HZRDUS Smoke Green vs Black: Which is Better?

Project X HZRDUS is a famous line of golf shafts developed by True Temper.

The HZRDUS line features advanced technology and materials so golfers can obtain maximum performance and distance. The Project X shaft lineup is an excellent choice for wooden shafts.

They also come in a range of flex and weight options.

The HZRDUS Smoke Green and Black are two popular options within the HZRDUS line, each with distinct characteristics. If you want a wooden shaft, you must have come across these options.

Which is the better of these options?

Together, let’s demystify both shafts and uncover their features and specifications. Ultimately, you’ll be able to decide the best option for yourself.


The HZRDUS Smoke Green and Black are two top options in the HZRDUS shaft line.

They use advanced carbon fiber materials and proprietary design to provide maximum energy transfer, ensuring players get longer, more accurate shots.

The Smoke Black shaft has a low-launch low-spin profile with stiff mid and tip regions in line with the HZRDUS reputation.

It’s designed for aggressive swingers and features a newly refined material placement, promoting a better feel and playability.

It offers a smooth transition during the swing and doesn’t become too soft.

This shaft is designed with playability in mind, and it provides a consistent, clean kick experience. Interestingly, the load and release are notably audible.

On the other hand, the Hzrdus Smoke Green is designed to minimize spin for the strongest swingers.

It’s the first prominent shaft introduced with Hexcel’s HexTow HM63 fibre.

It’s the stiffest shaft in the HZRDUS line, and it comes in two finishes: the standard Smoke Grey and a Gamma PVD finish.

This shaft can maintain maximum stability and manage even the quickest swings.

Generally, the Smoke Green shaft provides similar durability and efficiency as other shafts in the HZRDUS shaft.

However, it has a softer feel compared to the earlier models. Also, the launch is less powerful but the ball gets good flight and substantial spin to stay in the air.

HZRDUS Smoke Green vs Black: Differences

HZRDUS Smoke Green vs Black

The primary difference between these shafts is the color, as already depicted by their names.

The Smoke Green shaft has a bright and shiny green tint and fascinating Gamma PVD coating.

While the Smoke Black comes in a matte black shade and carries a dark grey hue to provide an almost stealthy appearance.

However, their differences exceed that, and it’s crucial to understand them before purchasing one. We’ve compared these two shafts using the key metrics below to understand their differences.


Another difference between the Smoke Green and Black shafts is the length options.

Smoke Green offers a wide range of length options from 42 inches to 45 inches. On the other hand, Smoke Black only offers one length option of 46 inches.

Your choice may influence your game depending on whether you’re comfortable with short or long shafts.

Smoke Green offers shorter golf shafts that can be easier to square on impact.

They provide more consistent straight shots and can improve your accuracy. However, you’ll have a reduced swing speed.

Conversely, Smoke Black offers longer golf shafts which can increase the distance on shots. The downside is that you’ll get lesser accuracy since they are more challenging to square on impact.

Launch and Spin

There’s no difference between their launch and spin, as both have low-spin and low-launch profiles.

They are both designed to assist players in obtaining more distance and rolling on their shots. So, the balls will get less height, thus increasing distance.


Flex options offered by both shafts are another area where they differ. Flex is the capability of the shaft to twist during the golf swing.

The Smoke Green shaft offers only an extra stiff option, while the Smoke Black provides a broader range, including regular, stiff, and extra stiff options. ‘

You’ll need to choose the type of flex that aligns with your swing type. The Smoke Black is your ideal choice if you need the regular or stiff flex option.

Clubhead Speed

The club speed is when the shaft moves when it hits the ball. In comparison, Smoke Green and Black may have approximately similar club speeds but differ.

The Smoke Black has a higher overall speed, making the ball quicker. It has an average clubhead speed of 106 mph, while Smoke Green has about 104 mph.


Since both shafts have similar spin and launch, their distance is also identical.

However, there exists a noticeable difference.

The Smoke Black, with its length, provides a longer distance than the Smoke Green. The Smoke Green’s shorter 42-45 inches length offers a slightly lower distance.

Pros and Cons

Pros of Smoke Black

  • Great for aggressive swingers since it has a stiff mid and tip region
  • Smooth kick
  • Provides strong flight
  • The overall carry is excellent
  • Improved feel and optimum stability
  • Enhance playability


  • Low spin and trajectory
  • Aggressive tempo
  • Bulky design

Pros of Smoke Green

  • Smooth feel
  • Low spin and trajectory
  • Multiple weight options
  • Fast tempo
  • Great durability and longevity


  • Not ideal for players who want a high spin

HZRDUS Smoke Green vs. Black: Which Is Better?

HZRDUS Smoke Green vs Black

Both shafts share many similarities, and they are designed with premium materials to offer excellent performances.

The best between the two shafts depends on your playing style and preference. Both have unique characteristics, making them ideal for varying target audiences.

The HZRDUS Smoke Black shaft is an excellent option for players looking to improve distance.

It reduces spin and offers better control and perfect precision accuracy. On the other hand, the shorter options of the Smoke Green are ideal for players who want to increase accuracy.

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