Ping Blueprint vs iBlade: Which is Better?

A true golfer is always on a mission to get to the next level. This usually means more practice. However, having the right piece of equipment can also improve your performance.

Golf clubs are an essential part of every golfer’s toolbox.

Due to this, it is best that only the best are chosen. The Ping Blueprint and the Ping iBlade are two of the best golf clubs golfers have ever seen.

Made with the strongest metal with the best precision that can be gotten, are these two golf clubs.

Although they are from the same brand, many people have wondered which is better. Don’t worry. By reading this short article, you will find the answer you seek.

Ping Blueprint vs iBlade: Which is Better?

Ping Blueprint vs iBlade

Design Comparison

The Ping Blueprint can be seen as a work of art. It is made mostly for tours, due to its long range. The shocking thing is that the entire club is made from just one piece of carbon steel.

It is widely known that the fewer parts a golf club head hold, the greater its performance. This is the basis of the Ping Blueprint.

The Ping iBlade, however, has a more unique design.

It has a narrow sole which helps greatly when it comes to swings. Due to this, most people believe that it gives better performance.

Price Comparison

When it comes to price, the Ping Blueprint and Iblade models differ. The Ping Blueprint irons retail for $1,299, while the Ping Iblade irons retail for $999.

This is a significant price difference and could be a deciding factor for many golfers when choosing between the two sets.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the performance differences between the two sets may make the price difference worth it.

Ping Blueprint vs iBlade: Pros and Cons

Both golf clubs have their advantages and their disadvantages. You won’t be able to choose the best until you know what these pros and cons are.

Some pros and cons of the Blueprint are:


  • Looks amazing
  • Made with a single piece of steel, so more accuracy
  • Has a soft feel


  • Is not forgiving at all
  • Hard to control for less experienced golfers

Some pros and Cons of the iBlade are:


  • Is more forgiving
  • Helps to increase the speed of balls
  • Hydropearl finish


  • Less accuracy
  • Not very good for long distances

Who is it Best For?

The Ping Blueprint is perfect for pros who want more accuracy and distance. This is why it is mostly used for tours.

However, this does not mean that other less experienced golfers can not make use of it. Although it is quite a difficult club to master; it is worth the stress.

On the other hand, the Ping iBlade is created especially for golfers who want to go to the next step gradually.

It has a more forgiving feel due to its narrow sole. However, most pros do not love to make use of this club.


The Blueprint is by far the best if you are an experienced golfer.

However, it is best that you go for the iBlade if you are still a beginner. All in all, if you choose the right golf club, your performance will improve.

Final Thoughts: Ping Blueprint or Iblade?

When it comes to choosing between the Ping iBlade and the Blueprint Irons, both are excellent options for players looking for a blade-style iron.

The Blueprint is designed for Tour players looking for maximum control and workability, while the iBlade is a more forgiving option for those who still want a blade-style iron.

In terms of customization, the Blueprint allows for more options in terms of shafts and lofts, giving players the ability to tailor their iron to their individual needs.

Finally, when it comes to price, the iBlade is generally more affordable than the Blueprint.

Overall, both the Ping iBlade and the Blueprint Irons offer excellent performance and customization options for players looking for a blade-style iron.

Depending on your individual needs, either one of these clubs could be the ideal choice for your game.

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