Callaway Jaws vs. Vokey: What Are The Differences?

The healthy competition in the golf market is driving golf manufacturers to produce the best golf clubs for golfers.

Callaway Titleist and Bob Vokey are two leading brands in the industry producing innovative golf clubs, including irons, drivers, and wedges.

Their wedges are developed with immense craftsmanship, technology, and precision to cater to a wide range of golfers in all conditions.

Because of their excellent reputation, golfers always compare their products to determine the best.

So, in this article, we’ll review their leading wedges: Callaway Jaws MD5 and Vokey SM9.


The Vokey wedge is developed by the master, backed by the best R&D globally, and represents the most creative expression of the Vokey Design DNA.

The SM8 symbolizes the next chapter of innovation and craftsmanship. It has a complete lineup of bounce, loft, and grind combinations.

Furthermore, it consists of the Reimagined Progressive Center of Gravity, which helps provide immense forgiveness and accuracy.

The brand uses Varied Hosel Lengths and Tungsten Weights to move the Center Of Gravity away from the wedge head and put it into the face front to increase MOI and obtain an exceptional feel.

As such, it produces higher ball flight, and the club face squares nicely at impact.

The SM8 grooves are beautifully crafted using the proprietary Spin Milled process to increase spin and durability.

All the SM8 wedges are available in the left and right hand.

Also, the Callaway JAWS MD5 wedge is the fifth generation Mack Daddy produced by Roger Cleveland.

It delivers an immense performance with its soft feel and JAWS grooves.

It has five sole grinds and lofts ranging from 46°-64°, and the progressive head shoes offer multiple options catering to a wide range of golfers.

This wedge checks up the ball smoothly every time, whether it’s a pitch, chip, full swing, or bunker shot.

The look is simple, clean, and fascinating at the address and in the bag. It’s always on two finishes, each with a white and translucent blue color scheme.

Callaway Jaws vs. Vokey: Comparison

Callaway Jaws vs. Vokey

Now that we’ve established the characteristics and features of both wedges, let’s compare them using the factors below to review their similarities and differences:


There’s no difference in the lie amount in both wedges, one of their many similarities. Each wedge has a 64° lie amount, a standard amount/number in many club types.

Hence, irrespective of the one you go for, the lie amount is the same, and you’ll enjoy similar results. The lie amount will not be a deciding factor.


Loft is a critical factor to consider before choosing the right wedge, and this is a significant difference between the two wedges.

Both differ in the options available, and Vokey wedge is the one that offers more.

It provides significantly more range options than the Jaws wedge—the loft range is about 2° higher than Jaws and 4° degrees lower.

Hence, the Vokey wedge caters to golfers who use lofts above 60° or below 50°, unlike the Jaws wedge.


The bounce option is another notable difference between the two wedges.

Like in the case of the loft options, the Vokey wedge has an edge as it offers more bounce options than the Jaws wedge.

It provides a range between 4° and 14° bounce, while the Jaws offers between 8° to 12° of bounce.

This difference depicts that the Vokey wedge provides a broader range of bounce options and will suit players who enjoy this category.


There is also a difference but slight in the length of these wedges.

The Vokey wedge offers an additional quarter inch in length. Specifically, it provides a range of 35-35.75 inches long, while the Jaws wedge offers 35-35.50 inches.

This difference might be insignificant in the performance level of both wedges.

Except you are used to the particular length, the difference shouldn’t be a deciding factor.

Generally, both wedges meet the specific requirement of 46 inches set by the USGA for golf clubs. They are legal since they don’t exceed this limit.

Swing Weight

The swing weight is another major factor of consideration before choosing the right set of wedges. Concerning these wedges, they offer a wide range of weights.

The SM8 has D3 and D5 swing weights, while the Jaws wedge has D2, D3, and D4 swing weights. As such, each avails decent sets of swing weights for golfers.

Callaway Jaws vs. Vokey: Which is Better?

Callaway Jaws vs. Vokey

The review indicates that both wedges exhibit many similarities, but the differences are noticeable.

Generally, both wedges are exceptional as they offer golfers high performance, which is not available in most wedges in the category.

It’s also worth stating that these wedges meet the requirements and rules made by the USGA.

As such, both wedges are considered legal, and golfers can use them in any casual, professional, national, or high-level amateur golf games.

Whichever you use between the two wedges, it will be worthwhile.

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