Maxfli SoftFli vs Callaway Supersoft: How Do They Compare?

In the extensive spectrum of golf balls, two names have emerged as contenders in the soft-finish market: the Maxfli SoftFli and the Callaway Supersoft.

The desire for a softer feel has evolved into a substantial segment in the golf industry, appealing particularly to players looking for enhanced control and a gentler impact feel.

These two products aim to satisfy that demand, but their unique characteristics beg for a detailed comparison.

Today, we will dissect their features, technology, and performance to help you decide which ball suits your game best.

Maxfli SoftFli vs. Supersoft: Comparison


The Maxfli SoftFli and Callaway Supersoft are predicated on the belief that a softer core and cover can translate into a different level of performance for certain types of golfers.

Maxfli SoftFli

Crafted with a focus on softness, the Maxfli SoftFli seeks to deliver a delicate touch. Its core, designed with an innovative proprietary blend, exudes a unique sensation at impact. This blend gives the ball a low compression rating, which indicates its gentle feel.

Maxfli SoftFli vs Callaway Supersoft

The exterior of the SoftFli employs an ionomer blend cover with a 332-dimple pattern. The result is a sophisticated interplay between aerodynamics and material science to enhance lift and reduce drag.

Callaway Supersoft

Callaway’s Supersoft also offers a soft feel but blends it with a focus on forgiveness. The HEX Aerodynamics embedded into the ball’s surface is supposed to reduce air drag and enhance lift, allowing for longer and straighter flights.

Maxfli SoftFli vs Callaway Supersoft

This technology combined with a low compression core, enables the ball to cater to a wide array of golfers. It also comes in a 332-dimple pattern and 35 compression, similar to the Softfli. 

The Trigonometry Cover Formulation in the Supersoft contributes to better shot-stopping control on the greens, displaying a synthesis between suppleness and performance.


You can pick up a dozen Maxfli Softfli balls for about $10. The Supersoft balls, on the other hand, would set you back $20. This is double the price of the Softfli.

Considering that both balls are close in performance, buying the Softfli is an unbeatable deal.


Assessing the performance of these golf balls requires an in-depth understanding of how their unique characteristics translate into real-world applications.

SoftFli’s softer core provides a unique advantage in terms of control. It facilitates better shot shaping so skilled golfers can execute more nuanced shots. The gentle touch of the ball translates to an improved feel on the greens.

However, the softness may also mean reduced distance for players with faster swing speeds. The reduced compression might lead to a loss of energy transfer, a critical factor in achieving maximum distance.

With its soft feel and aerodynamic design, the Supersoft strives for an all-around performance. The softness aids in control on the greens, while the HEX Aerodynamics promotes a more stable and consistent flight.

The forgiveness factor in the Supersoft is noticeable. This is a solid feature for mid to high handicap golfers.

However, the very same features that provide this forgiveness might not appeal to the low handicap players who seek more control over the ball’s behavior.

User Experiences

The Maxfli SoftFli is appreciated by golfers who prioritize feel and control. This demographic includes skilled players looking for enhanced finesse in their short game and those who find the soft sensation more pleasant upon impact.

The SoftFli’s characteristics make it suitable for golfers with a higher skill level and looking for a nuanced approach to the game or for those who prefer a softer impact feel.


  • Enhanced feel allows for better shot shaping and control.
  • Particularly appealing for golfers who prefer a gentle impact sensation.
  • Suitable for players focusing on improving their short game.


  • Potential loss of distance for players with faster swing speeds.
  • It might not be ideal for those who prefer maximum distance over control.

The Callaway Supersoft has earned a reputation as a versatile golf ball thanks to its soft feel and forgiveness. Its unique construction makes it suitable for a wide array of golfers.

The Callaway Supersoft seems to find its niche among golfers looking for a balanced approach to the game without leaning too heavily toward either distance or control.


  • The forgiving nature makes it suitable for mid to high-handicap players.
  • Balanced performance appeals to those looking for a combination of feel and distance.
  • HEX Aerodynamics promotes stable and consistent flight.


  • It might lack the specific control characteristics sought by low-handicap players.
  • The focus on an all-around performance might not cater to specialized needs.

Feel and Compression

The feel is indispensable in any aspect of a golf ball, as it influences a golfer’s confidence and control. The Maxfli SoftFli excels in this department, offering a remarkably soft feel at impact, thanks to its low compression core.

Golfers seeking a buttery sensation on their shots will undoubtedly appreciate the velvety touch of the SoftFli.

On the contrary, the Callaway Supersoft prides itself on its signature soft feel, living up to its name.

Its ultra-low compression design provides a cushioned sensation on impact, ideal for golfers seeking a comforting response and added forgiveness.

Distance and Ball Flight

As for distance and ball flight, these two golf balls adopt different technologies to achieve their respective objectives. The Maxfli SoftFli focuses on a balance between distance and control.

Its low-spin design helps reduce sidespin, thereby promoting a straighter ball flight off the tee. Also, the optimized dimple pattern enhances aerodynamics, ensuring consistent ball flight through various weather conditions.

On the other hand, Callaway Supersoft prioritizes maximizing distance while maintaining control. The ultra-low compression core facilitates high launch angles, generating more carry distance off the tee.

With the added benefit of HEX aerodynamics, the Supersoft offers reduced drag and more penetrating flight for added distance.

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