KBS C Taper Lite vs KBS Tour: What are the Differences?

The golf club is undeniably a crucial piece of equipment in the game of golf.

Yet, many might overlook the fact that the shaft of the club is as pivotal to performance as the clubhead itself.

The shaft plays a significant role in the swing, profoundly influencing the head’s performance. Therefore, investing in the right shaft is paramount.

KBS is a brand that has earned a sterling reputation for its superior shafts, with standout offerings like the KBS C Taper Lite and the KBS Tour.

Both shafts are at the peak of the industry, courtesy of the meticulous precision employed in their creation.

Let’s delve into a detailed comparison of these two exceptional golf club shafts to understand what sets them apart.

KBS C Taper Lite and KBS Tour: Overview

KBS C Taper Lite and KBS Tour

Since its inception, the KBS C Taper Lite steel shaft has undergone significant enhancements.

Forged from premium steel and honed to perfection, this shaft is renowned for its high trajectory and minimal spin.

Despite these attributes, it remains impressively lightweight and facilitates effortless swings. Moreover, it excels in achieving elevated launch angles, yet does not compromise on accuracy.

Conversely, the KBS Tour shaft has carved a niche for itself with its distinctive mid-trajectory and long carry distances.

It further sets itself apart with a smooth, tactile feel and precise shot feedback. As such, it proves ideal for golfers seeking versatility in their shot options, all the while maintaining a medium flight path.


In terms of performance, both clubs offer great performance. However, your choice will be largely determined by your swing speed and preferences.

The KBS C Taper Lite shaft exhibits stellar performance, particularly in facilitating high-launch scenarios.

Its design intricately aids in taming excessive spin, thereby enhancing shot accuracy. It’s a prime choice for golfers seeking considerable control over their spin rates.

The KBS Tour shaft, on the other hand, excels in executing shots that necessitate low to medium trajectories.

Despite this, it still provides a degree of adjustability in the swing’s trajectory, though within specific parameters.

Surprisingly forgiving, this shaft delivers a smooth, soft feel that belies its sturdy steel construction.


The KBS C Taper Lite has a sleek and amazing design for a shaft. It has a matte/brushed chrome finish which helps to give it an industrial look.

KBS C Taper Lite and KBS Tour

Together with its red and white label, this shaft looks very classy. Additionally, the KBS C-Taper is made with a firmer tip section which provides a stiffer feel at impact.

The KBS Tour, on the other hand, has a softer tip for a more responsive feel.

This difference in the tip section affects the overall feel of the club and can impact the player’s ability to control the ball.

The KBS Tour also has a simple but stylish look. It also has a brushed chrome finish, but its label is red and black. This is quite useful when it comes to differentiating these two shafts.


KBS C-Taper Lite is a lighter weight shaft than the KBS Tour and is designed for golfers who benefit from more clubhead speed and a lower ball flight.

The KBS Tour is a heavier shaft and is geared towards players who prefer a more controlled ball flight and a slower swing speed.

KBS C Taper Lite vs KBS Tour


The KBS C-Taper Lite and KBS Tour are both premium shafts, however, the KBS C-Taper Lite is generally more expensive.

You would think the Tour will be more expensive due to its heavier weight and more complex design.

The KBS C-Taper Lite is a lighter-weight option, which makes it more accessible for a wider range of golfers. Unfortunately, the price doesn’t seem to be on the good side of affordability.

The price difference between the two shafts can vary depending on the retailer, but in general, the KBS C-Taper Lite is more expensive, from our research on different retailers.

It’s worth noting that investing in a high-quality shaft like the KBS C-Taper Lite can have a significant impact on a golfer’s performance.

So the extra cost may be worth it for players who are serious about improving their game.

Pros and Cons

KBS C-Taper Lite:

  • High launching characteristics, ideal for golfers struggling with getting the ball airborne.
  • It might be slightly more forgiving than the Tour
  • Lower spin rates can be advantageous for players fighting excessive spin.


  • The firm feel may not appeal to golfers seeking a softer, smoother impact sensation.
  • Lower spin characteristics might not be beneficial for players seeking more spin for control.

KBS Tour:

  • Smooth, responsive feel that appeals to a wide range of players.
  • Provides a medium trajectory, ideal for golfers seeking control and versatility.
  • Excellent shot feedback, aiding in better strike quality and overall game improvement.


  • Although forgiving, it might not be the best option for beginners who need maximum assistance with mishits.

KBS C Taper Lite vs KBS Tour: Which is Better?

These two shafts all have their similarities and their differences. With their only difference being in trajectory, spinning, and accuracy, it can be said that both shafts are legendary.

In conclusion, the type of golfer you are will help you to determine which shaft is best for you.

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