are tour weighted, they are most beneficial to players with faster swing speed.

Fortunately, True Temper has begun to produce a wide variety of flexes and weights in the Dynamic Gold shaft line to cater to a broader range of skill levels.

Are you a slower or average swing speed player looking for a Dynamic Gold steel shaft?

Then the Dynamic Gold 105 shaft is your ideal choice to transition from the graphite shaft.

This article will extensively review the True Temper Dynamic Gold 105 shaft and answer all questions about its features and attributes.


Dynamic Gold 105 s300

The Dynamic Gold 105 shaft is a part of True Temper’s range of steel shafts notable for their consistent performance, control, and stability.

It is designed to combine the classic performance characteristics of the Dynamic Gold series and a lightweight construction that provides improved swing speed and trajectory.

It has the recognizable traits of this popular shaft series: a stiff tip area balanced with a less rigid butt area.

This shaft has a smooth feel, and it delivers straight shots incredibly well. It produces a moderate spin and a mid-launch, meaning you needn’t have a very fast swing speed to get the distance and accuracy the shaft offers.

Generally, it’s an ideal shaft for mid-handicap players seeking to transition from graphite to steel shafts with the balance of stability, control, and increased swing speed.

Dynamic Gold 105: Features

As discussed above, the Dynamic Gold 105 shaft characteristics are similar to others in the Dynamic Gold line series. However, it was primarily designed to offer lightweight construction to players with slow swing speed. To further understand the shafts performance and suitability for different skill levels, let’s discuss its attributes using some factors as follows:

Build Materials

True Temper brand is renowned for its expertise in steel shaft manufacturing, and it’s one of the industry leaders.

The brand uses advanced manufacturing techniques to build the Dynamic Golf line, ensuring a balance of flexibility and responsiveness for golfers.

The Gold 105 shafts are designed with premium steel materials that are lightweight and durable. As such, the shaft is very light without reducing stability or strength.


The most significant feature of the Dynamic Gold 105 shaft is its lightweight body. As its name implies, the weight is 105 grams making it lighter than most other shafts in the Dynamic Gold series.

This light weight means it can provide you with improved swing speed and higher trajectory, leading to more distance than the heavier shafts.

The Gold 105 shaft is ideal for moderate swing speed. Generally, this shaft also has the 101 and 103-gram variants.


The Dynamic Gold 105 shaft has a mid-high launch profile. The balance between a penetrating ball flight and a slightly higher launch than the heavier shafts is incredible.

This launch profile is ideal for players who want control and distance.


The shaft has a moderate spin and produces a tight shot dispersion.

This balanced spin rate helps optimize distance and control since it’s enough for greenside control and substantial stopping power. Excessive spin can result in ballooning shots or distance loss.


The Dynamic Gold 105 shaft is available in different flex options, including Regular (R), Stiff (S), and X-Stiff (X).

Since the shaft is very lightweight, the X-Stiff flex isn’t a cause for alarm and can even be an ideal choice if you have a moderate swing speed. Generally, the choice of flex depends on individual swing characteristics.

Feedback and Feel

The Dynamic Gold 105 shaft has the iconic feel of the Dynamic Gold shafts. The feel is excellent and noticeable right from the first swing. As such, it’ll allow you to gauge your impact and make the required adjustments.


  • Moderate spin
  • Mid launch
  • Lightweight body
  • The ideal choice for slow or average swing speeds
  • Excellent control and shot-shaping.


  • Relatively pricier
  • Bad for fast swing speeds players as the lightweight design may affect control and consistency
  • Limited weight range

Dynamic Gold 105: Who is It For?

The Dynamic Gold 105 shaft is a versatile steel shaft, making it ideal for a wide range of golfers. However, while most players will benefit from it, it is most suited for slower and moderate swing speeds.

It helps generate more clubhead speed. It’s also a great choice for those switching from graphite to steel shafts for their irons.

If you feel that your current shaft feels too heavy or you desire more distance off the tee, this shaft can potentially help you achieve greater swing speed and power. It’s a versatile shaft that offers a blend of distance and control.

However, it’s worth stating that each skill set is unique. The ideal way to determine if this shaft will be a right fit for your game is to consult a professional club fitter or golf expert.

As such, they can scrutinize your swing characteristics and give appropriate recommendations.

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