Titleist T300 vs. T400: Are They Different?

Titleist is a popular name in the golf industry. The brand resonates more with golfers seeking game-improvement irons that offer unrivaled performance and craftsmanship.

Titleist produces the T-Series irons to provide players with enhanced distance, forgiveness, and portability.

The T300 and T400 irons are top offerings from the series, packed with innovative technologies and offer incredible benefits to help players revolutionize their games.

But are the T300 and T400 truly distinct, or are they cut from the same cloth?

This article will uncover the nuances and differences between the two iron and help you understand the better one for your game.

But first, let’s answer the burning question.

Titleist T300 vs. T400: Are They Different?

Titleist T300 vs. T400

Yes, the Titleist T300 and T400 are different.

Even though they both fall in the game-improvement iron category, they exhibit various features and characteristics that significantly distinguish them.

They are both designed to provide enhanced distance, playability, and forgiveness, but they incorporate unique features and technologies to achieve these aims.

For a start, the T300 irons fall more into the player distance game-improvement irons. They have mildly strong lofts and offer excellent forgiveness with high launch.

On the other hand, the T400 irons are more suited to be called the super game improvement irons. Compared to the T300 irons, they have incredibly strong lofts and innovative game-improvement technology to help you.

There are many more distinctions between them, and we’ll discuss more of these in the article.


The Titleist T300 irons are designed for mid and high-handicap players who seek a perfect blend and game improvement technology. They feature thick soles for distance.

The longer irons also have a polymer cap to absorb any disproportionate impacts. The T300 irons have an ultra-thin forged face for incredible ball speeds.

The clubs are progressive, and the polymer badge in shorter irons is more workable than the longer ones.

The T400 irons are the successor to the T300 irons. They are designed to provide faster ball speeds, optimum forgiveness, and long distance.

One of their significant distinctions from their predecessor is the lower Center of Gravity. This gives you a higher launch, providing better carry and total distance.

Compared to the T300s, these irons have large chunky heads, and there is incredible Tungsten in the heel and toe to expand the sweet spot for off-center shots.

Titleist T300 vs. T400: Differences

As indicated earlier, these irons feature varying characteristics making them ideal for different target audiences. Let’s differentiate between the two irons using various factors as follows:


One of the most significant differences between the two irons is their loft options.

The T400 irons have stronger lofts than the T300 irons. While the T300 iron set begins with a 20° 4-iron, the T400 starts with a 20° 5-iron, meaning the 5-iron is the same as the T400 4-iron.

Also, the T400 pitching wedge loft is 38°, equivalent to the T300 9-iron. Generally, the T400 iron lofts are at least club stronger throughout the set.

Club Length

There’s no significant difference between the T300 and the T400 irons regarding club length. Their lengths are the same and adhere to the industry standard.

However, it might interest you that compared to Ping irons, both Titleist irons are slightly longer. However, by default, they are somewhat shorter than the irons made by Taylormade.


Both irons come with excellent shaft irons. The T300 irons have two shaft options, namely the Mitsubishi Tensei AV Red AM2 and the True Temper ANT Red.

The former is available in different flex options, including stiff, regular, senior, and ladies’ flex. On the other hand, the True Temper shafts come in regular and stiff flex.

Generally, both T300 iron shafts will be ideal for you if you have a moderate swing tempo since they enhance higher spin and trajectory.

In comparison, the T400 irons have more shaft options, including Temper AMT Red shaft and Mitsubishi Fubuki Mv 45/50.

These shafts are ideal for slower or moderate swing speed players seeking a smooth launching and straighter ball flight.

The Mitsubishi shaft is available in regular and ladies’ flex, while the True Temper shaft only has regular flex.

Target Audience

T300 and T400 are ideal for different handicap ranges.

On the forefront are the T300 irons, which are suitable for mid and high-handicappers.

These irons are popular because they are compact and have other incredible game improvement technology. Players with moderate and high swing speeds will find these irons most suitable.

Conversely, the T400 irons are ideal for beginners and high-handicap players. Due to their stronger lofts, they are suitable for slower swing speed players who struggle with distance.

Design and Club Size

The club heads of T400 Irons are larger than the T300 irons, which makes them chunky when compared to the T300 irons but also makes them more forgiving.

As such, the T300 irons are seen as being more attractive, while the T400 irons are too heavy or chunky.

Wrapping Up

From the review, it’s clear that both irons are designed for distance and forgiveness. However, they are ideal for different target audiences due to their varying features.

If you’re a mid or high-handicap player who wants game-improvement technology and an excellent blend of distance and forgiveness, you should choose the T300 irons.

On the other hand, if you’re a beginner or high handicap player with slow swing speed, you’ll need help getting to hit greens consistently.

As such, the T400 irons will help you in this regard.

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