Cleveland Smart Sole 4 vs CBX 2: What’s the Difference?

The golf equipment market is continuously growing. Selecting the right tool on your own can be daunting. With the Smart Sole 4 and CBX 2, Cleveland tries to cater to specific segments of golfers who seek simplicity and forgiveness, particularly in their short game.

With all the promises behind these wedges, the question arises, do these clubs deliver?

In this comparison, we dissect the Smart Sole 4, exploring their design, technology, performance, and how they differ so you can pick the best one.

Cleveland Smart Sole 4 Review

Cleveland Smart Sole 4 vs CBX 2

The Cleveland Smart Sole 4 boasts a sleek, eye-catching look. The curves and lines are smooth, not overly aggressive, and should blend seamlessly with your iron sets.

The Cleveland’s primary innovation with the Smart Sole 4 is, as the name implies, in the sole. Three distinct sole grinds (C, G, and S) cater to specific parts of the short game.

  • C Grind: Focused on simplifying chip shots, providing a more forgiving face at impact.
  • G Grind: Aimed at gap wedge situations, offering a balanced sole for various lies.
  • S Grind: Sand shots are more accessible with a design that encourages the proper bounce and loft.

The Smart Sole 4 features Cleveland’s Feel Balance Technology, which helps distributes weight for optimal center of gravity. It features an aggressive milled face to ensure enhanced friction, which can help control spin.


One of the most notable attributes of the Smart Sole 4 is its forgiveness. It’s a great club if you struggle with the daunting task of short game precession.

The C Grind allows for a smooth interaction with the turf, reducing the likelihood of a chunked shot. The G Grind offers a predictable response on fuller shots.

The balance in the sole grinds enables you to handle various lies confidently.

And thanks to the S Grind, sand shots are made more accessible, assisting those who dread the sand traps. The design ensures a proper loft and bounce for a more consistent escape from bunkers.


If you’re looking for a soft and responsive feel, the Smart Sole 4 may not be the optimal choice.

It delivers a solid and somewhat firm response, which might appeal to some, but lacking for those who crave nuanced feedback.

Spin Control

Because it utilizes aggressive milled grooves to enhance spin, you may not get adequate ball control compared to more specialized wedges on the market. If you’re looking for intricate spin control, you should look elsewhere.

Who Can Use This?

According to our sources, the Cleveland Smart Sole 4 cater mainly to mid-to-high handicap golfers who want to simplify their short game.


  • Exceptional forgiveness across various short-game shots
  • Simplifies challenges faced in chipping and bunker play


  • It might lack the nuanced feel that low-handicap players desire

The Cleveland Smart Sole 4 wedge is not a one-fits-all solution. However, for the segment of golfers it aims to serve, the Smart Sole 4 appears to do so with efficacy.

Because it focuses on forgiveness and simplification of the short game, it offers a valuable tool for those looking to improve their scoring around the greens.

Cleveland Golf CBX 2 Wedge Review

Cleveland Smart Sole 4 vs CBX 2

In a market saturated with wedges designed primarily for the highly skilled golfer, the CBX 2 aims to fill the void for those who want more assistance without compromising quality.

With the hollow-cavity construction of the CBX 2, Cleveland aims to create a forgiving club that still offers players the control they seek in their short game.

It features a dynamic sole that provides a more versatile playing experience than the Sole Smart 4.

From a visual standpoint, the CBX 2 offers a blend of modern flair with traditional elements. Its finish is clean and not overly adorned with branding.


The real test for any wedge is how it performs on the course. The CBX 2 has a crisp and responsive feel with ample feedback, allowing you to gauge the quality of your strikes effectively.

It features Gelback TPU Insert that aids in vibration reduction for a satisfying sound and feel at impact.

Spin Control

The wedge comes with Cleveland’s Rotex Face Technology, consisting of Tour Zip Grooves and Laser Milling. The GiG Tech offers increased spin on partial shots and the LM ensures consistent spin across the clubface.


  • The hollow-cavity construction provides a level of forgiveness that caters to mid and high-handicap golfers
  • The CBX 2 offers consistent and controllable spin across different shots
  • For what it offers, the CBX 2 is competitively priced.


  • Some skilled players may find the CBX 2 lacking in terms of workability
  • The appearance may not appeal to all golfers.

What’s the Difference Between Cleveland Smart Sole 4 and CBX 2?

Both the Cleveland Smart Sole 4 and the Cleveland CBX 2 are designed to improve the short game for mid to high handicappers, but there are several differences between these two clubs.

Club Design

The Smart Sole 4 features an extra-wide sole with a center of gravity close to the clubface. This makes it more forgiving on off-center hits and reduces digging into the turf or sand.

The CBX 2, on the other hand, has a cavity-back design for forgiveness and a hollow chamber near the heel with a heavy weight placed in the toe, maintaining a high MOI for straighter shots.

It also utilizes RFT for increased spin and control.

Loft Option

The Smart Sole 4 is available in three versions: the C model (chipper with 42 degrees of loft), the S model (sand wedge with 58 degrees of loft), and the G model (gap wedge with 50 degrees of loft).

As for the CBX 2, there is a more comprehensive selection of lofts, ranging from 46 to 60 degrees, which allows golfers to fit this wedge into their bag precisely.


The Smart Sole 4 is designed to make the short game easier, especially for those who struggle with chipping and bunker shots.

It is not meant to be a versatile club but instead focused on a specific area of improvement.

While the CBX 2 is also intended to help golfers with their short game, it is a more versatile wedge that can be used for shots around the green.

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