KBS Tour 90 vs. 105: What Are The Differences?

The central pursuit of most golfers is to unlock a perfect swing. For that to be achievable, every detail matters, from the club grip to the driver loft.

However, a significant aspect golfers often overlook is choosing the ideal shaft, which could make or break your swing.

In the golf world, the KBS Tour shafts are heavyweight options that help players unlock their true potential.

Some top choices include the KBS Tour 90 and the KBS Tour 105, which feature unique attributes and characteristics.

In this article, you’ll learn about the differences of these iconic shafts so you can choose the right golf club and get better at your game.


KBS Tour 90 vs. 105

The KBS Tour 90 and Tour 105 shafts are exceptional shaft options for players looking to improve their games.

They are designed with quality materials and utmost precision, providing outstanding performance and consistency.

They optimize distance, control, and feel, thus catering to different players’ preferences and swing attributes.

The International Golf Federation legalizes both as they adhere to the standard measurements and restriction limits.

The KBS Tour 90 is one of the lightest golf shafts released by KBS. It’s a standalone release from the brand, renowned for its lightweight construction and versatility.

It’s designed for golfers with low swing speed to offer higher trajectory, improved speed, and spin. It performs best when used on short irons as it helps achieve higher ball flight.

This shaft perfectly balances distance and accuracy, making it an appealing option for players looking to generate more distance without sacrificing control.

The KBS Tour 105 was created as an improvement to the famous KBS Tour 90, considering players’ wants and demands for a slightly heavier shaft choice.

The Tour 90 was already well-liked by players seeking a lightweight and adaptable shaft.

Still, KBS noticed that there was a need for a shaft with a little bit more weight and stability without compromising the performance qualities that made the Tour 90 an excellent option.

It’s most popular among players who want a solid feel and a more aggressive approach to the game.

Its stiffer profile promotes a lower launch, making it suitable for golfers seeking a flatter trajectory and enhanced workability.

The increased weight of the Tour 105 offers stability through impact, helping golfers achieve a consistent and powerful strike. 

KBS Tour 90 vs. 105: Differences

KBS Tour 90 vs. 105

Both shafts are notable releases from KBS and are designed for specific purposes and preferences. As such, there are fundamental differences between them.

Some of the significant differences are notable in the build, length, weight, and feel. Follow along as we extensively review their differences based on these characteristics as follows:

Build and Durability

The KBS Tour 90 and Tour 105 shafts are constructed with high-quality materials and precision engineering. However, since the Tour 90 is the lightest version, it may give some durability problems, especially for stronger players.

If you like to play aggressive shots, the Tour 90 might wear out quickly and not be fit to handle such intensity. The Tour 105, on the other hand, is an all-rounder and more suited for an aggressive playstyle.


When discussing their lengths, it’s worth noting that these shafts are typically sold in raw lengths, which are then cut down to fit specific clubs.

Raw shaft lengths for the KBS Tour 90 and 105 are generally the same and usually come in 37 to 41-inch lengths for iron sets. These can then be cut down to fit the specific irons in your bag.

The length of the final club will be dictated not just by the shaft, but also by the type of club head, grip, and the specific fit for the golfer’s swing.

Remember that the final length of any golf club is a function of personal fitting. A professional club fitter will take your physical stature, swing speed, and personal preference into account before cutting a raw shaft to length.

So, while both the KBS Tour 90 and 105 can accommodate standard club lengths, the final length of your clubs will depend on these factors.


A shaft feel is often subjective, but we can still make a general distinction between these shafts.

The Tour 90 has a slightly softer profile giving a more responsive feel at impact. If you want a lighter club with more precision on shots, this shaft will be a great fit.

On the other hand, The Tour 105 has a stiffer profile, giving it a solid feel. It provides more stability and robust impact sensation.


Both shafts deliver excellent performance, but they cater to different player preferences and swing characteristics. The Tour 90 helps optimize distance and control.

It offers a mid-launch trajectory, making it suitable for players who want a balance between distance and accuracy.

If you want to hit shots with a higher trajectory, it’s your ideal option. However, to achieve a smooth kickback, you have to maintain a perfect tempo else you’ll struggle to maintain balance.

On the other hand, the Tour 105’s heavier weight and stiffer profile promote stability, control, and a more penetrating ball flight.

This shaft is favored by players seeking a solid feel and a more aggressive approach to their game. It’s your go-to shaft if you want to switch swiftly between low and high shots while getting additional shot spin.

KBS Tour 90 vs. 105: Which Should You Choose?

To choose the best option for your game, you need to identify your game style and preference. Both shafts are excellent but are designed for different playstyles.

Generally, the Tour 90 will be a great option if you want more spin and trajectory while keeping the ball’s height longer.

As for the Tour 105, it will be an ideal option if you wish for the excellent feel of the standard Tour and want to get low-trajectory shots for more distance.

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