Cleveland Rtx ZipCore vs. Vokey SM8: Which is Better?

When updating their golf bags, most golfers need help choosing the best clubs.

The options available are limited for every golf accessory, and wedges are no exception. However, some manufacturers take pride in producing premium and high-performance wedges.

Vokey and Cleveland are two famous brands in this category, and their wedges are on most golfers’ lists.

The Cleveland RTX ZipCore and the Vokey SM8 promise exciting benefits and features and determining the best between them is often challenging.

This guide will compare and contrast both wedges to determine what should go into your bag best.


As it’s known with both brands’ products, these wedges are high-performance clubs with incredible features capable of serving a wide range of golfers.

The Cleveland RTX ZipCore wedge is a high-performance iron developed to improve precision and control.

It boasts a modern and sleek design featuring a compact shape, clean lines, and a smaller head, which enhances its versatility for a wide range of shots.

The head is smaller than conventional wedges, thus helping it provide more accuracy and control.

The wedge features exceptional technology, most notably Cleveland’s ZipCore technology, which boasts a distinct core construction that reduces weight in the clubhead’s center.

So, it enables more weight to be redistributed to the perimeter and provides improvised accuracy and stability.

Also, the Vokey SM8 wedge is a fantastic body of work from Bob Vokey.

The brand is built on incredible reputation and prestige, and the SM8 wedge does well to uphold it.

It’s a high-performance wedge with immense precision and control on the course. It features a traditional look and shape with clean lines.

The clubhead boasts a tour-inspired head with a large head and full-face grooves for improved control and spin.

It incorporates innovative technology such as the Spin Milled, a precision-milling procedure that delivers grooves with a more compact edge radius to develop enhanced spin and control.

The position of the club’s COG also improves spin and control on different shot types.

Cleveland Rtx ZipCore vs. Vokey SM8

Cleveland Rtx ZipCore vs. Vokey SM8

Both sets of wedges are unarguably some of the best in the golf industry. As revealed above, golfers are guaranteed exceptional performance and benefits.

But which offers the better feature?

Let’s compare them with some factors as discussed below:

Design and Construction

Both wedges have a clean, modern, sleek design with some branding.

The looks are similar as both feature a classic tour-inspired look. However, the Vokey SM8 wedge has a larger head size than the Cleveland RTX ZipCore, which has a more compact head shape.


These wedges promise incredible features for golfers. They offer some similar attributes, including grooves and spin technology.

However, both provide specific features that differentiate them.

For instance, the Cleveland RTX wedge features the brand’s unique Zipcore technology, a lightweight hollow center feature that lowers the club COG and improves spin.

Conversely, the Bob Vokey SM8 boasts the TX3 grooves designed to enhance spin and control on shots on the green.


Both wedges provide similar options: more spin and control. They are designed to provide these attributes, but they do so differently.

The Cleveland RTX ZipCore uses its Zipcore technology and minor head size to offer more control, accuracy, and distance.

The club also provides a soft feel and substantial spin, making it perfect for different shots around the green.

On the other hand, the Vokey SM8 employs its optimized COG and Spin Milled technology to offer golfers more spin and control.

Generally, the Vokey SM8 wedge is renowned for its control and versatility, while the Cleveland RTX ZipCore is more known for its immense spin and accuracy.

Cleveland RtX ZipCore or Vokey SM8?

Cleveland Rtx ZipCore vs. Vokey SM8

The Vokey SM8 and Cleveland RTX ZipCore wedges are high-performance with incredible features and technologies.

Thanks to the unique Zipcore technology, the Cleveland RTX provides optimized spin, distance, and control, making it an excellent option for players seeking more spin and control.

The Vokey SM8, on the other hand, provides a wide range of grind options to cater to different swing types and field conditions.

The TX3 grooves make it ideal for golfers who desire more control and versatility.

While both are exceptional, you must consider some criteria before choosing the right one. For simplicity’s sake, we’ve highlighted the specific skill sets that align with each wedge.

Choose the Cleveland RTX ZipCore if:

  • You have a neutral or shallow swing
  • You want more spin and distance control
  • You have a low budget.

The Vokey SM8 has a wide range of grind options. So, choose it if you:

  • Want to play in different field conditions, including soft and firm sand
  • Have a moderate or steep swing type

Consider these factors critically and choose the one that perfectly aligns with your skillset.

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