Club Champion vs. GolfTEC: Which Should You Choose?

The game of golf requires extreme dedication and consistency. One of the significant ways of getting serious with the game is going for golf clubs’ custom fitting.

It will help improve your game and significantly impact your golf performance. However, choosing the right place to get fitted is another hurdle to scale.

GolfTEC and Club Champion are undoubtedly some of the best and most significant places to get a club custom fitting.

They offer a wide range of services using innovative technology at a reasonable price.

The two companies have a similar mode of operation, and choosing the best may need some clarification.

So in this guide, we’ll review both companies and examine their similarities, differences, and benefits to help you make an informed decision about the best.


Club Champion and GolfTEC provide comprehensive and reliable club fitting services for golfers.

Both companies have excellent services with numerous happy clients.

They focus on using innovative technology and professional fitters to provide the best possible services that can help maximize golfers’ skills on the course.

They provide detailed analyses of customers’ swinging skills with these technologies to understand how to fit the clubs and make repairs and recommendations.

Customers also have access to a wide range of products for them to buy, either whole or part of the golf club.

Generally, GolfTEC will be a better choice since it offers better technology, more locations, and more affordable costs.

The brand also provides better value for money on custom fit-outs. But Club Champion is more suitable for severe golfers because of its more customization options.

Club Champion vs. GolfTEC: Comparison

Both companies are well-known and recognized by Golf Digest as some of America’s best club-fitting brands.

That being said, let’s make an in-depth comparison of the brands using their primary focus areas as follows:

Golf Club Fitting

Customers can enjoy the best golf club fitting service with either of these companies.

They use innovative technology and launch monitor data to get the perfect fit for you.

Club Champion uses the SAM PuttLab and TrackMan Pro technology to get your complete swing analysis, while GolfTEC uses the TECHFIT software.

Both brands employ professional club fitters to monitor customers using their current clubs.

After establishing your swing requirement, the club fitter will help you choose the best combination to customize your club to align with your swing.

They do so through an in-depth analysis of how and why a particular club will fit your game.

They will try out a wide range of custom clubs and provide you with analysis to help you purchase the appropriate club.

Concerning club fitting services, there’s little separating both.

Product Sales

Beyond club fitting services, these brands also provide various golf products, including irons, wedges, drivers, and putters for customers.

Both avail products from the top brands in the industry, especially GolfTEC, as they take pride in making such claims.

When compared, Club champion takes the edge in the club sales aspect, offering more product varieties from over fifty brands.


Both brands have a good number of locations in the United States. They also have other golf retailers, clubs, and stores.

However, GolfTEC has a broader presence in the country.

For clarity, While Club Champion has about 85 locations nationwide, GolfTEC has about 180 locations, meaning it’s a standard global company.

Their stores are in other counties, including China, Japan, Canada, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

In summary, finding a GolfTEC store near you is more likely than a Club Champion store.


While both offer similar services and products, they do so at different price ranges.

Regarding pricing, GolfTEC offers cheaper complete bag fitting services compared to Club Champion.

Their respective pricing also indicates that they provide better value for money due to their international presence.

However, Club Champion partners with Synchrony to provide customers with 18-month promotional financing for their fitting services, meaning you don’t need to pay upfront before enjoying their benefits.

Other Services

Both brands also offer club improvement and repair services for their customers.

The service is included in the club fitting services after the swing analysis for the current clubs.

The fitters will provide important suggestions about improvements and upgrades to the existing clubs. If you choose not to buy a custom after fitting your clubs, you can opt for improvement and repairs accordingly.

Club Champion vs. GolfTEC: Which is Better?

Club Champion and GolfTEC provide similar golf fitting and other services at a similar level.

They use the latest technology and veteran fitters to help get the best out of their games.

Additionally, GolfTEC offers technique instruction. They provide tips and sessions for beginners to get an excellent start.

Generally, Goltec uses the best technology, provides better value for money, and has more locations. They are suitable for casual players seeking the best available services at affordable prices.

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