Titleist Trufeel vs Pro V1: Which Is Better?

In the vast and competitive world of golf, the right golf ball can profoundly impact your game.

Among the options available, two distinct contenders rise to the surface: Titleist’s Trufeel and Pro V1.

These two models epitomize contrasting philosophies in design, performance, and target demographics.

The Trufeel is a gateway to quality for the budding enthusiast, while the Pro V1 is a symbol of excellence embraced by seasoned professionals.

This comprehensive comparison between Titleist Trufeel and Pro V1 will delve into their unique characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses, unraveling the subtleties that might shape your next game on the green.


Titleist TruFeel

Titleist Trufeel vs Pro V1

Starting with the TruFeel, Titleist’s softest offering, designed to offer a gentle feel without sacrificing distance.

Titleist TruFeel is a soft and comfortable golf ball to play, engineered to cater to the needs of recreational golfers or those with a high spin rate.

Its lower spin rate off the tee paired with advanced aerodynamics helps deliver a consistent flight, making it easier to predict and control.

However, where it falls short is maximum distance delivery and refined greenside control.

Its standout feature is the budget-friendly tag, coupled with plenty of color options, making it an appealing choice for casual golfers or those seeking to improve their game without a significant investment.


  • It’s engineered to provide a supremely soft feel.
  • Delivers lower spin rates from the tee.
  • Advanced aerodynamics to enhance flight consistency.
  • Budget-friendly, a great option for recreational golfers.
  • Comes in various colors for visibility and personal preference.


  • May not be suitable for players who prefer a higher spin rate.
  • Not ideal for players seeking maximum distance.
  • Greenside control and feel may not be as refined as high-end tour balls.

Titleist Pro V1

Titleist Trufeel vs Pro V1

Known for its exceptional performance, the Titleist Pro V1 golf ball is a go-to choice for many professionals and low-handicap amateurs.

It promises a compelling blend of distance and control, with a high-spin rate that gives excellent greenside precision. The ball is designed for a more penetrating flight, performing well under various conditions.

Its long-lasting durability, thanks to a thin urethane elastomer cover, is a major plus.

However, the high cost might deter beginners or high-handicap players, and it offers limited color options compared to its counterparts.

The Pro V1 stands out for its comprehensive performance, promising an elevated gaming experience.


  • Exceptional distance off the tee without sacrificing control.
  • High-spin rate benefits control around the green.
  • Designed to offer a more penetrating flight for performance in various conditions.
  • Long-lasting durability due to a thin urethane elastomer cover.
  • It is preferred by many professionals and low-handicap amateurs for its comprehensive performance.


  • High cost per dozen compared to other golf balls.
  • Might not be ideal for beginners or high-handicap players due to its high spin rate.
  • Limited color options compared to other balls on the market.


Golf balls may seem simple on the surface, but they house an intricate design underneath, particularly when we start discussing their construction and materials.

The TruFeel is a two-piece ball, which means it’s composed of a solid core and an outer cover.

The core is made of a high flex casing layer to maximize distance, while the cover is a proprietary TruTouch cover formulation for a soft feel and excellent greenside control.

In contrast, the Pro V1 is a three-piece ball.

It features a 2.0 ZG process core for longer distance, a casing layer to control spin, and a thin urethane elastomer cover for exceptional feel and durability.

This advanced, multi-layer construction gives the Pro V1 its distinguishing characteristics.


The arena where these two balls truly differentiate themselves is in their performance.

The TruFeel is designed to provide a gentle, forgiving feel upon impact, particularly noticeable during short games. It offers lower spin off the tee, promoting straighter ball flights.

The TruFlex cover aids in delivering a soft feel around the greens and reliable consistency.

The Pro V1, however, offers a more comprehensive package of performance features. It guarantees longer distance due to its high speed, low spin design, and excellent iron spin control.

The ball’s Drop-and-Stop greenside control means the Pro V1 can provide a superior spin on approach shots.


One of the most significant differences between the two balls is the price. The TruFeel is an excellent choice for golfers who want to experience Titleist’s quality at a more budget-friendly price point.

On the other hand, the Pro V1 falls into the premium golf ball category. Its price reflects the advanced technology, design, and performance that it provides.

Note that a higher price does not necessarily equate to better performance for every golfer.

Each player has unique needs and capabilities, so the best ball for a tour pro might not be the best for a high-handicapper.

While both balls are well-designed, they cater to different skill levels and budgets. The choice boils down to your skill level, personal preference, and budget.

However, the TruFeel and Pro V1 uphold the Titleist promise of quality and performance, ensuring every golfer gets the best from their game.


As for customization, Titleist offers some variations to suit golfers’ preferences.

The TruFeel has options for personalized play numbers and can be purchased in colors like optic yellow and matte red for increased visibility, adding a splash of personality to the course.

The Pro V1 is available in traditional white and high optic yellow, ensuring you can track its flight and locate it effortlessly.

While it can’t boast the color variety that TruFeel does, the Pro V1 can also be customized with unique play numbers and personal imprints, offering a sense of ownership and uniqueness.


As for durability, both golf balls hold their own remarkably well. The TruFeel’s TruTouch cover is not just soft but also resilient.

Thus, ensuring the ball maintains its excellent performance over numerous rounds.

Similarly, the Pro V1’s thin urethane elastomer cover is specifically designed to deliver not only a soft feel but also to resist cuts and abrasions.

This means that even after several rounds, the Pro V1 will continue to provide the high-level performance players have come to expect from it.

Who Are They For?

The TruFeel and Pro V1 offer unique experiences that appeal to various playing styles.

The TruFeel, with its focus on a soft feel and lower spin rates, lends itself to golfers who enjoy a more strategic approach to the game, particularly those who prioritize control and consistency over pure distance.

Its low spin can reduce hooks and slices, making it a dependable ally on the fairways and a confidence booster for those battling directional issues.

The Pro V1, however, appeals more to golfers who demand the highest performance in all aspects of the game.

It provides not just long distance but the added benefit of maintaining better control in high wind conditions due to its penetrating flight and spin.

The Pro V1’s superior greenside control and spin characteristics can greatly enhance shot-making skills, allowing players to take on daring approach shots with confidence.

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