PXG Clydesdale Putter Review

The putter — often considered the most personal and critical club in any golfer’s bag.

With the rise of Parsons Xtreme Golf (PXG), golfers have been introduced to a new breed of high-quality and precision-engineered clubs.

Today, we take a deep dive into one of PXG’s acclaimed flat-sticks – the Clydesdale Putter – to provide you with a comprehensive review.

PXG Clydesdale Putter Review

PXG Clydesdale Putter Review

Renowned for its innovative design and use of cutting-edge materials, PXG has etched its place in the golfing market as a symbol of luxury and performance.

The Clydesdale, part of the Battle Ready Collection, is no exception, reflecting the brand’s commitment to craft and detail.

The Clydesdale putter is a mallet design, known for its inherent stability and forgiveness on off-center hits, which have become increasingly favored by golfers at all levels.

The club’s name – Clydesdale – is a nod to its high MOI (Moment of Inertia), akin to the strength and stability of the Clydesdale horse breed.


The aesthetic of the Clydesdale, defined by its distinctive winged mallet shape, is sleek yet formidable, radiating an aura of confidence.

The contrast between the black body and the silver wings, coupled with the precision milling, lends a visually striking look to the putter.

Technology Advantage

But the Clydesdale is more than just a visual delight. It boasts a fully milled 6061 Aluminum body and high-density tungsten weighting.

The combination provides an impressive balance between weight and control, which allows for an exceedingly smooth stroke, translating into consistent distance control and improved accuracy on the greens.

One of the critical selling points of the PXG Clydesdale putter is its innovative Pyramidal Face Pattern technology.

This design choice promotes consistent launch and roll characteristics, enhancing the putter’s performance, regardless of the strike’s location on the clubface.

The result is a more predictable roll and a greater chance of keeping your putts in line, even when your stroke is less than perfect.


Let’s begin our exploration of Clydesdale’s performance with a key factor: its stability. One cannot overstate the benefits of the high MOI in the Clydesdale design.

The tungsten weights positioned at the extreme ends of the putter dramatically enhance the stability of the putter during the stroke, leading to exceptional resistance to twisting.

This is invaluable on mis-hits, where the putter shines by delivering a consistency of roll that outperforms many of its competitors.

The impressive balance and stability of the Clydesdale undoubtedly contribute to its smooth, pendulum-like stroke.

This feature comes to the fore, particularly during long putts, where precision in strike and distance control are paramount.

It promotes a consistent roll across different lengths, making it easier to judge speed and line, especially on trickier, undulating greens.

The innovative Pyramidal Face Pattern technology deserves further emphasis.

This technology ensures a consistent roll, regardless of where you strike the ball on the clubface.

Whether it’s a toe, center, or heel strike, the technology works to normalize the ball speed across the face, leading to a more predictable roll and outcome.

This forgiveness can be particularly reassuring on those nerve-wracking short putts.


Moving on to the feel, the Clydesdale offers a remarkably soft impact feel, a characteristic typically appreciated by discerning golfers.

The sensation at impact is responsive, providing excellent feedback that can guide adjustments in your stroke.

Despite its softness, the putter does not compromise on the solidity of the contact, creating a delightful harmony between softness and firmness that many golfers desire.

The adjustable weighting feature of the Clydesdale also adds a layer of customization that can’t be overlooked.

With the option to adjust the sole weights, you can fine-tune the head weight to fit your preferred stroke and feel.

This tailoring ability is a major plus, particularly for the discerning golfer who values a bespoke fit in their equipment.

Price Tag

PXG, as a brand, has firmly placed itself in the premium segment of golf equipment.

The Clydesdale putter, with its cutting-edge materials and precision engineering, reflects this position.

The asking price for the Clydesdale is on the higher end of the spectrum, and it’s crucial to determine if its performance justifies this premium.

Despite its premium price, Clydesdale has a lot to offer in terms of performance, customization, and aesthetic appeal.

However, the final verdict on its value proposition largely depends on your preferences and budget.

Who Is It For?

As we culminate our analysis of the PXG Clydesdale putter, we return to a critical question – for whom is this flat-stick most suitable?

And what are the unique considerations that might guide this decision?

The Clydesdale putter with its high MOI and forgiving face technology, is a strong choice for golfers who may struggle with consistency in their putting stroke.

The combination of these features can lead to more reliable results on the greens, particularly on mis-hits, which may be a common concern among high to mid-handicap golfers.

Furthermore, golfers who favor a mallet-style putter for its inherent stability and prefer a softer feel at impact would find the Clydesdale very appealing.

However, while Clydesdale’s advanced features offer significant advantages, it is essential to keep in mind the cost factor.

Given the putter’s premium price point, it’s an investment best suited for golfers who are committed to their game and are seeking to extract every possible advantage on the greens.

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